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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
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Politics and the California wildfires
"The usual political loons are trying to define the California fires in an ideological way. A quick trip to the extremist web sites is nauseating. One right-wing nut is blaming the fires on illegal immigrants; a left-wing loon is hoping President Bush is killed by the fire. Then there are the politicians - California Lt. Governor John Garamendi says the president's visit will be a distraction and the fire is worse because of Iraq. Senators Boxer and Reid have also said Iraq is draining manpower and machinery from the fire. But the Factor has learned that about 17,000 National Guard are available right now, but not needed. Then there are the environmental people like actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who complained that 'we build houses too close to brush areas ... this is not an accident.' The truth is that Southern California is one of the nicest places on Earth to live, climate and convenience wise, so millions are packed into a relatively small area that is very vulnerable to nature. It's not about Iraq, it's not about President Bush, it's not about nutty ideologues. It's about life in the USA."

The Factor pursued the subject with radio host Tammy Bruce, who denounced those who are playing politics with fire. "Houses are still burning," Bruce began, "and all the left can do is try to find more victimhood based on Republicans or the right. It is one of the most cynical and depraved ways of looking at a natural catastrophe that is an act of God, and really shows people that the left wants there to be victimhood and thrives on bad news." But Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky countered that there is indeed blame to be cast. "There is no question that the National Guard being deployed in Iraq has taken a toll. But my bigger concern is the global warming problem and the people who say are saying this is not a man-made problem." The Factor pointed out one irony in the crisis. "The Lieutenant Governor of California says President Bush will only get in the way. But Bush didn't go to Hurricane Katrina because he didn't want to get in the way and got hammered for that. The guy can't win!"

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In the next segment, Geraldo Rivera provided a live update from the fire zone in Southern California. "The extent of human suffering is very profound," Rivera said, "but the good news is that the worst is over. This is the opposite from the response to Hurricane Katrina - there is communication between the various agencies." Rivera blamed much of the property damage on overpopulation in hazardous areas. "The real story is that the real estate agents are selling houses to expanding populations that continue to move east into the midst of drought-stricken tinder boxes. It's economics that drives people to live in these areas."

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Kids are Americans, too!
The Factor raised the question of whether today's children are learning about America, and whether they feel they owe something to their country. Teacher and author Brian Crosby painted a dismal picture. "We are enabling students to feel like they don't owe anybody anything, and they have no interest in getting involved with their country. Students feel like they have all these rights, but without responsibilities, and it's a bad situation. They should be required to do some civic duty." The Factor blamed both educators and parents. "I assume this is what is being fed to them in the public school system. Most teachers are left-wingers who bring in an anti-American viewpoint - they don't teach about the nobility of America, they teach about the deficits. You have to teach both."
Anti-American media continues to spread
As reported previously, the heroism of Medal of Honor winner Lt. Michael Murphy was ignored by many in the media. And that was not an isolated incident - The Factor welcomed Ginger Gilbert, whose husband Troy was killed when his plane crashed in Iraq. After Al Qaeda videotaped his remains and supplied the footage to Al Jazeera, American media outlets reported only that part of the story. "It was heartbreaking and frustrating," Gilbert lamented, "that this was the way they choose to show my husband, who was an American hero. There was never a mention about the 22 lives he saved on the ground or his focus on the safety of Iraqi civilians. We fed right into the terrorists' hands by putting it on the news, and yours is the only show that has reached out to me." The Factor again accused many of flat-out dishonesty. "Most of the media are against the Iraq war and despise the Bush administration, so they're going to spin negative news all day long to further their political agenda. The reality is that politics is trumping the war effort."

News Link: Troy Gilbert memorial
Dennis Miller on Harry Potter & more
The Factor was joined by Dennis Miller, who began with a condemnation of cable networks that ignored the Michael Murphy story this week. "MSNBC stands for 'make sure no Bush compliments.' And I'd like to give you an anagram for CNN, but guess what? They don't stand for anything. CNN has turned into a sub clause in an afterthought and they don't matter any more. I think being eulogized by two second-tier, ratings-challenged outlets would not have mattered a twit to Michael Murphy. The Factor explained why this is astonishing. "I am surprised that General Electric is allowing corruption at NBC, and I am surprised that CNN is a corrupt news network. And that's what it stands for now - 'corrupt news network.'" Miller also commented on the revelation that Professor Dumbledore of "Harry Potter" fame is gay. "I shouldn't be surprised that Dumbledore is gay," Miller quipped. "I noticed how his wand seemed to shake every time the fairies came around. The simple fact is that I'm bored with people's sexuality. I don't care if Huck Finn was a he-she, I dug the book."
Policing the 'Net: The return of "Girl Love"
Internet watchdog Mary Katharine Ham reported that the notorious Jack McClellan is back in action in Portland, Oregon, offering advice to pedophiles. "He sets up web sites," Ham explained, "where he tells pedophiles where they can see little girls performing at street festivals and parades, so they can go scope it out. The police are in a tricky situation because he hasn't really done anything illegal. It's up to parents and the media to publicize this guy so everybody knows who this creep is." The Factor urged lawyers and parents to sue McClellan and make his life miserable, then raised a far lighter issue: "Here's how insane this whole Internet world is - a million and a half people went to YouTube to watch video of a runway model falling down. Why, why? I'm blaming this on you and your generation, Mary Katharine."

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Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Wednesday's Patriot: FNC's own Judge Andrew Napolitano, whose new book "A Nation of Sheep" explains the U.S. Constitution in layman's terms. And the Pinhead: Robert Redford, who is criticizing his own nation and claiming American citizens have "lost freedom" while promoting his new movie in Italy."

News Link: Redford criticizes America
Featured Book: A Nation of Sheep by Andrew Napolitano
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about the cable outlets that ignored Medal of Honor winner Lt. Michael Murphy. Some excerpts:

Michael Simmons, Benwood, WV: "I served in Iraq and it makes me sick to see what my country is becoming. I don't watch CNN and MSNBC and never will."

Kevin Keating, Alexandria, VA: "As a former infantry officer, I appreciate your coverage of Lt. Murphy, Bill, and feel those who ignored the story made a blatant omission."

John Baughman, Valley Mills, TX: "O'Reilly, I can't believe you made Congressman Stark a patriot because he apologized. You are a pinhead for doing that."

Glyn Bailey, Covington, NY: " Bill, your pinhead routine is offensive."
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