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Thursday, December 6, 2007
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Getting to the truth about Iraq
How big of an issue will Iraq be in next year's presidential election?
More details of Omaha mall shooting
The latest details in a grisly murder in an Omaha shopping mall that resulted in the loss of eight innocent lives before the shooter killed himself.
Mitt Romney explains his beliefs
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney laid out how his religious beliefs would (and would not) impact his role as president.
Revisiting Mumia: Widow speaks out
Maureen Faulkner, the widow of a police officer who was murdered by Mumia Abu Jamal, talks to Bill.
Subway attack video: Was it a hoax?
A video that purportedly shows a man being attacked by teenage girls on the New York City subway may be a hoax.
Paparazzi and privacy
What degree of privacy should celebrities expect?
The Dhue Point
Heather Nauert fills in for Laurie Dhue this week.
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