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Friday, February 20, 2009
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Bill reports from Los Angeles tonight.
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Jesus, racism and the stimulus package
"Talking Points believes it is fair to say that many Americans are rightfully angry about the recession. We the people did nothing to cause this awful situation, which was driven by corrupt mortgage lenders, greedy investment houses, and a federal government that did not aggressively police financial corruption. Both political parties are to blame, but the recession is everybody's problem, and now fear is turning into anger. Congressman James Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina, is defending President Obama's stimulus package by using the race card. On the other side, a conservative group used Jesus in an television ad opposing the stimulus package. Going forward, the press should be watching for abuses in the way the government spends the money. Advocacy groups can do whatever they want - it's their money - but it doesn't seem to be real constructive to continue an ideological debate at this point."

The Factor welcomed Ed Martin, whose American Issues Project produced the anti-stimulus TV ad. "I think you're completely wrong," Martin proclaimed. "Most Americans did not know what was in that bill and did not know that most of what was in that bill usually goes through a committee process. Our ad is saying we've reached a point where capitalism is in jeopardy, and I think this stimulus bill is the end of America. Most Americans are awakening to what's going on." The Factor questioned whether Martin and his organization are wasting their efforts. "There's no doubt that many Americans agree with you, but this is a fait accompli, it's done, so why continue to pound the issue? The government is going to spend the money and I would now like to see scrutiny to hold them accountable."

News Link: Video: 'Jesus' featured in stimulus ad
How some students are abusing the Internet
Students across the country continue to post videos of their unsavory activities on the Internet, a problem The Factor explored with web safety expert Parry Aftab. "Kids are exposed to technology," Aftab said, "that enables them share any idea they have with the world. The key message here is 'don't be stupid.' We need to teach them to think before they click, and we need to make sure parents stop buying things that they don't know about." The Factor called for immediate and widespread action. "I believe every American child is at risk because of the technology. There are now mass-marketing machines that can zip all over the world in the hands of immature people with no impulse control. Just like we have sex ed, I think we need to have technology ed in every public school."
Octo-mom's father to appear on Oprah
In an interview to be aired next week, Nadya Suleman's father tells Oprah Winfrey that his daughter is "irresponsible." Geraldo Rivera complained that Nadya will benefit financially from that irresponsibility. "This is one of the rare times where I believe crime will pay," Rivera predicted. "Nadya Suleman will get everything she wanted - I believe she had these eight children as a commercial venture and saw it as a licensing opportunity run amok. Despite the distaste the American people have shown for this wacky woman, she will make interviewers pay the price." Rivera also delved into the case of 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings, who has been missing in Florida for more than a week. "This was an abusive household," Rivera reported. "She was beaten to a pulp in November, she has had 22 unexplained absences from school this year alone. The father suggests that the child's battered face is because of an incident in school, but he is a domineering man who has had drug problems, and he probably abused this child. I think the investigators are focusing on this dysfunctional man."

News Link: Was Haleigh Cummings' father abusive?
Brian Ross investigates Bernard Madoff
The Factor was joined by ABC News reporter Brian Ross, who has been investigating financial swindler Bernard Madoff. "We have new information," Ross revealed, "on how Madoff did it, and how he may have moved billions of dollars offshore to secret accounts in Switzerland and Africa." Ross also uncovered new details about the $15 million that Madoff's wife withdrew from his fund shortly before his arrest. "She said that was money she inherited from her parents, but we've pulled the wills and there was no inheritance. The money she used to post his bail is likely the money of his victims." The Factor predicted that Ross's investigation could put Madoff behind bars. "After you show there is no legitimate source of this money, the judge is compelled to revoke the bail."

News Link: Did Madoff have help?
Criticizing the mortgage industry bailout
Fox News host Glenn Beck entered the No Spin Zone to vent about the Obama administration's mortgage bailout plan. "We are living in a society now," Beck said, "where nobody has to pay for anything. They're going to give you bonuses if you actually pay your mortgage for five years! If you lost your job or had a catastrophe and you can't make your payment, I understand that - that's what your church or community or family are for. We are a country built on individuals and individuals need to have personal responsibility." The Factor countered that extraordinary measures may be necessary. "I agree with you philosophically that personal responsibility made the country great and we have to get back to it. However, if the banking system collapses, we would all be gravely damaged. So it looks like the Obama administration is trying to stabilize this whole thing for the greater good."

News Link: Questions over Obama's mortgage plan
The Factor's list of the best films ever
With the Oscars coming up Sunday, The Factor listed the No Spin Zone version of the greatest movies ever made. In 5th place - Casablanca: "It was shot in Hollywood, but you could swear the actors were in Morocco. There was great acting and a terrific World War II story." 4th place - Platoon. "Oliver Stone made a tremendous film about the Vietnam War, a conflict he experienced first-hand as a soldier." 3rd on the list - Midnight Cowboy. "It had amazing performances and took a difficult look at the underside of American society." The runner-up - Schindler's List. "The Holocaust still defines the lives of many people around the world, and the most vivid picture of it is contained in Schindler's List. And the all-time best movie ever made - The Godfather: Part II. "This was hands-down, flat-out genius, Francis Ford Coppola's story of immigration, crime and punishment. This was the best film achievement, ever."
Hillary Clinton & NYU students
Friday's Patriot: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who appeared on the Indonesian version of "American Idol" and extolled the virtues of the early Beatles. And the Pinheads: New York University students who staged a wild protest for reasons unknown.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Charlise Joy, Prescott, AZ: "O'Reilly, let me get this straight. We have a beheading of a Muslim wife here in America - but the activities of a chimp are more important?"

Jeannette Miller, Saskatchewan, Canada: "Bill, you heaped a great burden of guilt on the lady who was bitten by the chimp in 1996. Please apologize."

Knut Ojermark, Saffle, Sweden: "Bill, even though Sweden is a socialist country, the banks are privately owned. And you should know the Swedish health care system does not function nearly as well as yours in the USA."

Julie Song, Singapore: "Many people here are watching Fox News. My favorites are O'Reilly, Hannity and Beck."
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