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Tuesday, May 8, 2007
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Alleged terror attack smashed open
Guest: Author Steve Emerson

"In a few moments, Steve Emerson will have the inside story about six Muslims allegedly planning to attack soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Three of the suspects are illegal aliens, yet few news agencies even mentioned that. The problem of criminal illegal aliens is now at a tipping point in the USA. As you know, pressure on Virginia Beach authorities forced them to revoke their 'sanctuary' policy and begin reporting criminal illegal aliens to the feds. But there is no question that the liberal press in America doesn't want to focus on criminal illegal aliens. Here's what Virginian-Pilot editorial writer Roger Chesley said: 'Irresponsible media blowhards such as Bill O'Reilly have said (Virginia) Beach's policies on illegal immigrants were too lenient." Chesley and others like him don't care about solving dangerous problems; they want to feel good about themselves. The want to be 'compassionate.' Americans need to begin holding media like the Virginia-Pilot, NBC News and others accountable. If you can't get an accurate news story about three illegal aliens arrested for a terror plot in New Jersey, then this country's in big trouble. I know where the media problem lies in America, and it ain't here."

News Link: VA Pilot: O'Reilly a "blowhard"

The Factor was joined by terrorism expert Steve Emerson, who described the foiled Fort Dix terror plot as exceptionally dangerous. "This is the most advanced case of terrorist planning and operation since 9/11. They had capability, they had motive, and they had desire. These guys were true believers who wanted to kill as many Americans as possible. They would have carried it out but for the fantastic work done by FBI informants." The Factor reiterated that three of the six men were here illegally. "There are some news organizations that tamp this illegal alien stuff down on purpose, and NBC News is one of them. Illegal aliens in the country unsupervised are something we have to take seriously."

News Link: Official DOJ press release (PDF)
Queen Elizabeth visits the White House
Guests: Congressman David Dreier & Robin Roberts, ABC News

The Factor next welcomed ABC's Robin Roberts and Congressman David Dreier, both of whom attended Monday's gala White House dinner for Queen Elizabeth. Roberts described what impressed her about the Queen. "To see her and know that she's been in her position for more than fifty years, knowing what she has seen, and for her to challenge us to listen to one another and talk to one another. There is a certain mystique about her." Dreier, no stranger to ceremonies or celebrities, was also captivated by the Queen and her consort. "I was so impressed with the way this 81-year old woman comported herself. And I was really impressed with Prince Philip, who is always in the background but is a very striking figure himself."

News Link: Video: Queen & Bush toast at state dinner

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David Hasselhoff loses visitation rights
Guests: Psychologist Dr. Brian Russell & attorney Allison Gilman

Actor David Hasselhoff, who was videotaped by his teenage daughter while in a drunken stupor, has had his visitation rights rescinded. The Factor expressed concern for the 16-year old girl. "This has to be disturbing for any girl to see her father in this condition. If I was 16 and I saw my father in this state, on the floor, I would have lost all respect for the man. Adults have got to behave in a certain way in front of their children." Psychologist Brian Russell concurred wholeheartedly with the judge's decision to end visitation. "You have to err on the side of the child's safety, not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally. And you have to send a message to this guy about the seriousness of what he's doing to his kids." But attorney Allison Gilman actually argued that Hasselhoff is being treated too harshly. "We're not talking about a 5-year old girl, but about a 16-year old teenager. The child was not in danger, and if you put a camera in most homes there will be things that don't look so good."

News Link: Hasselhoff loses visitation rights

News Link: Video: David Hasselhoff drunk
Crackdown on illegals begin in Tidewater area
Guest: Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell

As reported previously on The Factor, police in and around Tidewater, Virginia have begun turning over criminal illegal aliens to federal authorities. Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell announced that he is pressuring other cities to do the same. "I'm trying to get the authority to allow the state and localities to enter into agreements so we can enforce federal immigration law." McDonnell also spoke about new legislation passed after the Virginia Tech massacre. "Somebody who is mentally ill and dangerous is ineligible from procuring a firearm. We've got a commission that is looking at all of this and there will be some policy decisions made." But The Factor complained that the law has one glaring defect. "You can be the craziest loon in the world, and it's legal to buy at gun shows in Virginia without any background check. The commonwealth has to be very aggressive in saying you can't do that."

News Link: Virginia AG cracks down on illegal immigrants

News Link: Virginia closes gun purchase loophole
Anger growing over Muslim special treatment
Guests: Ibrahim Raimi, Muslim-American Society Freedom Foundation & Edina Lekovic, Muslim Public Affairs Council

Some Muslims have been asking for special privileges at the workplace and in schools. The Kansas City airport has installed foot washing facilities, and some universities may follow suit. Islamic spokesperson Edina Lekovic described these as minor accommodations. "We're talking about faucets that do not place an undue burden. The opportunity for accommodation is simple and straightforward, it's a courtesy." Another prominent Muslim, Ibrahim Raimi, defended a public school in New York City designed specifically for Arabic-speaking students. "Like any other dual-language school, the school is created to accommodate the needs of students and families who speak another language. And the last I heard, there is no crime in speaking Arabic." But The Factor questioned the wisdom of creating special facilities. "I don't know any other school in the New York City area that is there for a specific ethnic group. It seems to me that some Muslims want special status."

News Link: KC Airport installs foot-baths for Muslims

News Link: Plan for Arabic School in Brooklyn Spurs Protests
Royal body language
Guest: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman joined The Factor with her analysis of body language, this time focusing on the Queen's visit. Reiman first watched video of Nancy Pelosi breaking with protocol by extending her hand to Elizabeth. "I think the Queen was a little put off by it. Nancy Pelosi held her hand a little too long, and you can see an intense feeling of discomfort." Reiman also analyzed the Queen's reaction when President Bush made a verbal gaffe, then recovered with a joke. "She kind of puckered up her face in annoyance. And whenever President Bush makes a mistake, he gives that kind of 'coy boy' smile. He was quick on his feet." The Factor joked that he would probably not get the royal of approval. "I don't think the Queen would like me. She wouldn't like my body language, my real language or anything about me."
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Many of you wrote about The Factor's investigation into billionaire George Soros and his growing web of influence. Some excerpts:

Brian Soergel, Edmonds, WA: "What's wrong with Soros funneling money to far-left causes?"

Moe Thrift, Ruston, LA: "Bill, the power that Soros holds is a wake-up call for me. What can I do?"

Nancee McVey, Arvada, CO: "O'Reilly, I laughed at the nonsense you are spewing about the 'radical left.' Was that a parody?"

Arlene Kovash, Monmouth, OR: "I submit that President Bush has such low poll numbers because Soros and his media enablers are undermining the country."
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