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Thursday, May 10, 2007
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Bill's Mugs
Illegal aliens and the Fort Dix terrorism plot
Guests: Author Dr. Juan Hernandez

A look at illegal immigrants involved in the Fort Dix terrorism plot.
Churches protecting illegal immigrants?
Guest: Dr. Donna Schape, United Church of Christ

Why are certain churches sheltering illegal immigrants?
Miss America on her sex sting
Guests: Miss America Lauren Nelson

Miss America talks to Bill about the sex predator sting she was involved with.
Is the media downplaying terror threats?
Guest: Political analyst Dick Morris

Is the mainstream media downplaying terrorist threats to our safety?
Verizon fires hip-hop singer Akon
Bernie and Jane on Verizon's decision to fire hip-hop singer Akon for simulating a sex act on an audience member during a concert.
Is Tobey Maguire gay?
Guest: Author Marlise Elizabeth Kast

Is "Spiderman 3" star Tobey Maguire gay?
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