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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
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Can the left and the right reach a d�tente?
"On conservative talk radio, the word 'liberal' is a nasty term. But consider that Franklin Roosevelt was a liberal, and on his watch Germany and Japan were smashed. Robert Kennedy was a liberal, and he damaged the Mafia far more than conservative J. Edgar Hoover. So history demonstrates that liberals as well as conservatives can do great things for America. But today the far left is putting all of us in danger, opposing every anti-terror measure and demonizing those with whom they disagree. Actor George Clooney is about as radical left as they come. In a recent interview, Clooney said that during the Salem witch hunts 'the liberals thought there was no such thing as witches.' Wow! Who knew that conservatives executed 19 people way back in 1692? I'm mocking Clooney because he is the epitome of left-wing lunacy. He and others like him do great damage to traditional liberals. Because George has a platform, some Americans believe all on the left think like he does. They do not. In my opinion, the far left is now irrational, malicious and irresponsible. So there will be no ideological d�tente in America until crazies on both sides are shunned by clear-thinking Americans."

News Link: Clooney compares GOP to witch-burners
Kelsey Peterson extradited to USA
25-year-old Nebraska middle school teacher Kelsey Peterson, who fled to Mexico with 13-year-old Fernando Rodriguez, is charged with kidnapping and other offenses. Her lawyer James Davis entered the No Spin Zone and put forth a spirited defense. "My client crossed the line," Davis conceded, "but this young man isn't the victim that everybody's described him as. She's charged with abducting this young man, and that's just not true. He went willingly." The Factor countered that Kelsey Peterson engaged in inappropriate and criminal behavior. "I think your client is crazy, and I'd go for a temporary insanity defense if I were you. She took the kid because she wanted to have a physical relationship with the boy."

News Link: Peterson's lawyer says 13-year-old not all innocent
LAPD canvassing Muslim neighborhoods
Police in Los Angeles are visiting predominantly Muslim areas of the city, hoping to dissuade young men from supporting jihadist movements. Hussam Ayloush of the Council on American-Islamic Relations complained that the program is inherently offensive. "We don't appreciate a program based on the false premise that the Muslim community is prone to committing acts of violence. American Muslims are very happy to be Americans and they don't have any anger." But author Dinesh D'Souza disputed that benign depiction of Muslims. "It's clear that we're facing a problem of Islamic radicalism in the world today. The LAPD is trying to distinguish the good Muslims from the bad Muslims, trying to understand the history and the culture and the religion so they can make the distinctions they need to make. It's the opposite of racial profiling." The Factor endorsed the program as a worthy experiment. "The LAPD says it wants to go into Muslim neighborhoods to speak to younger people, and it seems to me that they're being respectful of the community. They're not infringing on anyone's rights."

News Link: LAPD counter-terror plan under fire
Featured Book: What's So Great About Christianity? by Dinesh D'Souza
Ann Coulter on LAPD controversy
The Factor continued the LAPD discussion with author Ann Coulter, who gave her explanation for the Los Angeles Times' strident opposition to the police effort. "They're against the war on terror," Coulter declared. "They want us to lose, and liberals are appalled at the thought that we might succeed here or in Iraq. There's no other explanation for their opposition to the war on terror or the Patriot Act. It's some sort of psychopathic disturbance." Not surprisingly, Coulter also gave two thumbs down to Robert Redford's anti-war movie "Lions for Lambs," which she found beyond tedious. "It's a snooze-fest. I don't even know if it's an anti-war movie, it's a boring movie. Watching paint dry would be more interesting."
The left vs. the far-left: Who's winning?
As The Factor claimed in the Talking Points Memo, radical leftists may be harming traditional liberals, and Democrat strategist Flavia Colgan agreed with that assessment. "I'm not going to let some rogue individuals or special interest groups take away the word 'liberal,' which I am proud of. FDR and RFK and JFK are some of the greatest heroes I've ever had. And the fact is that many of these extremists aren't talking about progressive politics, they seem more concerned with getting attention for themselves. Demonizing people who disagree with you is ridiculous." The Factor warned Colgan about the extremists' growing influence. The far-left is vicious, and they have set up an apparatus with George Soros' money. They say that unless you endorse our far-left, kooky view of the world, we're going to attack you."
Sleepwalking rape case / Anti-war protests
Fox News legal wizards Megyn Kelly and Lis Wiehl began their analysis with the arrest of anti-war protesters in Washington State, who interfered with a shipment returning from Iraq. Kelly said the arrests were justified. "They had every right to peacefully protest, but they had no right to try to stop these shipments. They committed an offense called 'pedestrian interference' and they should be fined." Wiehl went even farther, recommending a jail sentence. "They were awful. They threw themselves down on the street, they threw garbage, and I think they could go to jail." The women also discussed the case of 52-year old Dexter Ford, a homeless Cincinnati man who allegedly raped a young woman who was sleepwalking. Kelly ridiculed Ford's claim that the sex was consensual. "This guy claims he stumbled across this 23-year old college student who was walking alongside the highway, and she decided, 'yes, I'd like to have sex with you.' I do believe she was sleepwalking, but this guy is looking for a way out." The Factor added that Ford is HIV-positive and could be charged with attempted murder.

News Link: Lawyer claims rape victim was sleepwalking

News Link: Protesters disrupt military shipments at port
The Great American Culture Quiz
With Martha MacCallum on the sidelines this week, FNC's Alisyn Camerota challenged Steve Doocy in the Great American Culture Quiz. The Factor posed five questions, including these: "David Hartman, co-host of 'Good Morning America' for twelve years, previously starred in what TV show?" ... "A marriage scandal almost cost Jerry Lee Lewis his career. Who did he marry?" After a tie in regulation, Doocy won the one-question, tension-packed, sudden-death overtime.
Who's helping and who's hurting?
Tuesday's Patriot: Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy, who admitted to making a mistake that may have cost his team a game this weekend. The Factor called Dungy a patriot because "we're big on personal responsibility." And the Pinhead: Singer Boy George, who was charged in London with chaining a man to the wall of his home.

News Link: Tony Dungy admits mistake in Colts loss

News Link: Boy George charged with false imprisonment
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you wrote about Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who financed the film "Redacted." Some excerpts:

Sgt. Thomas Pomilla, Iraq: "It angers me that Cuban would do something so dumb. We are not the ones committing atrocities over here. Cuban is a traitor."

Sgt. Christopher Mielke, Japan: "I get ill when I think about that awful movie coming out. I shudder to think of how many military lives will be lost because of this."

Kevin Parnella, Plano, TX: "Bill, calling out Mark Cuban without showing any evidence of his hatred for America is misleading. Show me one American that has been killed by this movie."

Robert Masters, San Antonio, TX: "All NBA fans should display 'Support the Troops' signs wherever the Mavs play."

Alexa Kim, Dallas, TX: "If 'Redacted' is shown near me, I'll be out in front of the theater with a sign."
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