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Tuesday, September 8, 2009
The Factor Rundown
Activists putting the CIA in danger?
"You'll remember the Valerie Plame situation, where the former CIA operative was publicly named. Led by NBC News and the New York Times, the left-wing media went nuts. Now there is a situation that is far worse and the left-wing media is totally silent. A group calling itself 'The John Adams Project,' affiliated with the ACLU, is secretly photographing CIA agents and showing the pictures to suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. We have asked Attorney General Eric Holder to step up the investigation of 'The John Adams Project,' and we are asking President Obama to condemn that campaign. If the president continues to allow attacks on the CIA, it will come back to hurt him, the same way the saga of Van Jones is hurting him. Jones was forced to resign as a White House employee; he is a radical guy who signed a petition questioning whether the government knew about the 9/11 attacks beforehand. How could he wind up working for the Obama White House? It's simply astounding. Fair or not, President Obama is now viewed by some as sympathetic to the radical left, so to get rid of that perception he should condemn 'The John Adams Project.' Immediately!"
Glenn Beck on Van Jones
The Factor welcomed Fox News host Glenn Beck, who was instrumental in exposing Van Jones' radical leanings. "We showed Van Jones' own words," Beck remarked, "where he is saying 'white people are putting poisons' into black communities, and where he said 'give the wealth' to Native Americans. What message does it send to the youth of America that a Marxist and self-avowed communist can work in the White House? Barack Obama continues to surround himself with radicals." The Factor excoriated Jones for siding with the "truther" movement: "When he signs a petition about 9/11, that eliminates him from public service."
Diane Sawyer to replace Charles Gibson at ABC
Continuing with the Van Jones story, The Factor asked media analyst Bernie Goldberg why the mainstream media ignored the controversy. "The New York Times had zero words about it," Goldberg reported, "and that was also true of NBC News and ABC News. One possibility is that they said 'this is a story drummed up by crazy right-wingers,' and they hate that. Or maybe they were just looking out for their guy and they figure that Barack Obama is too historically important to fail." Goldberg also expressed surprise at the resignation of ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson. "Either he resigned or he was forced out because of ratings. But whichever it is, it isn't that important because the evening news is an idea that has come and gone." The Factor suggested that Gibson's condescending questioning of Sarah Palin "hurt him among moderates, conservatives and women."
Obama tries to rally support for health care
President Obama will lay out his vision for health care reform in a Wednesday night address to Congress. The Factor invited FNC analysts Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham to preview the speech. "Obama lost August," Ham declared, "and no matter how great the speech is, you can't turn back time to when the public was more with him. The arguments he has made over the summer have lost support." But Williams argued that President Obama can sway the American people. "Most people want reform and have faith in President Obama when it comes to health care. He has to use examples of people who can't get health insurance to immunize their kids or who almost lost a limb to diabetes." The Factor advised the president to keep things simple: "Every time he gets into the health care nuances, I don't know what he's talking about. He has to be crystal clear about two or three things. I think he can make points that will resonate with Americans who fear they'll be wiped out if they get sick."
General Electric and the Obama administration
The Factor has accused General Electric of supporting the Obama administration through its subsidiary NBC News. Steve Milloy, author of "Green Hell," entered the No Spin Zone and elaborated on GE's relationship with the administration. "There's nothing wrong with corporations lobbying," Milloy said, "but in this case GE is lobbying for the Waxman-Markey 'cap-and-trade' bill, and in the end American taxpayers will pay more and consumers will pay higher electricity prices. And I don't care what part of NBC you turn on, the message is 'go green,' which works well for GE and the administration." The Factor condemned NBC for slanting its coverage to enrich its parent company: "NBC News is coordinating its pro-Obama coverage with GE and CEO Jeffrey Immelt. This is a coordinated effort between a global corporation and a president and it is a total violation of all journalistic ethics."
Conservatives object to Obama's address to kids
As The Factor reported previously, Oklahoma pedophile David Earls was sentenced to just one year for raping a 4-year-old girl. But the state has now obtained another indictment that will keep Earls behind bars indefinitely. FNC legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly focused on the Earls case. "The state has decided to charge him," Kelly said, "with other crimes that are related. I don't think this will qualify as double jeopardy because the state alleges that he committed multiple sexual offenses against the same two young children." Wiehl added that Earls' own daughter, who was also molested by her father, may testify. "She can testify about a pattern of behavior, so they'll put this girl on the stand." The legal aces turned to President Obama's speech to America's school children. "A lot of schools," Wiehl explained, "said that if you don't want to attend you can have an unexcused absence. But that goes down as a bad thing on your record." Kelly reported on her conversation with a Florida school superintendent. "He was not only forcing the children to be there, but he was also banning the parents from being there, even after the Secretary of Education said this would be voluntary."
Reality Check: Rev. Wright on health care
PBS mainstay Bill Moyers accused Republicans of kicking President Obama and trying to "cut his throat." The Factor's Reality Check: "Another example of 'fair and balanced on PBS.' Meanwhile, Reverend Jeremiah Wright called health care opponents "racists in the right wing." The Factor's Check: "Somehow I get the feeling that the reverend just doesn't have love in his heart, but I could be wrong."
Who's helping, and who's hurting?
Tuesday's Patriot: A special boy named Spencer, who is celebrating his sixth birthday. And the Pinheads: Left-wing director Oliver Stone and Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, who strolled the red carpet together at the Venice Film Festival.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Shane Sablan, Guam: "Mr. O'Reilly, I just want to let you know how many people you touch around the world. My mom recently died from cancer and 'Bold Fresh' was the last book she read besides the Bible. You made her last day bearable."

Val Cicconi, Ontario, Canada: "I am tired of Americans criticizing our health care up here. It works even though no system is perfect."

Bob Elliott, Anaheim Hills, CA: "Bill, thanks for having Laura Ingraham fill in on the Factor. She's beautiful, you're not."

Larry Chapman, Granite Falls, NC: "Bill, please support Glenn Beck. He's the bravest, smartest guy around."
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