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Monday, April 21, 2008
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Primary showdown in Pennsylvania
"If Barack Obama does not do well in Pennsylvania tomorrow he can blame Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Weather Underground guy William Ayers. His associations with those two anti-American men have raised questions among some voters -- especially because we still don't know all that much about Senator Obama. The radical-left, of course, is appalled that Wright and Ayers have become an issue that could hurt Obama. Far left reporters at the New York Times and Chicago Sun-Times have already started to defend Ayers and attack ABC News for asking Obama tough questions. While it is brutally unfair to suggest that Obama believes the craziness of Wright and Ayers, it is fair to ask him about those men. Meanwhile, all three candidates promise to do things like bring down gas prices, when they know there's nothing they can do about it even when they're president. We need a strong leader who is honest, smart, courageous and willing to explain dubious associations."

Fox News analyst Juan Williams predicted that Obama's associations would hurt him with voters. "What you're going to see tomorrow in Pennsylvania is a lot of the voters in the suburban areas, outside Philadelphia, the middle of the state going towards Pittsburgh taking a second look at Senator Obama and saying 'Who is this guy?'" Musician Kinky Friedman noted that the friends you choose tend to stick with you: "I say you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't wipe your friends off on your saddle." The Factor contended that a trip into the No Spin Zone would help Obama clear up his problems. "If Barack Obama wants, he can call me, that he could get rid of both of these things. Off his plate."
Hillary blasts
Audio surfaced over the weekend of Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser bashing liberal activist group After playing the clip, The Factor asked for reaction. "I think she has a short political memory. The organization was founded to take political heat off of her husband," pointed out Democratic strategist Jane Fleming Kleeb. The Factor thought that it would hurt Hillary amongst liberals to bash MoveOn: "George Soros is pulling the strings on that. And he wants the furthest left wing candidate you can get. Not to say Obama is that, I'm not sure about that yet, but he's certainly perceived to be that." Former Pennyslvania Senator and Fox News analyst Rick Santorum still predicted a win for Hillary in the Keystone state. "I think the state is just made for Hillary Clinton."
Pope Benedict XVI returns to Rome
While visiting the United States, Pope Benedict made some pro-immigration comments that angered some on the right, and some anti-secularism comments that angered some on the left. Author and priest Father Edward Beck was sympathetic to the Pope's immigration views. In fact, he blamed the United States for the situation. "We're forcing immigration by some of our trade policies," Father Beck argued. The Factor disagreed, pointing out that Mexico's government corruption is what's hurting their economy. "We can't run that country, Father And that's what the Pope I don't think understands. The United States' power is finite, unlike the Lord's."
Obama and the
During a speech last week, Barack Obama scratched his face with his middle finger while talking about Hillary Clinton. The Factor asked body language expert Tonya Reiman if this was an innocent gesture, or if Obama meant to disrespect his opponent. Reiman thought that Obama had done it innocently and unconsciously, not even realizing that he had done it until the audience started laughing. She also talked about how later in the same speech when Obama brushed his shoulders off. "It was almost his way of saying, you know, "Look, she's no match for me. It's, you know, dandruff on the shoulder. No big deal."
Stunning sex ruling in Maryland
The ladies discussed a case where a photographer got into trouble for refusing to shoot a lesbian wedding. Attorney and Fox News analyst Lis Wiehl thought that the ruling was correct: "That's in violation of the New Mexico civil rights statute, which says you cannot discriminate once you're in business. This isn't a hobby." Attorney and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly strongly disagreed. "Lis is wrong. You do have the right to decline such services. Just because you're in the service business doesn't mean you have to serve everyone." The Factor was happy with the fight that both ladies put up: "I like this. Now the audience can make up their mind."
Will ACLU intervene in polygamy rescue case?
The ACLU has inserted itself into the Texas polygamist situation. Stacy Schneider, a criminal defense attorney, explained the ACLU's point of view. "The allegations came about a teenage marriage, yet they pulled infants and children away. Some of them are in foster care, which is a total disaster in this country. And some of them are living in a coliseum on cots like Hurricane Katrina victims. And infants and babies are not being breastfed, and they're being put to bed by social workers. And it's terrifying for them." The Factor was, of course, sympathetic to the kids, but he pointed out that the ACLU's actions aren't necessarily laudable: "I don't think the ACLU cares at all about protecting the kids, because they are opposed to Jessica's Law."
Al Gore & University of Colorado potheads
Monday's Patriot: Former Vice President Al Gore. He's being targeted by PETA because he eats meat. Al Gore (and every other American) has the right to eat whatever he wants. For exercising that right, he's a Patriot. And the Pinheads: 10,000 people at the University of Colorado in Boulder -- they smoked pot on the quad while cops looked on helplessly. Potheads? Certainly. Pinheads? You be the judge.
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Nicki Willis, Dallas, Texas
"Finally, Bill, you said it. If people don't know where the Democratic candidates stand on the issues after 20 debates, they'll never know."

Sharon Ingmire, Charlotte, North Carolina
"Bill, I think you have been too easy on Barack."

Adam Heyne, Portland, Oregon
"Bill, I am a liberal Democrat and would like for you to know that if the Republican leadership was as honest as you, I'd change parties."

Shelley Taylor, Olympic Penisula, Washington
"Bill, I am still angry that General Electric does business with Iran. Please let your viewers know about a website called so they can see what other companies do as well."
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