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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
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Harming our troops in the field
"The USA has about 200,000 military people on battlefields around the world, but you'd never know that by how the press and some in the military itself are behaving. The American media and some Hollywood pinheads delight in reporting things that reflect poorly on the U.S. military. We know those stories have to be reported, but they don't have to be celebrated. Now I have to tell you about a very disturbing situation. Two Green Berets - Cpt. Dave Staffel and Master Sgt. Troy Anderson - have been accused of murder. In October 2006 the soldiers were in Afghanistan. Sgt. Anderson is a sniper, and his gun was trained on a terrorist named Nawab Buntangyar, a bomb maker who was on a terrorist most-wanted list. At Cpt. Staffel's order, Sgt. Anderson shot and killed Buntangyar. An investigation concluded the shooting was justifiable because the terrorist was a killer. However, Lt. Gen. Francis Kearney ordered murder charges against the two Green Berets, saying the terrorist should have been captured. The Factor has been investigating, and at this point we believe the Green Berets are getting the shaft. Again, Talking Points wants all military crimes to be prosecuted, but sanity must prevail. The American military is protecting our lives, and if there is a doubt, you give the military the benefit of it."
Surprisingly low bail set for O.J.
The Factor was joined by FNC anchor Greta Van Susteren, who reported on O.J. Simpson's productive Wednesday. "O.J. had two victories," Van Susteren said. "First was his getting out on bond. But also, one of the complainants against Simpson has been arrested here in Las Vegas for parole violation. When the prosecution's case begins to have problems like that, it's good news for the defendant." Moving to another legal issue, Fox News' Megyn Kelly commented on Dan Rather's $70 million suit against his former employer CBS for damaging his reputation. "I thought this was someone crying foul way too late and sounding like a big baby. I don't think he has a case, and whatever's left of his reputation is about to go by the wayside." The Factor theorized about Rather's motives. "I think this is a revenge play. He's doing this to get back at Les Moonves, the head of CBS. They hate one another. Rather can drag Moonves into a deposition that will be extremely damaging. This is going to get very nasty."
Soldiers accused of murder in Afghanistan
As reported in the Talking Points Memo, two Army Green Berets are charged with murder for killing a suspected terrorist in Afghanistan. Military justice authority Eugene Fidell cautioned The Factor about rushing to judgment. "This is only in the investigative stage right now, no one is being sent into a court room. The only decision is that there will be an impartial investigation." But military defense attorney Neal Puckett questioned whether this case should have been brought. "I've always felt that troops in combat should be cloaked with an additional layer of the presumption of acting in accordance with the law, their training, and the rules of engagement. The commanding general could have decided not to prosecute this." The Factor again expressed support for the Green Berets. "They and their families are suffering tremendously. I think there's something wrong, and there's no question this is a morale buster."
ACLU suing FBI for watching American Muslims
The American Civil Liberties Union has filed suit against the FBI, claiming the agency is improperly shadowing Muslim groups. Defense attorney Steven Greenberg defended the ACLU and the suit. "The ACLU has asked for very specific documents as to why the FBI is harassing certain individuals and monitoring certain mosques. The ACLU is protecting each and every one of us - the right wants to infringe on our rights, and the ACLU is a counter-balance to that." But The Factor accused the ACLU of treachery. "They've opposed every single anti-terror measure since 9/11, and I've said they're the biggest terror enabler in the world."
Devastating testimony in Jeffs trial
At the Utah trial of polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs, a young woman gave harrowing testimony about her sexual abuse by men in Jeff's cult when she was just 14. Shannon Price, who helps young women trapped in cults, described their ordeal. "The girls don't have the freedom to marry who they want to marry. This is an isolated community and sequestered women who don't know what abuse is or what their rights are. They've been isolated and they're afraid of the outside world." The Factor condemned Jeffs and his misguided followers. "This girl testified that when she was 14-years old she was forced to have sex with a man she didn't love, a man who hurt her physically and mentally. This can not happen in this country, so I want Jeffs to be put in prison for life. The authorities have to take this sect down."
Newt Gingrich on the 2008 race
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who has stated that a Democrat is likely to win the presidency in 2008, entered the No Spin Zone to elaborate. "The federal government didn't succeed after Katrina," Gingrich said, "we're still bogged down in Iraq, and people are unhappy with spending by the last Congress. I'm a Republican partisan, but if you look at the underlying data, the burden is on us to crawl out of the hole. Whatever Republican gets nominated had better be an agent for real change." The Factor pointed out that Democrats also face electoral hurdles. "The MoveOn assault on General Petraeus and the failure of Democratic contenders to deny that MoveOn was smearing the man hurt them dramatically. Iraq may improve, and the cranks on the left are going to hurt the mainstream Democratic Party."
Featured Book: Pearl Harbor by Newt Gingrich
Policing the 'Net: John Mark Karr / Racy commercials
Internet sleuth Mary Katharine Ham began by focusing on a recent trend - some advertisers are creating commercials that are too sexually explicit to run on television. Ham cited the example of 'P.Diddy's' new perfume. "This is the perfect launch for 'Diddy' - he goes out and makes this ad that is too racy for MTV, so it's rejected. He can then complain about being 'censored,' then puts it on MySpace. This is going to keep happening, and businesses have already benefited from it." Ham also described a bizarre web site created by John Mark Karr, who falsely claimed he killed JonBenet Ramsey. "He has a tribute website to JonBenet, and his fianc�e writes on it about the fact that she is not worried about his relationship with her young daughter. It's very strange, it's classic Internet, and this guy can't get much creepier."
Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Wednesday's Patriot, selected with a dose of sarcasm, is Andrew Meyer, who was tasered after he disrupted John Kerry's forum at the University of Florida. In recognition of Meyer, anyone making any purchase on will receive a bumper sticker with those memorable words: "Don't Taze Me, Bro!" The Factor explained that "since revenue from BillOReilly.Com allows us to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity, we have to make Andrew Meyer a 'Patriot.'" And the Pinhead: Actor James Brolin, aka Mr. Barbra Streisand, who wished a radio interviewer "Happy 9/11," then laughed at his feeble attempt at humor.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the tasering episode at the University of Florida. Some excerpts:

Tony Bulver, Ava, MO: "I think taser boy should win an Oscar for his performance. I also believe he deserved every volt."

Ryan Giar, Madison, WI: "So, Bill, you think that young man is a wimp? May I please shock you and observe your response? You are truly a monster."

Detective David Fawcett, Valdosta, GA: "When police use physical force against a resisting large person, the risk of serious injury rises. That's why tasers are used. This buffoon was lucky he only got a short term shock."

Peter Pavlidakis, Boulder, CO: "Bill, you are an authoritarian believing Meyer should be prosecuted. Colleges should be a safe place for discourse."
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