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Tuesday, June 5, 2007
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Eight states left without Jessica's Law
"Congratulations to Connecticut, which just passed Jessica's Law, the strict mandatory prison legislation for adults who molest young children. That leaves only these eight states that have not passed Jessica's Law: Idaho, Illinois, Wyoming, Colorado, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and of course Vermont. Of all the things we've done on The Factor, I am most proud of the Jessica's Law campaign. Not only does it punish predators in a fair way, but it sends a message that American society will not tolerate adults abusing children. There are no excuses. Factor viewers have been in the forefront of pressuring politicians to pass Jessica's Law. Remember, about a year ago there were only a few states - now there are 42! No other broadcast has taken on this cause. We're almost there, and if the good people in the eight holdout states contact their governors in no uncertain terms, we may advance Jessica's Law even further."
Former producer files lawsuit against NBC
Guest: Xavier von Erck, Perverted Justice

Former NBC producer Marsha Barel has filed suit against the network, alleging that she was fired from the "Dateline" program because she complained about the "To Catch a Predator" segments. According to Barel, NBC News unethically paid the web site "Perverted Justice," thus creating an incentive for the web site to entrap abusers. But "Perverted Justice" founder Xavier von Erck asserted that Barel's complaint is groundless. "We get paid by NBC News to set up the stings and also just to go to locations to survey them, just to see if there are predators are in that area. We're not given incentives for how many people show up. Her case is totally without merit." The Factor commended von Erck for his work, but questioned whether NBC provides proper supervision. "The woman is claiming that NBC violated all journalistic ethics because NBC has no control over what you do. Journalistic ethics say that if they're going to hire you, they have to supervise you."

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Children and comedy: Exploitation?
Guest: Dr. Gail Gross, child psychologist

In a short skit that has become wildly popular on the Internet, comic actor Will Ferrell is shown arguing with his "landlord," played by a 2-year old girl who uses profanity. The Factor contended that the little girl was exploited, and child psychologist Gail Gross agreed. "It's really wrong," Gross declared, "to teach children to be verbally abusive and hurt somebody's feelings. Parents have a moral responsibility to protect a child's innocence. Children at this stage are developing morally and mentally, so it's important to teach them social codes, not to be aggressive. I would tell the parents not to do this any more."

News Link: Will Ferrell kid video
Can Vermont secede from the USA?
Guest: Dr. Thomas Naylor, Second Vermont Republic

Some Vermonters are calling for the Green Mountain State to secede from the United States. The Factor welcomed one of the movement's founders, Thomas Naylor, who explained the rationale. "I love Vermont, I don't love the United States, which has lost its moral compass. One of my fantasies is that Vermont secedes, teams up with New Hampshire, Maine, and the four Atlantic provinces, and we create our own country called New Arcadia." The Factor eagerly and facetiously offered to provide assistance. "I want to help you secede. Can we raise some money for you or provide transportation? Canada is just a few miles away - why don't you guys just go there?"

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Hits on both the right and the left
Guest: Medea Benjamin, Code Pink

Many conservatives were upset Tuesday when Dick Cheney's former top aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby was sentenced to 30 months in prison for lying to a grand jury. But the left also took a hit recently when anti-war leader Cindy Sheehan left the peace movement and the anti-war group Code Pink. The Factor was joined by Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, who explained Sheehan's position. "She was feeling disillusioned for months. After the Democrats got in, she felt there would be some change in this country. But the Democrats caved in, and I think she felt betrayed by the system. She is loved by many people in this country." The Factor pointed out that Cindy Sheehan is also widely loathed, a consequence of her anti-American rhetoric. "She brought a lot of this on herself and said some pretty ridiculous things. If you say terrorists are 'freedom fighters,' the other military families are going to be opposed to you. Then if you ratchet it up and say the United States is a 'fascist country,' you're going to lose most of the folks."

News Link: Cindy Sheehan retreats from anti-war movement
Can Hillary stand the scrutiny?
Guest: Author Carl Bernstein

There are two new books about Hillary Clinton - one of them by Watergate sleuth Carl Bernstein, who joined The Factor and laid out his basic thesis. "I think she has a long-time problem with truth-telling, and that is one of the thing that has hobbled her. But there's an enormous amount to know about this woman, and we want to look at the whole person. This is the story of an epochal life - she's the most famous woman in the world and this is the great political tale of our time." The Factor contended that even Bernstein was unable to unravel the mystery of Hillary Clinton. "You researched this book for seven years, an enormous amount of time. But I still don't know what to make of the woman, even after reading your book. That's how complicated this woman is."

News Link: New Clinton biography
Body language in the news
Guest: Body language expert Tonya Reiman

Tonya Reiman returned to analyze some newsmakers and their body language. She began with Hillary Clinton's explanation of her faith and her troubled marriage. "She's always very emphatic when she speaks," Reiman asserted. "One of the interesting thing I saw her do was stick her tongue out a little bit. She's saying I don't want to talk about this, it's distasteful to me, and I'm done with this subject." Reiman also dissected the body language of Andrew Speaker, who apologized for exposing other people to virulent tuberculosis. "He constantly looks up and to his right. What I take away from this is that he may be envisioning the kind of damage he may have done. His voice was cracking, and maybe he is feeling very upset and anxious." The Factor, tongue literally in cheek, summarized Reiman's analysis. "If you're talking to your friend or spouse and your tongue goes out, that's not a good thing. I always learn something here, Tonya."

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many viewers wrote about the assembly at Boulder High, and The Factor's confrontation with parent and columnist Dave Kopel. Some excerpts:

Brandon Stapp, Madisonvile, KY: "O'Reilly, it's amazing how you behave like a spoiled child when confronted with a calm, factually correct guest like Dave Kopel."

Marc Minich, Folsom, CA: "I took Kopel's challenge and read the full transcript of the drug and sex talk at Boulder High. I read nothing that changes my mind about this outrageous event."

Others wrote about the Muslim men who were allegedly plotting to blow up JFK Airport.

Marla Davis, Princeton, NJ: "I can't believe The New York Times put the story of the JFK terrorists on page 37. Perhaps their masthead should read: 'All the news that fits our ideology.'"

Jerry Green, Dubuque, IA: "Bill, stop spewing propaganda. There was no threat to JFK airport."
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