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Monday, February 25, 2008
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Who should be McCain's running mate?
"Three names come to mind. The first is Mitt Romney, a good business guy who can raise money and has name recognition. He's smart, honest, and his conservative views may help McCain with the right wing that distrusts him. The downside is the Mormon deal, which some voters did consider, even though they should not have. The second name is Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. At 47, he would bring youth to the ticket. He has been a good governor, tough on illegal immigration and spending. And the third name is Texas Governor Rick Perry, a conservative with an edge who would pull few punches in going after big-government Democrats. The downside for Perry is that Texas is a Republican state, and McCain needs Minnesota and the upper Midwest. We're not expecting a running mate any time soon, but Romney, Pawlenty and Perry would all be good choices, and we will continue to scan the landscape for more. We will do the same thing for the Democrats once a candidate is chosen."

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Hillary Clinton's last stand?
Taking to the offensive, Hillary Clinton mocked Barack Obama for his religious-like ability to inspire without revealing specifics. Democratic analyst Regina Calcaterra questioned the Clinton strategy. "She needs to soften her message," Calcaterra declared. "Obama connects with people, but she hasn't been able to connect and she's coming across as angry and frustrated." FNC analyst Juan Williams criticized the Clinton campaign for releasing a photo showing Obama in traditional African garb during a visit there in 2006. "That's a sign of desperation on the campaign's part, and it's appealing to racial code in this country. It's dirty politics and I'm surprised they're that desperate." The Factor added that Clinton has few cards left to play. "If I'm Hillary Clinton and I don't have a lot of differences on the issues with Barack Obama, the only thing I can do is tell people he's a lightweight."

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Celebrity culture aids Obama campaign
If the general election comes down to Obama versus McCain, the overwhelming majority of celebrities will side with the Democrat, and The Factor asked two entertainment reporters how much Obama will benefit. "It is a huge advantage," said Bonnie Fuller, "and the one name that has made a difference is Oprah. She started the Obama fever, she has millions of viewers who are addicted to her, and she's like a messiah." Ted Casablanca added that some other stars will also help Obama's cause. "Younger Hollywood, like a lot of younger people, is going for Obama, and those younger voters are essential. But if Hollywood decided things, Gore would have been in office."
Woman dies on board airline flight
44-year old Carine Desir developed breathing problems and died during an American Airline flight. Her family claims on-board oxygen equipment was broken, but travel expert Pauline Frommer disagreed. "I'm usually the first to bash the airlines," Frommer said, "but in this case there are two sides to the story. American Airlines says there were twelve oxygen tanks aboard the plane and they were all working, but the doctor decided to hand-pump the oxygen to get it into her lungs more forcefully. The airlines do a lot of things wrong, but they're pretty good with medical care." The Factor pointed out that many reporters were quick to blame American. "The initial press reports said there was chaos on the airline, and everyone will say 'now they're killing people.' Even though we are very angry about the collapse of the airline industry, we don't want to demonize an airline when there are two sides to the story."

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Update in Jessica Lunsford case
It's been three years since 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford was killed by sex offender John Couey in Florida, and her father Mark is now suing the sheriff's office. Lunsford's attorney Mark Gelman elaborated on the case. "Jessica didn't have to die, she could have been saved. Just two weeks before Jessica was abducted, Couey was reported to be living in a trailer right in front of the Lunsford house. They were told there was a warrant for his arrest and to pick him up, but no one went and got him." The Factor suggested that Mark Lunsford may have difficulty proving negligence. "The sheriff's office disputes this and says they would have picked Couey up if they had known. So it's a 'he said, she said' situation."

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Geraldo on his new book
It's been nearly a year since The Factor and Geraldo Rivera engaged in a notoriously intense argument about illegal aliens and crime. Partly as a result, Rivera was asked to write a book called "HisPanic," in which he details U.S. immigration past and present. "Going back into American history," Rivera told The Factor, "what I noticed was the media reaction to those immigrants flooding in was the same as it is today - 'these people are bringing diseases, these people are undermining society.' People blame them for everything from crime to disease to terror. And now race is at the heart of this debate." The Factor applauded Rivera for his research and passion, but argued about one aspect of immigration. "You and I separate on the criminal deal. If you have immigrants coming in illegally and committing crimes, those people have to be swiftly deported. You should be behind that."
Body language: McCain/Hillary/Oscars
Tonya Reiman began her body language analysis with an incident that occurred during the pre-Oscars show, when often-bizarre actor Gary Busey interrupted an interview with Jennifer Garner and hugged her. "She showed annoyance, fear, shock and embarrassment," Reiman said. "She was aghast at what he was doing and put her hands in front of her to block any further hugs." Reiman then scrutinized John McCain denying that he had a romantic affair with a lobbyist. "I saw a lot of shoulder shrugs and his blink rate was a little above average, but I didn't see a lot of red flags that said he was feeling pressure." Finally, Reiman watched Hillary Clinton confronting Barack Obama during last week's debate. "When she realized the audience was not on her side, she started making all kinds of gestures. The shoulders were going up, the hands were going out, and she didn't know what to do. This didn't go the way she planned it to go."
Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Monday's Patriot: Jay Leno, who was a gracious host during Bill's Friday appearance on the Tonight Show. And the Pinheads and/or Patriots: President Bush, who danced in Liberia, and Ted Kennedy, who serenaded a Laredo crowd in Spanish. Nominate a Pinhead or a Patriot by sending an email to

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
A sampling of your weekend e-mails:

Mel Scott, Edmond, OK: "Bill, you correctly predicted weeks ago that the New York Times would turn on McCain after endorsing him. They will do just about anything to sell newspapers."

Rick Francolini, Ellington, CT: "Bill, for as long as I've been watching the Factor, you've been on a tear over media corruption. I didn't believe you. I was wrong."

Charles Sergis, Los Angeles, CA: "Bill, give yourself the pinhead award. McCain is getting what he deserves for attacking Mitt Romney."

Judy Huffman, Dallas, TX: "Out-of-control children? Two words: Military school."
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