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Thursday, June 7, 2007
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Bad behavior on the far-right
"As you may know, I have hammered the far left in America for its dishonesty on a number of levels. But there's bad stuff on the far right as well. Notorious smear merchant Michael Savage put some pictures of dead American soldiers on his web site, suggesting that they might the men kidnapped in Iraq a few weeks ago. The Army was appalled, and Col. Dan Baggio politely asked Savage to 'either remove this link or at least change the language not to incorrectly reflect the recent missing soldiers.' Despite Colonel Baggio's appeal, the appropriately named Savage kept the pictures up for more than 24 hours on his web site. Extremists on both sides hurt America. They are haters who often traffic in vitriol to make money. This is the down side of freedom of speech. Talking Points well understands that big money is pouring into the Internet to finance the haters, and that some mainstream commentators are in the tank for the extremists. All I can do is isolate them and let you know what's going on. In the end, karma will deal with these people. But in the meantime, they do a lot of damage."
Paris Hilton released, transferred to house arrest
Guests: Attorney John Patrick Dolan & investigative journalist Pat LaLama

After serving just three full days of her sentence, heiress Paris Hilton was released and placed under house arrest at her palatial home. The Factor expressed outrage at the apparent special treatment. "This is simply unacceptable. The justice system is supposed to be the same for everyone - obviously it is not. Sheriff Lee Baca is very sympathetic to celebrities and has made a mockery of her sentence." Journalist Pat LaLama reported that Hilton's 'distress' is no different from that felt by other prisoners. "Her medical condition is mental, not physical - crying jags, non-stop depression. There are excuses, excuses for the behavior of celebrities in this town. And it's the b.s. of this 'mental condition' that has me riled." But defense attorney Patrick Dolan argued that Hilton's sentence was too harsh to begin with. "I am outraged that the truth hasn't been reported. If you want to talk about equal treatment under the law, nobody gets a 45-day sentence for driving with a suspended license. It's usually a $100 fine and out."

News Link: Paris "reassigned" to house arrest
Violence against children in America
Guest: Author Jane Velez Mitchell

There are two new cases of savagery against young women. In Kansas, 18-year old Kelsey Smith was murdered, while 15-year old Danielle Cramer was found alive in Connecticut after being held prisoner for a year. Author Jane Velez-Mitchell theorized that much of this violence is media-driven. "We are creating, with the media, television and movies today, a hunter-prey relationship between men and women. Men are the hunters, women are the prey. Men are being conditioned to be turned on by sadistic, sexual violence. It's in the movies and it has to stop." The Factor urged women, the primary victims, to take action. "Women should say to Hollywood that by putting this stuff out there, you're triggering the psychotics."

News Link: Kansas teen murdered

News Link: Missing Connecticut teen found in room in man's home
Iran's connection to the Taliban?
Guest: ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross

The Factor was next joined by ABC investigative journalist Brian Ross, who reported that Iran is shipping arms to Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. "Two convoys from Iran," Ross asserted, "were caught crossing the border from Iran into Afghanistan. In both cases, there were grenade launchers, mortars, ammunition, and explosives. On top of that, they've discovered some deadly roadside bombs." The Factor questioned why the Bush administration isn't trumpeting this revelation. "Why isn't the government holding a massive press conference saying Iran is killing our people? I'm disappointed in the Bush administration because if you don't get the truth out to the American people that we have an enemy in Iran that is killing our soldiers, how are the American people going to make responsible voting decisions?"

News Link: Iran caught aiding Taliban
Doug Brinkley on Ronald Reagan
Guest: Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley

Historian Douglas Brinkley's latest book looks at Ronald Reagan's life and presidency. Brinkley compared and contrasted today's leading Republicans with Reagan - here are a few of his observations: "Rudy Giuliani's a folk hero of the American people, as Ronald Reagan was. The difference is that Reagan was more genial ... John McCain seemed 'Reaganesque' a few years ago, but he seems to be faltering slightly now ... Mitt Romney, like Reagan, was governor of a liberal state and had to deal with Democrats. There's a bit of the Reagan shine on Romney ... Fred Thompson is the most Reaganesque because he talks folksy and is fiercely loyal." Brinkley added that his biggest surprise about Reagan was the Gipper's religious conviction. "His faith in God pulled him through in those eight years. He had a deep personal relationship with God, like Abraham Lincoln and other presidents did."

News Link: The Reagan diaries
Featured Book: The Reagan Diaries by Douglas Brinkley
Rivalry between Larry King & Anderson Cooper?
CNN host Larry King was recently overheard complaining about the amount of air time given to his younger colleague Anderson Cooper. FNC media analysts Jane Hall and Bernie Goldberg were thoroughly unsurprised by the intramural rivalry. "I was a CBS News correspondent for 28 years," Goldberg recalled, "and I can tell you television reporters are always rooting for our colleagues to get hit by a bus. Air time is like crack cocaine - you start to crave it. We're all crazy, pathetically crazy." Hall agreed that King is no different than most reporters and anchors. "I interviewed every major anchor, and they do have big egos, they're fierce competitors for stories and air time. I actually didn't think what Larry King said is so bad - clearly he still cares a lot. He wants to continue to be taken seriously, and Anderson Cooper is a new star there."

News Link: Larry loses it over Cooper
Charlie Sheen and 9/11 conspiracy film
Guest: Author James Hirsen

Charlie Sheen may narrate a "documentary" claiming the 9/11 attacks were an "inside job," perhaps the result of a "controlled demolition." Author James Hirsen surmised that CBS, where Sheen has a hit sitcom, is not pleased. "I'm sure CBS is doing everything it can to stop Sheen from becoming the poster boy of this speculative, irresponsible documentary. But it's difficult to control Sheen, with his background and clout. Many people see this as a career-destroying decision." The Factor agreed that Sheen is engaging in his own "controlled demolition" if he proceeds. "Sheen is a true believer - he believes this nonsense about 9/11 being an inside job. But if he puts his name on this documentary, there will be a lot of anger against him, and it may impact the ratings of his sitcom. If he does this, I think he'll take a huge hit."

News Link: Charlie Sheen's "Loose Change"
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about John Edwards' campaign appearance with far-left actor Danny Glover. Some excerpts:

Mimi Lundy, Jackson, TN: "I find it disturbing that John Edwards would associate with Glover, a man who approves of tyrants."

Karen Lake, Negaunee, MI: "Bill, you get more irrational every day. You rant and rave about Danny Glover who is a great patriot. You look like a screaming banshee."

Ben Jenkins, Matthews, NC: "Few people have achieved the American dream to the extent Edwards and Glover have. And now they denigrate the system that nourished them."
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