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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
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Racism & sexism in the presidential race
"Exit polling in West Virginia yesterday showed that 22% of Democrats considered the race factor before casting their ballot. But why should race matter in any way? Both white and black Americans need to ditch this racial stuff. Some on the left are creating an atmosphere where any criticism of Barack Obama can be called racist. Senator Obama has nothing to do with it, but loons trying to help him will surely hurt him if this continues. On another front, an opinion article in The Boston Globe today says that Hillary Clinton is losing because of sexism. A woman named Michal Regunberg submits that the mainstream media has demeaned Senator Clinton for her laugh and pants-suits - stuff like that. I disagree. I think the mainstream media generally supports Obama over Clinton because they believe Obama is more liberal. Every presidential candidate gets mocked. Remember the ribbing Obama took over bad bowling? What was that? Man-ism?"

Fox News analyst Laura Ingraham joined The Factor to offer her insight on the issue. She agreed that sexism was not in effect in this presidential race: "This obviously has nothing to do with sexism and everything to do with the fact that she's much more conservative in the eyes of many far left Democratic voters and supporters, the George Soros types and the blogs." The Factor pointed out that many on the left want "to set up a scenario whereby if you don't like Barack Obama, or you criticize him on any level, that you're a racist. That's what's going on here."
Twenty students molested in Tampa Bay area schools
A 29-year-old teacher in Tampa is being accused of molesting four of her young students. There are now 20 victims who have been molested by Tampa-area teachers in the past few years. The most notorious perpetrator was Debra Lafave, who was sentenced to probation. Her ex-husband Owen Lafave has produced a documentary on the situation. He told The Factor that he saw a problem inherent in the education system: "I think there are a lot of teachers out there that shouldn't be in the classroom. I think the discrepancy in age is a lot less. We've got 22-year-olds teaching 17 and 18-year-olds." Tampa attorney Jeff Brown was asked to defend the latest suspect but turned her down: "I felt like with all the media attention this case was going to get and the facts as I knew it, I wasn't so sure that I was the right lawyer to be able to help her." The Factor had a diagnosis for the situation: "This is a school district that is now officially out of control. And the superintendent has to go."
No action taken yet in Memphis school dance case
As The Factor reported earlier in the week, parents and officials in Memphis, TN were outraged when video surfaced on the internet of students at a school event dancing salaciously. Radio talk show host Ben Ferguson saw a lack of discipline in the schools: "You've got kids now that are running these schools, principals that don't really care. And you have teachers that have no authority because of obviously a principal like this and a school board that allows it to happen to be able to discipline these kids." Stacie Waddell, head of a Memphis youth organization blamed society: "I do believe that this generation has been a forgotten generation. That we as a society have not really paid enough attention to them, given them the influences they need, given them the direction that they need to make wise decisions." The Factor was having none of it: "Ms. Waddell, you've got to give me a break on this society garbage. You've got adult [chaperones] standing there . They make a decision, Ms. Waddell. They let it go or they don't."
DailyKos attacks Jenna Bush & family
The far left blog DailyKos posted photos of Jenna Bush's wedding juxtaposed with pictures of dead Iraqis. Internet cop Mary Katharine Ham was outraged: "I guess the premise is that only the handful of Democrats who originally voted against the war are allowed to celebrate familial milestones at this point while there's a war going on. It's a really silly argument. And the pictures are disgusting." The Factor had some harsh words for DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas: "The purveyor of this revolting Web site who's probably one of the most despicable Americans in the country... This man is basically now using the Web site to elevate the level of hatred toward the Bushes and anybody else."
Should Hillary call it quits?
Comedian and radio host Dennis Miller wanted to talk about Hillary Clinton's blowout victory in West Virginia. He pointed out that the losing candidate may have sealed his own fate: "You know, Obama didn't help himself any when he was shooting pool earlier in the week, and he kept smacking the cue ball and referring it to it as the white ball. I think that did not help him." Miller also had some choice words for the latest Obama-endorser: "You know what they say about John Edwards: inch wide, inch deep. This guy is beyond lightweight. He's diaphanous. It's like getting an endorsement from Ryan Seacrest. You know, just hit the mark and tell me what phone number to call for the contestants, OK?"
William Shatner on his new autobiography
William Shatner became a household name in the late 60s when he starred in the classic sci-fi series "Star Trek." Now Captain Kirk has a new autobiography out, and he's dishing some behind the scenes dirt on the popular series. For example, he had an unpleasant revelation after the show was over: "One of the actors said to me six or seven years after the show was over, would you like to hear how we despised you? And that came as a shock." The Factor pointed out: "That's not unusual in show business or television business. I mean, when big guys make it, and the other guys don't make it, he's a rotten guy. You know how it is. Human nature."
Featured Book: Up Till Now: The Autobiography by William Shatner
Drew Barrymore & Tony Romo?
Wednesday's Patriot: Drew Barrymore, who was the victim of a hit and run accident, but managed to get the license plate number of the car that hit her. The cops were able to track the guy down. And the Pinhead: You decide - is it Tony Romo, who sang an off-key rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at a Cubs game earlier this week? Or is it The Factor, who also sang at the Cubs game a while back?
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Factor Words of the Day
Robert Anderson, Everett, Washington
"Bill, there's a reason the Founding Fathers gave Presidential wives the First Lady title. I wouldn't vote for anyone whose spouse wasn't directly involved in decisions."

William Rice, Plant City, Florida
"As a former teacher in Hillsborough County, your assessment is correct, Bill. Despite a budget of billions, it cannot keep wack jobs out of the classroom."

Betty Nickels, Tampa
"O'Reilly, I am angry at you. There are a lot of good teachers here. Only the bad ones get in the news."

Lida Schedler, Hudson, Florida
"A man was sentenced to life for molesting three boys. But women molesters get off easy. Obvious double standard."
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