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Tuesday, December 4, 2007
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Cutting through the fog on Iran
"The good news is that U.S. intelligence now believes Iran stopped trying to develop a nuclear weapon a few years ago. If that's true, it takes some of the urgency away from a confrontation with the Iranian mullahs. The bad news is that anti-American people will use the new intel to mock the USA and minimize the threat from radical Islam. Far-left people in America love the fact that U.S. intelligence has contradicted the president on Iran. And even though the president says he learned about the new intel only last week, Senator Joseph Biden immediately called the president a liar, claiming he 'misrepresented intelligence.' Because of the new intel, it will be more difficult to hold Iran and other nations for their murderous activities in the future. It doesn't seem to bother the loony left that Iran is killing American military people in Iraq and Afghanistan right now by shipping weapons to terrorists. And we do know that Iran is enriching uranium, a primary step toward developing a nuclear weapon. But Talking Point is glad that new intel says Iran is pulling back. Hope is always a good thing, but so is being realistic. Islamic terrorism is a real threat, and those who reject that truism put us all in danger."

The Factor invited former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton to share his expert opinion on the Iraq situation. "What's important," Bolton said, "is that Iran continues to enrich uranium, which gives them the capacity to move quickly to a substantial number of nuclear weapons." Bolton also warned against putting too much value in the new intelligence assertions. "I think there's a problem with changing intelligence estimates when there is insufficient ground to do that. These are intelligence judgments made by a group of people sitting around a table, and policy biases have crept into this analysis."

News Link: PDF: NIE Report
Glenn Beck on Iran
Conservative radio host Glenn Beck entered the No Spin Zone with his take on the Iran nuke controversy. Beck stressed the need for unrelenting pressure on Iran. "If we listen to all the naysayers, the people who don't want us to apply any kind of muscle, Iran will pick this nuclear program back up. I think we really need to start taking crazy people at their word." The Factor bemoaned the fact that people will use this latest intelligence to suit their political purposes. "There's a division in this country. Some Americans, and they number in the millions, simply feel everything is our fault. The war on terror is our fault, Iraq is our fault, and Iran wouldn't be trouble if we weren't mean to them."
Catholics take out Christmas newspaper ads
An organization called "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good" has placed an ad that criticizes Bill for suggesting there is a secular war on Christmas. The group's Alexia Kelley elaborated on the ad and its message. "We don't loathe you, Bill, and we really want to invite you to join our campaign. But we felt that some of your words around this issue were divisive. We want to change the subject away from the symbols and the shopping to the real message of Christmas, which is to be with our families and friends and to focus on Jesus' message." The Factor accused Kelley of na�vet�. "A few years ago there was a movement to wipe out all vestiges of Christmas in the public square. If I had not done that campaign, the forces of darkness would have won. But we won, and to diminish what we did is wrong."

News Link: Secular Catholics take on O'Reilly
Does Victoria's Secret use sweat-shop labor?
According to some reports, some of the lingerie sold by Victoria's Secret is produced in sweatshop conditions by Bangladeshi workers in Jordan. "They are working 14 to 15 hours a day," claimed labor watchdog Charles Kernaghan. "They get one day off every three or four months, and they're housed in miserable dorm conditions where there is no heat or hot water. This is slave labor, and Victoria's Secret is responsible to know what goes on in these factories." The Factor lauded Kernaghan for making the accusations public. "Slave labor is unacceptable and we appreciate your bringing it to everyone's attention. We'll stay on the story and see if Victoria's Secret does anything about this."

News Link: Victoria's Secret accused of slave labor
Racial tension results in two deaths
The Factor welcomed legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly, who examined a case that is causing racial tension in Texas. Joe Horn, a white man, witnessed two black men robbing the house next door and called 9-1-1. Although he was urged to avoid violence, Horn went outside with his shotgun and killed both men. Kelly argued that Horn, who has not been charged with a crime, may eventually be prosecuted. "The law in Texas says if you have a reasonable belief that deadly force is necessary to defend yourself, you can use it. And one of the robbers was in Horn's yard, and that'll be his defense. But after listening to the entire 9-1-1 tape, I would prosecute him." Wiehl was far more insistent that Horn is criminally liable. "The law says you have to use reasonable force, but he exited his own house. You can't go shoot someone on your neighbor's lawn. He didn't tell them to stop or put their hands up, he shot them dead. Clearly he intended to kill them."

News Link: Shooting death stirs racial tension in TX town
The Great American Culture Quiz
Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum again met in the Great American Culture Quiz. This week's questions included these: "Jennifer Grey starred in the movie 'Dirty Dancing.' Her father Joel Grey hit it big in which musical?" ... "Who was the only bachelor president?" ... "What was country star Tim McGraw's father famous for?" In a stunning display of competence, both Doocy and MacCallum answered all five questions correctly, leading The Factor to accuse them of cheating or guessing, probably both.
Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Tuesday's Patriot: Actor Will Smith, who recently visited U.S. troops in Japan and has given millions to charity. And the Pinhead: Acting Surgeon General Dr. Steven Galson, who suggested that Santa should slim down because he's a role model for kids.

News Link: Dr. tells Santa to slim down

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