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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
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Pithy advice for Obama and McCain
"Senator McCain, your victory speech Tuesday night was a bit flat because you were not specific enough. It will not be enough to tell the folks that Barack Obama lacks experience, because everybody knows that. Instead, you have to explain why your problem-solving abilities are stronger than Obama's. So my memo, Senator McCain, is for you to select a few vexing issues and tell the folks exactly how you would solve them. Now, on to Senator Obama. After six months, I believe most Americans understand that 'hope' is good. Faith and charity are good, too, but that doesn't wipe out the Taliban inside Pakistan, or pay for universal health care. As with Senator McCain, the folks want specific solutions to difficult problems. How will illegal immigration be dealt with? What happens if Iran threatens Saudi Arabia after you pull troops out of Iraq? Call me crazy, but I'd like a president to put forth a health care package that includes me not being blown up by Muslim killers currently hiding in Pakistan. File that under preventive medicine. So the advice Talking Points is giving is the same for both McCain and Obama: Get real on tough issues, get solutions that will benefit the entire country. With the primary season winding down, rhetoric should be replaced by creative solutions."
Obama leads in overall delegate count
Barack Obama's delegate lead is slim, but political analyst Dick Morris declared the race all but over. Morris said Hillary Clinton and her staff committed two fatal errors. "The first is that she ran on the basis of experience in a Democratic primary, where folks are revolutionaries who want change. By cloaking herself in the status quo and talking about experience, she became old hat. And she took all this money from lobbyists and special interests, while Obama waged the cleanest fund-raising you can imagine. The country is now going to enter a period of almost euphoric celebration at the idea that an African American has won the Democratic nomination."

News Link: Dick Morris op-ed: Why Hillary will lose
Mike Huckabee on his campaign
The Factor welcomed Governor Mike Huckabee, the only remaining challenger to John McCain, who expressed his determination to stay in the race. "Our game plan," Huckabee said, "is to continue showing that people ought to have a voice and a choice, which is why we have an election. If we have a coronation, people lose their choice." Huckabee denied that he is hanging on in order to become John McCain's running mate. "I'm not interested in that, it would be like you being the co-host of someone else's show. And even though everyone says the nomination is not mathematically possible, this thing could go to the convention." The Factor urged Huckabee and all candidates to start talking in specifics. "The only chance a Republican has to beat a guy like Obama, a guy who is that charismatic and that good on the stump, is to do policy and say 'here it is, make a choice.'"

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Pro- and anti-military demonstrations in Berkeley
The city council in Berkeley, California recently told Marine recruiters they were "unwelcome intruders" in that town, sparking demonstrations by both anti-war and pro-military protestors. Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano portrayed the episode as a model of free speech. "The yelling and screaming, the efforts to influence public policy, that's the First Amendment at its best. I am sticking up for the free speech rights of the people in Berkeley." But The Factor told Judge Napolitano he was out of order. "You're defending a fascist movement in Berkeley that says we want to close down a Marine recruiting center. That's fascism. You can't be sticking up for that."

News Link: Video: Berkeley protesters get pushy
What happens when you die?
Most Americans believe there is an afterlife, and Don Piper is certainly among them. He was pronounced dead after a devastating head-on car collision. "I was killed instantly," Piper told The Factor, "and my body was covered with a tarp. I was immediately standing at some magnificent gates surrounded by people I had known and loved, so I knew I was at the gates of Heaven. And in the distance, as I was approaching the gate, there was a bright light. I was heading in that direction when I was returned to Earth. It's the most real thing that ever happened to me, and I can't wait to go back there."
Dennis Miller on Roger Clemens
Baseball star Roger Clemens adamantly denies taking steroids, his former trainer swears that he personally injected Clemens in the buttocks, and Dennis Miller was perfectly clear about which man he believes. "In the spirit of racial equanimity," Miller quipped, "I'm going to disbelieve Clemens as much as I disbelieve Barry Bonds. I think he used it. He can be in the Hall of Fame, but they're not going to put a bust of his head in there, they're going to put a bust of his derriere." Miller also predicted that Hillary Clinton is incapable of bowing out gracefully. "She's going to do anything she can to get back into this race. This woman has been cheated on more than a blind woman playing Scrabble with gypsies, and she was promised that job. If she doesn't get it, she's going to go out kicking and screaming." Returning to Roger Clemens, The Factor was bewildered by the pitcher's willingness to jail time. "If he used steroids, it wasn't against the law. He has the money in his pocket, but he has aggressively denied this in Congress and on TV. If he is lying, he's crazy."

News Link: Clemens grilled by Congress
Policing the 'Net: Cop roughs up kid on tape
Internet ace Mary Katharine Ham showed a video that's been circulating on the web in which a Baltimore cop physically abuses a young man. "Cops have to watch out now," Ham declared, "because citizens have the capability to tape pretty much anything. I think it's great for citizens and for cops because there's a record of what's going on." Ham also commented on Sports Illustrated cover model Marisa Miller, whose nude photos are all over the Internet. "She posed as a nude model years before she was a Sports Illustrated model. Those pictures show up every time she is in the news." The Factor warned young people to think twice before doing anything potentially embarrassing. "Everybody should know that if you do something like that and then become famous, it's going to pop up."

News Link: Video: Cop unloads on disrespectful kid
Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Wednesday's Patriot: Director Steven Spielberg, who quit as artistic advisor to the Beijing Olympics to protest China's close ties with the brutal Sudan government. And the Pinhead: William & Mary president Gene Nichol, who is leaving the school more than a year after he had a cross removed from the college chapel in order to "accommodate all religions." Nominate a Pinhead or a Patriot by sending an email to

News Link: Spielberg sends message to China

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Beverly O'Toole, Rancho Cordova, CA: "O'Reilly, you and Karl Rove missed one very big reason for President Bush's low approval rating: Out of control spending."

Saul Berelowitz, Natick, MA: "As a Hillary Clinton supporter, it was a pleasure watching Rove's unbiased analysis of the campaign. The left-wing media is chasing me away from the Democratic party."

Eric Hoefnagel, Dallas, TX: "Bill, what can General Electric stockholders do to hold GE accountable for the corruption at NBC News?"

Marion Rauch, Ocala, FL: "Under no circumstances will I ever buy another GE product."

Owen Carton, Hillsborough, CA: "Bill, you let Tonya Reiman off the hook when she said she did not know if Joran Van Der Sloot was lying on that hidden tape. I expected more from you."
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