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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
The Factor Rundown
The left parties in Washington
"This week the very liberal Campaign for America's Future is holding it's annual 'Take Back America' conference in Washington. The crowd includes most of the Democratic presidential contenders and the usual suspects on the left. Talking Points applauds get-togethers like this - if you believe something, you should get involved. Some at the conference don't like us, but some do. To sort it all out, we sent Factor producers to the scene. Barack Obama told them he would appear on The Factor, Howard Dean said he would not, and John Edwards avoided the question. As you may know, far-left fanatics like MoveOn have actually threatened some Democrats that bad things will happen to them if they talk with Fox News. We know John Edwards caved in right away, but we're hoping most Democrat leaders will have the courage to say no to this despicable blackmail. And if the left really wants to 'take back America,' they'll reject far-left smear web sits and pundit character assassins, because what those guttersnipes do is definitely not the American way."
Hillary Clinton gets boos at left-wing conference
Guests: Medea Benjamin, Code Pink & Democratic consultant Robin Swanson

When Senator Clinton spoke at the "Take Back America" gathering, she was met with some booing. Nevertheless, anti-war activist Medea Benjamin disputed the idea that many on the left are angry with Senator Clinton. "Hillary Clinton has changed her position and now talks about a timetable for withdrawal. The American people, not the far left, are disillusioned with George Bush and his war, and we're looking for somebody to get us out of Iraq." The Factor also asked Democratic consultant Robin Swanson why the far left seems disenchanted with Clinton, but Swanson changed the subject. "You're creating a division that doesn't exist - the real division exists in the Republican Party." In return, The Factor accused Swanson of evading the question. "You're not answering any of my questions and they're very simple. You're spinning out of control and this is a no spin zone."

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Networks turn down inappropriate condom ad
Guest: Author Peter Shankman

Fox and some other networks are refusing to air an ad for Trojan condoms. The spot shows a woman in a bar with some pigs, one of which turns into a handsome man after he purchases condoms. PR expert Peter Shankman described the commercial as effective and appropriate. "There's nothing wrong with this ad. It's a very benign advertisement that could save some lives. What gets to me is the hypocrisy of this - cigarettes kill people, but condoms can save lives. And men are pigs in a bar!" The Factor contended that the spot is "dopey" and distasteful. "I wouldn't run the ad because who wants to see pig puppets? It's an ad that offends some people, and little kids are going to see the pig puppets and want to know what's going on."

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Boulder HS principal apologizes for panel
Guests: Students Jesse Lange & Andrew Wishner

Bud Jenkins, principal at Boulder High School, has finally apologized for the notorious sex-and-drugs assembly at his school. Student Andrew Wishner criticized the apology as too little and too late. "He's only doing this so he can save his own skin. I thought the assembly was totally inappropriate. There are other kids who feel it was inappropriate but are afraid to speak out." But Wishner's schoolmate Jesse Lange praised the assembly as a valuable learning experience. "They offered real-world advice and gave real consequences. There was not that much controversial material, and it was good to learn that adults can be very honest about these topics." Lange also implied that "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids" endorses drug use, but The Factor corrected him. "My book is totally anti-drug, Jesse. You ought to read 'The O'Reilly Factor for Kids.' It would be very good for you."

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Suspect questioned in missing mom case
Guest: Defense lawyer Steve Greenberg

Bobby Cutts Jr., a police officer in Canton, Ohio, has been questioned in the disappearance of 26-year old Jessie Davis, the 9-month pregnant woman who vanished last week. The Factor outlined Cutts' non-traditional family values. "He's the father of the missing woman's 2-year old son, and the father of the baby about to be born. He's also got a wife, and other kids with other women." Defense lawyer Steve Greenberg speculated that Cutts may be involved in Davis' disappearance. "I don't think he's the one who went in and committed this crime, if a crime was committed. Police should be focusing their efforts on his associates because he certainly has a shady past. Because he's a police officer, he would know how to commit a crime and not get caught, and there's no doubt he knows nefarious characters."

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Dennis Miller on Hillary & the Sopranos
Hillary Clinton's new campaign video shows her and her husband in a diner, a direct parody of the final scene of The Sopranos. Dennis Miller gave the spot a rave review. "They were a little stiff, but I've done my own stiff acting. The irony of this piece was that the guy at the counter was Johnny Sack, and I believe that when Bill Clinton travels that's the name he registers under." Miller also commented on gay groups that are boycotting the movie "Hairspray" because actor John Travolta is a Scientologist. "I can tell homosexuals are entering the mainstream because they are becoming as tedious and boring as any other splinter group. Lighten up, it's a movie!" Finally, Miller joked about Rosie O'Donnell taking over as host of "The Price Is Right." "I dislike the idea because, first off, they'd have to change the name to 'The Price is Left.'"

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Policing the Internet
Guest: Internet expert Mary Katherine Ham

The Factor began the final segment by showing some controversial web sites, among them a skit that mocks Islamic suicide bombers. Internet watchdog Mary Katharine Ham called the sketch perfectly appropriate. "I thought it was pretty funny, and it's important to note that it's not about Muslims in general. It's about radical Muslims and jihadists who wish to blow us up. There may be some anger with the sensitivity police, but we need to be able to do satire." Ham was less forgiving of a site run by pedophile Jack McClellan, who advises other predators how to picking up young girls. "This guy is disgusting. His site was taken down once before, but unfortunately he is now with a Canada-based hosting company that is friendly to these types of sites." The Factor promised to pursue McClellan and the company that puts his vile material on the web.

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about recent segments on the media's war coverage. Some excerpts:

Ken Broadway, Paris, TX: "Howard Kurtz says that bombings must be reported. Shouldn't all the rebuilt schools and hospitals be reported as well?"

Bill Howard, Cumberland Gap, TX: "Bill, Kurtz was calm and you were ranting and screaming. You looked ridiculous."

Clint Johnson, Cape Vincent, NY: "O'Reilly, Abu Ghraib is a good example of what you were saying. The perpetrators were prosecuted, yet the liberal press made the USA out to be terrible villains to the world."

Danette Roark, Albuquerque, NM: "Bill, I find it ironic that you don't think every battle in Iraq should be reported, yet you showed every skirmish in your imaginary war on Christmas!"
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