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Monday, July 30, 2007
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Intimidating the Democrats
"As we have been reporting, a group of far left bloggers has succeeded in frightening most of the Democratic presidential candidates. The leading intimidators are MoveOn, MediaMatters and the vicious DailyKos. These people savagely attack those with whom they disagree and the politicians don't want to become smear targets. So most of the Democratic candidates have agreed to speak at the Kos convention this weekend, a situation that is beyond shameful. I'm going to show you a picture that was on the Kos web site for nearly a year, depicting Senator Joseph Lieberman on his knees, apparently preparing to service President Bush. The fact that these Democratic presidential candidates are supporting a web site that would run a picture like that is hard to believe. A word to the Democrats who will speak to the Kos convention: That is a huge mistake, and you should apologize to Senator Lieberman, a man you all know. Associating with haters is not going to bring you credibility, and voters will not forget."

The Factor was joined by Lanny Davis, a former advisor to Bill Clinton, who also denounced the slanderous depiction of Senator Lieberman. "This is disgusting," Davis declared, "and allowing it to be put on the DailyKos would oblige most Democrats to be repulsed by it. But I would not generalize and say the entire site is filled with hate." Conservative Genevieve Wood accused the Democratic candidates of trolling for votes. "What's pathetic is that the moderate Democratic Leadership Council just had its convention, and none of these candidates went. Who you associate with says something about your character." The Factor predicted that Democrat candidates will eventually regret attending the Kos convention. "This web site and the others mentioned have intimidated the entire Democratic field with the exception of Joseph Biden. They are afraid of the DailyKos and MoveOn, and this is a disaster for the Democrats. If they're afraid of a web site, what are they going to do with al-Qaeda?"
McDonald's cans concert with vile rapper
The rapper "Twista" was hired by McDonalds for a national concert tour, then dropped after the company was made aware of his raunchy lyrics. Rev. Michael Pfleger, a crusader against profane and violent music, provided his insight into the controversy. "McDonald's has a moral responsibility, and so do all corporations, to not support this kind of thing. This can not become acceptable behavior to use vile language, demean women, and glorify. We have to object to it and let corporations know about it." The Factor worried that young children are influenced by misogynist and profane rappers. "9-year olds are now using the 'm-f' word and making gang signs. Why would anyone want to associate with that? But we do compliment McDonald's because once we brought this to the attention of the CEO, it was canceled quickly."

News Link: McDonald's dumps Twista from tour
National Guard cut by half along Mexico border
The Bush administration is reducing the number of National Guard troops patrolling the southern border. Elias Bermudez, an advocate of increased immigration, complained that the decision may actually cost lives. "We are sympathetic to the plight of the illegals, but we also want to stop illegal immigration and the National Guard was working. A lot of lives were saved because people decided not to cross that border." The Factor was bewildered by the administration's strategy. "We don't know why Mr. Bush is cutting the National Guard, he should be adding to it. We should have 50,000 on the border, which would stop everything, including drug trafficking."

News Link: National Guard reduced on Mexican border
College student charged for desecrating Koran
23-year old Pace University student Stanislav Shmulevich faces felony charges for placing a copy of the Koran in a toilet - police say he was angry with a Muslim group at the school. Fox News analyst Michelle Malkin complained that Schmulevich is being punished for his opinions. "Anybody who cares about free thought and free speech should be very troubled by this prosecution. Go ahead and charge him with vandalism, but felony crimes? This guy could face four years in jail for what he did. I have a problem with 'hate crime' laws, which criminalize thought." But The Factor argued that Shmulevich is guilty of religious incitement. "This guy admitted that anger toward a group of Muslim students dictated his actions. He did this solely to offend a particular religious group, and you have to hold him accountable."

News Link: Koran flusher freed on no bail
Is the New York Times' ideology changing?
Returning for a second segment, Malkin was joined by fellow FNC analyst Kirsten Powers. They commented on a recent trend at the New York Times, which has published some op-ed pieces about the improving situation in Iraq. Malkin was grudgingly complimentary. "It may be too little, too late for the New York Times to finally acknowledge this. They've been waving the white flag for a year now, and Iraq is not the utter failure the New York Times says it is." Powers said the paper is simply reporting the news accurately. "This reflects reality, and the surge is what is making a difference. There was not much good news before." Turning to the DailyKos controversy, Powers defended Democrat candidates who are speaking at the Kos convention. "I'm not embarrassed. Part of the Democratic Party is liberal and the candidates are going to talk to them. You're picking out the extremes, and there are many things on the site that are not hateful." But Malkin took the opportunity to bash DailyKos and the Democrats. "This shows just how far left the Democrat Party leadership has lurched. The Kos site is a sewer from top to bottom. It starts with Kos and extends to all the 'diarists.' Just last week one of them called our troops 'morally retarded.' How can you excuse that? You can't!"

News Link: Op-ed: A War We Just Might Win
The Great American Culture Quiz
"Quiz Kids" Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum again met in the Great American Culture Quiz. The Factor gave five questions, including these: "Teddy Roosevelt ascended to the presidency after which president died?" ... "Which city was featured in the best-selling novel 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil?'" Both contestants were perfect until the final question, which dealt with a 1968 pop song. Taking advantage of his advanced age, Doocy came up with the correct answer and was crowed this week's champion.
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the DailyKos web site. Some excerpts:

Jessica Sheffield, Gainesville, FL: "I decided to check the DailyKos for myself and the first entry I read said that you choking to death, Bill, would be amusing."

Chris Fausett, East Hampton, NY: "Bill, a Kos posting says you are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands. Who are those people?"

Patty Lopez, Chickasha, OK, : "I think you have the far-left running scared, O'Reilly."
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