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Tuesday, April 7, 2009
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Analyzing the White House's spin on Obama's trip
"Some Americans are upset that President Obama criticized his country while overseas, and that he was a bit subservient to the Muslim world. The White House and its supporters are spinning the trip as a great success, calling it 'productive.' The president didn't get much economic or military help while he was over there, so it's important that the good will factor is real. The most frustrating part of the world today is that there is little justice. If the world united against North Korea and Iran, those countries would break and the threat they pose would be nullified. If the world joined together to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Pakistan, those threats would be pretty much wiped out. But the world will not. President Obama is far different leader than President Bush, but so far the results are exactly the same: The world either sits out the struggle against evil or helps the bad guys. To Americans who understand how much blood and treasure we are spending to fight evil, the president's failure to confront weak nations can be very annoying. Talking Points understands the big picture and believes the president's trip was a plus, but not a major win."

The Factor invited Fox News analyst Brit Hume to assess President Obama's trip. "I'm giving him an 'A' on the easy stuff and a 'C' or worse on the hard part," Hume began. "The easy part was for him to go over there and be liked - he's an exceedingly engaging and very likeable man. But what does that get you in substantive terms? He didn't get much on the world economy and he got nothing in terms of serious combat troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere. And in carrying out the mission, he said some things about his own country that may come back to haunt him." The Factor denounced those European nations which refuse to engage in the war on terror. "It doesn't make sense to me that these people don't understand the danger since they got hit in London and Madrid and Bali. The Iraq war would have been won very quickly if all the nations had gone in and removed Saddam Hussein."

News Link: Obama reaches out to Muslim world
Obama's soft approach to the Muslim world
President Obama has been criticized for apparently bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The Factor analyzed the incident with author Brigitte Gabriel. "He did bow to the Muslim king," Gabriel asserted, "while he did not bow to the British queen. By bowing, he showed the world that he is subservient, and this was something no other president has done. This sends the message that Islam is superior, and it sends the message that terrorism and jihad are giving Islam respect on the world stage." Muslim feminist Asma Hasan agreed that President Obama was far too reverent. "This king would not look me in the eye or shake my hand because I am a woman and his interpretation of Islam would forbid that. I was annoyed that our president was giving him such deference, just as I was annoyed when President Bush held this same man's hand." The Factor theorized why President Obama seems so eager to please the Saudis: "We want Saudi Arabia's oil and we want the Muslim world to calm down."

News Link: Obama takes a bow
Featured Book: They Must Be Stopped by Brigitte Gabriel
Featured Book: Red, White, and Muslim: My Story of Belief by Asma Hasan
Any truth to the "one world economy" rumor?
Some world leaders have hinted at the desirability of replacing the dollar as the de facto world currency. The Factor asked Fox News business expert Neil Cavuto about the anti-dollar movement. "There is a global push to eclipse us," Cavuto explained, "and to get an alternative currency. They figure that since we had this Wall Street meltdown, there has to be an alternative to the U.S. The dollar dominates the world today, and I don't think this administration has a strong dollar policy." The Factor suggested that President Obama should tread carefully when it comes to United States supremacy. "Can you imagine the outcry in this country if Barack Obama tries to partner us up in a world economy? He would be finished! Most Americans are nationalistic people and they want the United States to keep its status in the world, they believe we are a force for good."

News Link: One world currency?
Michelle Obama in Europe
Body language ace Tanya Reiman watched video of Michelle Obama's emotional message to a group of schoolgirls in Europe. "Did you see how she touched her stomach?" Reiman asked. "Women tend to do that, that's how you can tell that they are very emotive at that motive. Men do it too, but women are more expressive with their non-verbals." Reiman also scrutinized Bill's verbal joust with David Letterman. "What I loved about this segment," Reiman said, "is that there were three times when you touch your jacket and Letterman touches his jacket. This demonstrated that there was some awkwardness - when guys are uncomfortable they'll adjust their ties or their jackets."
Minnesota Senate race remains unresolved
Five months after Minnesota voters went to the polls, the Senate race between Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken is still undecided. The Factor asked for clarification from legal wizards Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle. "Coleman's lawyer says he will appeal all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court," Wiehl said, "and I think he has a shot. The trial court basically changed the rules during the recount and they can't do that." Guilfoyle added that this recount could go on for months. "The Coleman camp believes 4,800 absentee ballots should be counted, and that a lot of legitimate ballots were thrown out. There is no end in sight and this could go all the way to the Supreme Court." The Factor offered a unique solution: "Let this fight go on for six years then have another election because you don't want this pinhead Al Franken in the Senate."

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Great American Culture Quiz: Clint Eastwood edition
The Factor reprised a classic duel between Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum in The Great American Culture quiz, Clint Eastwood Edition. Among the questions: "Where was the movie 'A Fistful of Dollars' filmed?" ... "The film 'Paint Your Wagon' starred which other macho actor?" ... "What city did Clint clean up in 'Coogan's Bluff?'" Defying the law of averages, MacCallum failed to answer even one question correctly, while Doocy was nearly perfect. Martha grumbled that this was a "boy category" and demanded a future quiz devoted to Julie Andrews. You can test your own skill - the entire GACQ is posted here on BillOReilly.Com under "Fun Stuff."
Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Tuesday's Patriot: Jeopardy contestant Eric LaForest, a high school history teacher who correctly answered Alex Trebek's question about The Factor and Fox News. And two more Patriots: President Bush and Vice President Biden, who threw out first pitches for the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles, respectively.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Carolyn Reyno, Springfield, VA: "I think the Europeans call us arrogant because otherwise they'd have to admit they are cowards."

Barbara Blake, The Villages, FL: "As a British subject, I see things from a European point of view. Six years of World War II has made us reluctant to fight."

Donna Shannon, Nampa, ID: "Levi Johnston is a pinhead for dishing about the Palin family on national TV. The one who will be most harmed by this is the baby."

Richard McLaughlin, Woburn, MA: "If Sarah Palin is such a social conservative, why did she allow her daughter to get mixed up with a guy like Levi Johnston?"
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