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Friday, November 30, 2007
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Containing dangerous Muslims
"Americans are basically divided over how to deal with Muslim-generated terror. The left sees it as a police-type deal, the right as out-and-out war. Talking Points believes the threat from fanatical Muslims is now at an all-time high. In Sudan, British teacher Gillian Gibbons has been sentenced to fifteen days in jail for allowing her second-grade students to name a teddy bear Mohammed. Some Sudanese Muslim even want to execute the teacher. All over the world, extreme Muslims believe they're allowed to kill people with whom they disagree. Iran is funding and arming Hezbollah, which may start a war in Lebanon any time. Pakistan is allowing the Taliban sanctuary so it can kill Afghans and Americans at will. And Al Qaeda is actively seeking ways to kill just about everybody. With Pakistan already having nukes and Iran on the way to getting them, you'd have to be a complete moron not to understand the danger here. Americans need to wise up, stop the nonsense, and convey a sense of urgency to Washington. We need to once again unite and come up with smart and realistic plans to engage the Muslim killers, wherever they may be. Gillian Gibbons is just one small story, a woman some extreme Muslims would kill over a teddy bear. But her situation highlights the danger all of us face."
Hostage situation at Hillary HQ in New Hampshire
Greta Van Susteren joined The Factor with her analysis of the situation in New Hampshire, where a man seized hostages at a Hillary Clinton campaign office. "There are a lot of crazy people out there," Van Susteren began. "This was someone who was very disturbed, and it will be interesting to see if this hostage taker showed prior signs of this." Van Susteren also reported the latest ineptitude in Aruba, where two recently-arrested suspects in the Natalee Holloway case are being released. "On Monday the chief prosecutor assured me he has new and incriminating evidence. And now a judge has looked at it and says it's not new evidence. I don't understand why the prosecutor would make himself look like a fool."

News Link: Hillary's NH campaign hostage crisis
Extremists demand execution for British teacher
As mentioned in the Talking Points, some Muslim fanatics in Sudan want British teacher Gillian Gibbons executed for allowing her students to name a teddy bear Mohammed. Author Brigitte Gabriel called this another warning sign that can not be ignored. "We are facing the rise of Islamo-Nazism and we are heading straight into a clash between Western civilization and a 7th century ideology driven by hate. Unless the West rises up and world leaders come together, the world is heading into a disaster, especially with Muslims developing nuclear bombs." But Eric Vickers of the American Muslim Council accused Gabriel and The Factor of unfairly besmirching Islam. "You have made the classic mistake of stereotyping an entire group of people because of the extreme acts of a few. There are 7-million Muslims in this country and not a single one condones this. There seems to be an agenda to create a clash between the Islamic world and the rest of the world." The Factor reminded Vickers that too many moderate Muslims have remained silent. "I very clearly said 'extreme' Muslims. Most Germans weren't Nazis, but Nazism threatened the world. You are rationalizing and not seeing the danger because you are emotionally involved in the situation. You just won't confront reality!"

News Link: British teacher pardoned
How low can the Democrats go?
At a fund-raiser for Barack Obama in Harlem, comedian Chris Rock ridiculed President Bush as a racially insensitive buffoon. Democrat strategist Regina Calcaterra endorsed the anti-Bush strategy. "In the last election," Calcaterra explained, "there were 78-million people who didn't vote, and 9-million were blacks. So why not remind them of Hurricane Katrina and how challenging their lives were during the Bush administration?" Not surprisingly, GOP strategist Jennifer Dyck disagreed. "Those elusive swing voters, those people in the middle, are not looking for someone talking about hate. Right now the Democrats are pandering to the far left, and that's who this kind of hate speech appeals to." The Factor questioned the wisdom of deriding the president. "People tend to look forward in a presidential election, so the strategy of mocking Bush might tee off some of the independents who are not ideologically driven."

News Link: Chris Rock bashes Bush at Obama fundraiser
Don Imus returns to the radio
After eight months in purgatory, Don Imus returns to his radio microphone Monday, and his regular guest Bo Dietl predicted Imus will be a changed man. "He was very upset about what happened, and I don't think we're going to able to say and do what we did before. But I think we'll be able to do the parodies, and I think all the guests will come back on." The Factor agreed that Imus will have a slightly different tone. "He's going to have to modify his act a little bit. He'll shoot at powerful politicians, not at a women's basketball team."

News Link: Update: Imus returns to the radio
Laura Ingraham on the Republican debate
Radio host Laura Ingraham began her segment with Wednesday's Republican debate. "Mike Huckabee had a great night," Ingraham declared. "He had one-liners and that conversational style that is beginning to impress a lot of people, including people in the dinosaur media." Ingraham also denounced MTV and that network's Tila Tequila, host of a salacious program designed to attract young male viewers. "She's a 26-year old woman who hosts what is essentially a bisexual dating game. MTV is generally a complete sewer, and one thing people could do is to lobby the FCC to take up the cause of 'unbundling' cable options, so you could say you want certain cable channels and do not want others." The Factor agreed that TV viewers should have a choice. "Kids are subjected to all of this garbage, and if you don't want MTV you shouldn't have to have it."

News Link: MTV's latest raunchy reality show
American TV icon of the week
The Factor welcomed a most unique TV Icon - the furry alien known as ALF (Alien Life Form), who had an eponymous hit TV show in the late 80's. Alf told The Factor that he's spent the last seventeen years "reading my first book" and "investing in a chain of Michael Vick dog grooming salons." Alf also revealed that his ultimate goal is to anchor his own talk show on the Fox News Channel.
Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Friday's Patriot: Actress Julia Roberts, who chased down a paparazzo with her Mercedes, then gave him a tongue-lashing for recklessly pursuing her. And the Pinhead: The rapper Akon, who was arrested for physically hurling a man off the stage and into the crowd, giving a young woman a concussion.

News Link: Video: Julia Roberts confronts paparazzi

News Link: Rapper charged with fan tossing

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Don Coombs, Fort Wayne, IN: "Bill, I see nothing wrong with a Democrat asking a Republican a question during a debate. But the gay general was asking the wrong people about 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' President Clinton signed that bill into law."

Jack Gibbert, Texarkana, TX: "Bill, CNN just made a mistake? Where's your head? Every one of the questioners were committed to Democratic contenders."

Robert Davis, Crestview, FL: "If Vince McMahon can bring wrestlers to visit the troops, certainly Hollywood could do the same thing. I am ashamed of those people."

Joseph Gordillo, Hayward, CA: "Bill, the U-S-O is doing the best it can. Cut them some slack."
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