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Wednesday, June 6, 2007
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The New York Times under siege
"On Monday we broke the 'Page 37' story. The New York Times buried the JFK terrorism situation on page 37 of its Sunday edition, while all the other New York papers had it on page 1. The motive behind The Times playing down JFK is the Giuliani factor. The Republican candidate is getting lots of mileage out of the war on terror and the Times is worried. The paper favors a Democrat in the White House next time around, any Democrat. Since The Factor exposed this story, the far left smear machine has cranked up. These dishonest web sites are saying that because the Times listed the JFK story in a small box on page 1 last Sunday, my reporting is false. How ridiculous! Also, elements at NBC News are defending the Times and attacking Fox News. Why? Because NBC News is in the tank for the far left. Our mandate here is to hold the powerful in America accountable for what they do. The media is perhaps the most powerful force in the country today, and the media - I hate to say it - is becoming increasingly corrupt and dishonest. Page 37 proves it."
Media misstep on Princess Diana
Guests: Sarah Baxter, Sunday Times & royal biographer Wendy Leigh

Despite requests from Princes Harry and William, Channel 4 in London has run photos showing Princess Diana as she lay dying. Author Wendy Leigh accused Channel 4 of shamelessly hyping their "scoop." "They ran two pictures - one was a profile of the princess in the car, the second was a picture of an indeterminate figure. This was all an exercise in grabbing ratings and Channel 4 should be ashamed." British reporter Sarah Baxter agreed that showing the photos was tasteless. "Channel 4 probably got a few extra viewers who were prurient about this, but there was never really any justification for this. This had nothing." The Factor complained that many American TV programs will also do anything in the quest for ratings. "I think this was appalling and another demonstration of how cruel and irresponsible the media is in Britain and the USA. In America we in the media will do the most vicious, vile things to get readers and ratings, and the public doesn't seem outraged by it."

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John Edwards appears with Danny Glover
Guests: Fox News analysts Jane Fleming & Laura Schwartz

Presidential candidate John Edwards is campaigning with actor Danny Glover, an unapologetic supporter of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. FNC analysts Jane Fleming Kleeb and Laura Schwartz, both Democrats, defended Edwards' decision to team up with Glover. "His political strategy is to go to the left," Schwartz declared. "I think he'll get a couple of extra bucks out of this from the richer liberals out there. This is the strategy." Kleeb suggested that Edwards is running a wise campaign. "He has traveled with Danny Glover and they've done really good things for unions, they share the same platform on poverty and health care. Edwards is doing fine." But The Factor contended that Edwards is committing political suicide. "This isn't the left, this is the 'kook left.' Danny Glover is a kook. This is the dumbest political move I've seen in ten years. This would be like a Republican candidate going down to Louisiana and dragging David Duke out of his cave."

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Attacking Romney's Mormonism
Guest: Evangelist Bill Keller

A few evangelicals apparently believe Mitt Romney is disqualified from being president because he is a devout Mormon. Evangelist Bill Keller, who compared Romney to Satan, explained his virulent anti-Mormon sentiments. "If you understand the teachings of Mormonism, it is inconsistent with Biblical Christianity. What I'm saying is that voting for Romney will bring people into the Mormon cult and will lead people's souls to hell." The Factor accused Keller of gross intolerance. "I think Governor Romney is a patriotic American. It's your right to say you wouldn't vote for a Mormon, but comparing him to Satan is way over the line. What you said was uncharitable, un-Christian, and flat-out wrong."

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Americans not in favor of immigration bill
Guest: Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY)

Less than one in four Americans favors the proposed immigration bill, which many conservatives denounce as "shamnesty." There are also liberal objections, which were outlined by Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner. "There are some dopey parts of the bill - having a guest worker program that allows 400,000 people to come in, theoretically to leave again. Those people are going to stay and become part of a permanent underclass." Weiner added that the bill is extremely tough on illegal aliens. "They're paying penalties and fines and suffering because of their crime. That's not amnesty in my view." The Factor complained that Weiner and other liberals expect the U.S. to absorb tens of millions of immigrants. "My problem is that you want extended families to come. That means the 12-million could bring in others, and this could mean 40-million foreign nationals. This is where you guys go right off the rails."

News Link: Poll: 50% of voters oppose immigration bill

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Dennis Miller in New York
The Factor next welcomed Dennis Miller, who began with his observations of the Democratic primary. "I think Obama is making a move," Miller said. "But he has to keep his eye on the Clintons, who make Curtis LeMay look like an Amish preacher. These guys play rough." Miller was also astounded by a radio interview he conducted with far-left documentarian Rory Kennedy, who has made a film about the abuses at Abu Ghraib. "She said we have to open lines of communications to the terrorists, and I'm just thinking, 'no, we have to end them.' Here's my feeling about interrogation techniques. If you know someone knows something about innocents about to be killed, if you don't waterboard him, to me that's evil."
Sociology student studies stripping
Guest: Sociology student Jenny Heineman

For her sociology thesis at the University of Nebraska, honor student Jenny Heineman worked as a stripper. She joined The Factor - fully clothed - to discuss the experience. "This job is stigmatized, and that stigmatization is dangerous for women. There is an aspect of the job that prevents these women from starting a union or getting access to health care. Stripping is just like any other job. I enjoyed my job at the coffee shop, I enjoyed my job at the strip club." The Factor disputed the notion that stripping is just another occupation. "Getting naked in front of guys is not what most job descriptions are. The stigmatization comes from people who think this is morally wrong, and that is always going to be there."

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Some of you wrote about the Vermonters who wish to secede from the USA. Some excerpts:

Jeannie Pert, New Brunswick, Canada: "Bill, I nearly choked on my coffee when you suggested that the loopy Vermont professor should move here. We have enough loons already."

Phoebe Buskey, White River Junction, VT: "Mr. O, many of us are sane here, the secular-progressives just have louder voices. Pray for us."

Other viewers wrote about the Internet video that features Will Ferrell and a 2-year old girl.

Kelly Cook, Tokyo, Japan: "Bill, the Will Ferrell video is hilarious. Do you really think the two-year-old will be hurt? Your are wrong for bashing Will, go after the parents."

Suzi Whisnant, Morgantown, NC: "Of course the child will be damaged. It's incredible there's even a debate about this."