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Monday, May 18, 2009
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Leon Panetta responds to Pelosi's accusations
The Factor began Monday's program with the war between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and CIA Director Leon Panetta, who has denied Pelosi's allegations that the CIA misled her about enhanced interrogation. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich gave his evaluation of the controversy. "I am very impressed that Leon Panetta has put his country up front," Gingrich began. "He's a longtime Democratic activist in California, and what he has done here is courageous and honest and it drew the line in the sand. He has put himself right in Pelosi's crosshairs and the country now has to choose between his honesty and the dishonesty of the Speaker of the House." The Factor worried that Pelosi's defamation might have unintended consequences around the world. "Nancy Pelosi has basically called the CIA a bunch of liars, and that has to play out in a much more important way than just her versus him."
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The Factor's war on the New York Times
"It is war between The Factor and the New York Times. The far-left Times is now pounding the drum to get those prisoner abuse pictures released to the world. Of course, that is insane! The Times simply wants another trumped-up scandal it can blame on Bush in order to further damage the Republican Party. The loony paper could not care less about the safety of American forces. And then there is the Obama-ACORN connection. There are allegations that the Times killed a story last fall connecting the Obama campaign to ACORN, which is under investigation in 14 states for campaign illegalities. The Times 'ombudsman' Clark Hoyt has implied that I misled you, which is a blatant lie. Is the guy nuts? Am I in the Twilight Zone? We asked Hoyt to come on the program tonight, but he is hiding under his desk. The New York Times is a dishonest publication in business to promote a far left point of view, and strong evidence suggests the paper killed the story linking ACORN to some Obama people. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called media corruption."

The Factor pursued the ACORN-Times story with Anita Moncrief, a former ACORN employee who spoke with Times reporter Stephanie Strom during the campaign. "I gave her background on Project Vote and ACORN," Moncrief revealed. "She knew how they were operating as an unofficial arm of the Democratic Party, she had all this information but it never got in the paper. It's unbelievable to me." Republican attorney Heather Heidelbaugh, who has accused ACORN of voter fraud, denounced the mainstream media. "As an American I was shocked by the media's failure to report what Ms. Moncrief testified to because I had a na�ve belief that the national media would fairly report stories. We need to know whether the electorate would have cared had they known that candidate Obama and ACORN were tied in much more than they admitted." The Factor made a point of being fair to President Obama: "I don't know how much Barack Obama knew about his campaign people and ACORN, it's certainly possible he had no idea what was going on in the field."
Responses to Pelosi & NYT segments
FNC's Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams analyzed the New York Times decision to spike the story connecting the Obama campaign and ACORN. "I have long said," Ham quipped, "that the New York Times should just forgo writing and use smiley faces for Democrats and frowny faces for Republicans." Williams accused the Times of making a major journalistic blunder. "The records that were provided to the Times indicated that there was a specific connection between the Obama campaign and ACORN, which would have been a violation of campaign laws. Now they're going after you, Bill, by trying to make you look partisan." Turning to the Nancy Pelosi-CIA dustup, Ham handed down this judgment: "Pelosi has ended up looking like a charlatan, Leon Panetta has ended up looking like a stand-up guy, and Obama - by letting Panetta go out and defend the CIA - wound up looking good."
The Christian component to "American Idol"
Only two contestants are left standing on this year's American Idol - Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. According to Newsweek entertainment reporter Ramin Setoodeh, Allen may have an edge with religious Americans. "Allen often wears a cross when he's performing," Setoodeh pointed out, "and there are Internet photos of Lambert kissing other men. Lambert, the 'maybe-gay-guy,' is the better singer, and Allen, the Christian, is probably appealing to younger voters. Lambert is the front-runner, but there is definitely a Christian element." The Factor portrayed the competition as an "interesting sociological exposition with cultural aspects."
MySpace impersonator sentenced
50-year-old Missouri mom Lori Drew is about to be sentenced for "cyberbullying." Posing as a young boy, Drew taunted 13-year-old Meghan Meier, who committed suicide. The Factor invited Culture Warriors Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover to analyze that case and the rash of other parenting horror stories. "We've always had bad parents," Carlson said, "we just hear about it more now. We're partially to blame in the media for continually showing them." Hoover concurred that today's parents are no worse than in the past. "Our culture has changed and there are more ways for parents to be bad parents. We also have a lot more single parents now - we don't necessarily have worse parents, we just have different ways for them to act out." But The Factor argued that parenting has actually declined. "Parenting in 2009 is worse than it was in 1969. It's more acceptable now to be a selfish parent, the selfishness of our society has risen to astronomical heights."
Reality Check: Manipulations in the oil market
With gas prices on the rise, The Factor's put forth this Check: "Since January 2nd, the price of a barrel of oil went up by 22%. But at the gas pump the price has jumped 41%. The oil markets continue to be manipulated by speculators." On the show business front, Vogue editor Anna Wintour told '60 Minutes' that she advised Oprah Winfrey to shed some pounds. The Factor's Check: "I guess only women can suggest that other women lose weight. An advisory: If you are a guy, don't ever suggest that!"
Rachel Alexandra & Megyn Fox
Monday's Patriot: The filly Rachel Alexandra, who won the Preakness Stakes. And the Pinhead: Actress Megyn Fox, who called another woman so sexy 'she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands.'
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Don Newsham, Happy Jack, AZ: "Bill, you and Beck should try vaudeville. So what if GE wants government contracts? You should by the stock and make money along with GE."

Phil Brainerd, Fort Lee, NJ: "A major corporation like GE manipulating information in order to make billions scares me."

Dan Mason, Denver, CO: "Hey, Bill, don't you ever get tired of yelling for new laws? Leave Craigslist alone. The people have a right to freedom without government intrusion."

Nancy Downs, Keller, TX: "I recently received my $250 Obama refund and donated it to the Wounded Warrior Project."
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