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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
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Bill reports from Los Angeles tonight.
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Will spending blunt the recession?
"President Obama has signed the economic stimulus package, and that means one of two things - either the recession will be blunted or he will be a one-term president. The president says the massive government spending will improve the economy on almost every level, but conservative Americans tend to disagree with that vision. Republicans believe private industry should lead us out of bad economic times and the government should step out of the way. The president also believes the massive spending package is needed to make America stronger in the future, that it will 'spur new breakthroughs in science and medicine and energy.' Talking Points believes nitpicking the stimulus bill is a complete waste of time - it will either work or it won't. But we should all prepare ourselves for a big downside. If the American economy does not improve, the massive debt the country is running up is going to have to be confronted, and that could get very ugly."

The Factor welcomed Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto, who views the stimulus bill with unbridled skepticism. "It might provide a short term boost," Cavuto said, "but the history of these things is that they don't offer long term relief. The reason the markets have been tanking is that they know the history of this stuff. Stimulus that is heavy on spending does very little to help us out of the morass, and we have never gotten out of a recession or depression by increasing government debt." The Factor concluded that Barack Obama is rolling the dice and taking "one of the biggest gambles in American history."

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Promoting a nanny state?
Conservative columnist Larry Elder entered the No Spin Zone with his take on newly-minted Illinois Senator Roland Burris, who is under investigation for lying. "He perjured himself," Elder pronounced, "and as a Republican I'm perfectly happy to have him sitting there as a target, he's a dead man walking. And if I were the Democrats, I would want him out ASAP. There should be a special election for the people to select a successor to Barack Obama." Elder also commented on his home state of California, now facing a massive fiscal crisis. "When Governor Schwarzenegger came in," Elder groused, "there was a $15 billion deficit and now there's a $40 billion deficit. One of the many things that is wrong with this stimulus package is that California will be a beneficiary - we're being rewarded for our irresponsibility." The Factor took a moment to inform viewers of Elder's amazing and relevant biography: "Larry Elder's dad, who is now 93 years old, was a janitor. You worked your way up and you are a self-made man, but the trend now is that the government will do it for you."

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The problem with out-of-wedlock pregnancy
The Factor examined the epidemic of teen pregnancy with Lisa Boesky and Laura Berman, both of whom are psychologists, authors and sexual behavior experts. "Abstinence-based education does not work," Berman declared. "It doesn't necessarily delay the teens' time to have sex, and when they do have sex they don't use contraception because they haven't learned about it." Boesky added that parents are largely responsible. "We're seeing a rise in teen pregnancy and we are remiss in a variety of ways. The schools and the parents aren't doing what they should be doing. Even well-meaning parents are not saying 'don't get pregnant, and here's why.'" The Factor cast an even wider net of blame: "The difference between now and twenty years ago is that the boundaries of behavior have collapsed. Every public school has sex education and every kid knows about it, so the information is there. But society has abdicated all judgments on what children do."

News Link: Bristol Palin: Abstinence 'not realistic'
Investigating the Octo-Mom's mental state
Many observers have questioned the sanity of Nadya Suleman, who recently gave birth to octuplets. The Factor explored the issue with psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, who investigated Suleman's psychiatric history. "These eight children will be in danger when they get home," Lieberman warned. "The mother has suffered from depression, suicidal ideas, anxiety, infantile personality, and denial, which we are seeing right now." The Factor also spoke with blogger Gillian Sheldon, who has been probing Suleman's fertility doctor Michael Kamrava. "I spoke with a woman who went to him," Sheldon reported, "and she described him as 'fishy.' She says members of his family worked in the office and he had a conflict of interest. And the Los Angeles Times says he only has a 10% success rate."
Chimpanzee killed after maiming woman
Legal aces Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly led off with "Travis," the 200-pound pet chimp who mauled a 55-year-old woman in Connecticut. "Chimpanzees are not meant to be kept as pets," Kelly asserted, "and any expert will tell you they should not be domesticated because it is in their nature to attack. This was not the chimp's fault, it was the fault of the woman who raised the chimp." Wiehl explained the legal ramifications. "The law is chaotic. Connecticut passed a law in 2003 saying you can not keep 'exotic' animals, but Travis was 'grandfathered' in before the law was passed. This is negligence." Kelly turned to the Asian woman who is suing teen star Miley Cyrus for posing in a way that allegedly mocks Asian eyes. "I've seen some ridiculous complaints," Kelly declared, "but this is the most ridiculous suit I've seen in at least a year. This woman is complaining that Miley Cyrus discriminated against Asian-Americans because they can no longer enjoy her."

News Link: Chimp rampage in CT
Whoopi Goldberg on Helen Thomas
The Factor again welcomed actress and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg, an Obama supporter who urged everyone to be realistic. "As with all people we put on pedestals," Goldberg said, "we have to be prepared for him to not be able to walk on water. But I'm all right if he tries and fails." Goldberg also pointedly criticized The Factor for joking about 88-year old reporter Helen Thomas. "I thought that your doing the 'witch' line was out of character and it threw me. If you're going to do humor, learn how to do it. I thought you were a little out-of-character mean." The Factor countered that "the whole thing was a joke, so I made a joke out of it."
Nicole Kidman & Al Franken
Tuesday's Patriot: Nicole Kidman, who is donating money to help her fellow Australians left homeless by the wildfires. And the Pinhead: Al Franken, who is now calling himself "Senator Franken." The Factor's rebuttal: "The race is still being contested and there are 35-hundred votes left to count, so Al may be a little premature."

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Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Sharon Rao, Pensacola, FL: "The story of the 13-year old boy fathering a baby makes me sick. And to think that his father would sell the story for money just shows how unfit his parents are."

Denise Austin, Dana Point, CA: "Come on, Bill, enough with the blame the single mother for everything scenario. I was a single mom and my son turned out great."

Jessica Beard, Detroit, MI: "I am an RN here and it is not uncommon to see young teenagers giving birth. Most of them also have STDs. This is a vicious cycle."

Dawn Williams, Liberty, PA: "I am upset that the Factor showed photos of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. I was watching with my family and no warning was given."
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