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Wednesday, September 12, 2012
More Americans murdered by militant Muslims
Guests: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

"In Libya, 52-year-old Christopher Stevens, the American ambassador to that country, was murdered last night along with 3 other American citizens. Fox News has obtained information that those killings were apparently planned, not a spontaneous demonstration. But in Egypt the situation was different, as hundreds of Muslims attacked the U.S. embassy because some crank here in America put out an anti-Muslim video...
"Muslim fanatics will use any excuse to attack not only Americans but anybody they consider to be an infidel. There is no question about that - and it is the responsibility of the Egyptian government to protect the American embassy. The Egyptian government did not do that, so they must be held accountable...
"Talking Points is fed up with Americans who sympathize with the Muslim world. There are far too many fanatics who persecute far too many people, including their own. Women are battered, denied human rights, and any dissent can result in execution...
"Bottom line - America should suspend its aid to Egypt, deduct the cost of the damage to the American embassy, secure an apology from Cairo, and let them know attacks on Americans in Egypt simply will not be tolerated."
Lt. Peters launched the conversation by criticizing the Obama administration for, in his opinion, elevating political correctness above our Constitution's right of free speech by issuing a statement condemning the anti-Muslim video. The Factor disagreed, saying sometimes it's necessary to be conciliatory in times of crisis to reduce tensions and violence. Lt. Peters continued: "It's also a problem when our embassies go up in flames and our President goes to Las Vegas."
How will America respond to the attacks in the Middle East?
Guests: Rep. Luis Gutierrez

As a member of House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Gutierrez condemned the death of the American ambassador at the hands of extremists in Libya, but cautioned that he doesn't want to take a tragedy and try to make political points out of it. He pointed out how important it is for America to have a relationship with the new leadership in Libya.

Looking forward, the Factor wondered how America should handle the situation in Libya - should we use drones and go in and kill all the extremists? The Congressman promised that we would find the culprits of the embassy violence in a way that still protects our interests in the country.

The Factor asked if President Obama have been stronger about Egypt situation. The Congressman answered by saying diplomacy is tough, and we want to make sure we communicate to people in Egypt that they are not our enemies; rather it's the extremists we oppose.
New presidential election polling
Guests: Dick Morris

According to a new Rasmussen poll, the President is neck-in-neck with Gov. Romney, with 46% and 45% respectively. But a brand new Fox News poll is better news for Obama: it shows him leading his challenger 48% to 43%.

Morris expressed skepticism about the polling, arguing that the Romney vote is being understated and the Obama vote is being overstated because pollsters are using the 2008 model of turnout. He made the argument that black turnout will be much lower than it was in 2008.

Asked whether Libya and Egypt will have an effect on the election, Morris reminded viewers that the President has made foreign policy his strongest suit, trying to capitalize on the bin Laden killing. He said Obama owns Libya, much like Bush owned Iraq, because it was his decision to intervene that put the current regime in power. According to Morris, Obama's Arab Spring initiative looks like a failure now and that will raise questions about his leadership.

The Factor contended that on this issue Romney must walk a fine line because he doesn't want to be seen as undermining the Commander-in-Chief in the war on terror.

Wrapping up, Morris said he would advise the President to suspend all military aid to Egypt, and he would advise the Romney campaign to try to paint this situation as a result of the President's naiveté in dealing with the Muslim world.
Did President Obama snub Prime Minister Netanyahu?
Guests: Charles Krauthammer

The Israeli Prime Minister is coming to the UN next week, and wanted to meet with President Obama about Iranian situation. The White House said the President is too busy, and now Netanyahu is going public saying Obama is insulting his government.

On the heels of this diplomatic misstep, the Factor asked Krauthammer about the President's handling of the Egypt situation. Krauthammer maintained that the statement issued condemning the anti-Muslim video made by a Californian man was an embarrassment. He insisted we can't apologize for some crackpot filmmaker, and we don't police free speech in this country.

The Factor mentioned that he predicted in an interview with the President earlier this year that chaos would end up reigning in the Middle East as a result of the Arab Spring. Krauthammer congratulated the Factor for his foresight, and followed up with some advice for the Romney team: make a speech saying this is all the result of Obama's weakness in dealing with the Muslim world.
Double dose of Miller Time!
Guests: Dennis Miller

On Libya, Dennis stated that part of him thinks every violent malcontent in that part of the world should be assigned his own drone, but obviously you have to isolate the right people responsible for the ambassador's death.

On Egypt, the Factor worried that we have an institutional problem there and President Obama doesn't know what to do. Miller went on to say that the Obama administration has to do a better job of embracing the Jews since Israel is our team over in that part of the world.

In the second segment, the Factor played a clip of Miller on Jay Leno's show, where he asked Leno what he's missing about Obama, because from where he's sitting, the last four years haven't looked so good. Leno countered that the President exhibits compassion for regular folks, especially when it comes to the "war on women."

Responding to the clip, Miller compared the left's poster girl for the so-called "war on women," Sandra Fluke, to the whiny Veruca Salt of Willy Wonka fame. He suggested that if we can't have unanimity on someone like Sandra Fluke and her battle for taxpayer-funded birth control, then we really are in trouble as a country.

The Factor astutely pointed out that Democrats won't use the term "war on terror" for PC reasons, but the "war on women" has become their new catchphrase. In his opinion, American women are in the best place ever, with more opportunities and more freedom than anywhere else in the world.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Paul Johnson, Morrison, TN: "Sarah Palin said more in 45 seconds than the GOP did in four days. You do not wear white gloves to a street fight."

Justin Pash, New York, NY: "Why do you allow Gov. Palin on your program? She basically said President Obama created the $16 trillion debt."

Bob Perron, Guam: "The question isn't only are you better off today than you were four years ago. It's also are you better off than you were last year. If the answer is no, how can President Obama be re-elected?"
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