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Friday, April 11, 2008
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President Bush and the Olympics
"There is a growing coalition of individuals and groups, from the right and left, urging President Bush not to go to China for this summer's Olympic Games. People say we shouldn't reward China, given its brutal crackdown in Tibet and abetting of genocide in Sudan. China has zero tolerance for anyone who dares challenge communist rule. There are also those who say we shouldn't politicize the Olympics, but I think that misses the point. China wants to use the Olympics to prop up its own dictatorship and boost its international reputation. They want us to forget this shocking fact: China right now holds 500,000 persons in re-education and labor camps. Those people won't be at the opening ceremonies. In 1980 a Democratic president, Jimmy Carter, led a total boycott of the games because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. So how can a Republican president who has spoken so eloquently about freedom being God's gift to every man attend the games of a communist regime that tramples upon religious and political freedom at every turn? What lesson does that teach our young athletes about honor?"
Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Bosnia
Just when Hillary Clinton's "sniper fire" fabrication was fading from the news, her husband brought it up twice on the campaign trail. Fox News analyst Juan Williams explained why the story is so damaging to Senator Clinton. "There's no getting away from the fact that she exaggerated. She is in the American mind as the woman who was involved with Whitewater and cattle futures, and that is why this story resonates. Bill Clinton is not helping his wife because no one believes him and no one believes her." Laura asked Republican strategist Andrea Tantaros about Barack Obama's claim that many working class Pennsylvanians "cling to guns or religion." "This is the kind of language," Tantaros said, "that liberals use that isolates Americans. Small town America is the fabric of our society, and when he says things like this Barack Obama comes across as aloof and above America with this elitist air of liberalism." Laura contended that both Obamas have a tendency to condescend. "You had Michelle Obama calling America 'downright mean,' and now this. This is disastrous."

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Disturbing documents found in polygamy compound
While combing through the polygamist compound in Texas, authorities discovered a chilling document about cyanide poisoning. Reporter Ed Miller revealed other details of the investigation. "Police have been going after this cult in a slow and methodical manner," Miller revealed, "and there are other compounds of this sect in Mexico and Canada and South Dakota. What's really scary is that there are other women and children being held against their will in several compounds." Carolyn Jessop, who escaped from a polygamist sect, related her own ordeal. "Every element of life was controlled - what you're allowed to wear, what you can do, what you can say. Eventually you start losing the ability to think, and there are incredible punishments if you do anything to displease." Laura expressed her revulsion with the older men in charge of these sects. "People across the country are asking if this can really exist in the United States. This makes me want to cry and makes me angry at the same time."

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Making cities more inviting for illegals
The liberal mayors of San Francisco and Los Angeles are actively opposing enforcement of federal immigration laws. Laura spoke with pro-immigration activist Enrique Morones, who endorsed the mayors' policies. "The American people want humane and comprehensive immigration reform," Morones said, "and that's what the mayors want. People are pleading that people get treated with respect. It's immoral that poor people can not come into this country and have a pathway to legalization." Laura took issue with Morones' characterization of American immigration policy. "We give people free health care, education, emergency health care. Saying that America is not charitable is not a great way to win the support of the American people."

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Marine arrested on murder charges
Mexican police have arrested Cpl. Cesar Laurean, the Marine suspected of murdering Maria Lauterbach, a fellow Marine who was pregnant. Bill previously interviewed former Army prosecutor Gwen Lindsay-Jackson, who elaborated on the case. "He's a Mexican national who became an American citizen, and the Marines report he had exemplary service. Lauterbach accused him of sexual assault and the Marines were taking it seriously. But it was a 'he-said, she-said' case." Laura added that Laurean will be tried in North Carolina, but will not face the death penalty because Mexico refuses to extradite suspects who could be executed.

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Protestors interrupt Petraeus questioning
Laura welcomed decorated Iraq war veteran Pete Hegseth, who squared off with Medea Benjamin, founder of the Code Pink group that disrupted the General Petraeus hearings this week. "We're on Capitol Hill every day," Benjamin boasted, "and we represent the voice of the majority of the American people who want the troops to come home. We're very upset with the Democratic Party and every day we go to pressure them to bring our troops home." But Hegseth denounced Benjamin and her fellow protestors. "Do the vast majority of Americans protest outside of recruiting stations, do they put blood on their hands and enter hearings? Code Pink and groups like MoveOn.Org are radical fringe-left organizations that really poison the public discourse. As a veteran, the fact that they would go into a hearing with our top commander is incredibly disturbing."
Wal-Mart tries to squash corporate videos
Some Wal-Mart executives were videotaped dressed in wild costumes at corporate retreats designed to boost company morale. Marketing expert Laura Ries said Wal-Mart has unintentionally created a public relations nightmare. "This is the world's largest retailer," Ries asserted, "don't they have a whole building of lawyers who should have seen this coming? This was a really sloppy mistake by management and it's embarrassing. I don't think shoppers care, but why are they taping these meetings? Taping these events can only lead to trouble."

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Storming the Bellagio
Finally, Laura welcomed author John Huddy, whose book "Storming Las Vegas" documents a little-known Las Vegas crime wave. "I heard a rumor about a gang that had alarmed even the cops," Huddy said. "I eventually met Jose Manuel Vigoa Perez, and did he have a story to tell! He was the drug lord of Las Vegas who did seven years in jail, then came back and said it's show time. With an AK-47 and hand grenades and a crew, he hit the strip with a vengeance. There were gun battles and the largest car heist in the history of Las Vegas." Laura praised the book and reported that Hollywood producers are eager to put the story on the big screen.
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