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Thursday, November 15, 2012
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Is the Libyan situation another Watergate?

Guests: Sen. Saxby Chambliss

"The Senate Intelligence Committee has begun hearings about the murder of the Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans on 9/11. As you know, the Obama administration will not define exactly what happened and the press has been largely negligent in pursuing the story. There are two ways this could go: It could be a Watergate-like spectacle with cover-ups and bogus statements, or it could be a big nothing, a human error that spiraled out of control. The problem is compounded by the President's refusal to define anything; he continues to say there's an investigation so he can't give us basic facts such as when he was told about the attack. That has raised all kinds of conspiracy theories and now you have the Petraeus situation added to the mix. In 1972 Richard Nixon denied he had anything to do with a low-level political break-in. If the press had not been aggressive, Nixon would have gotten away with it. And certainly the break-in at the Watergate was not nearly as important as failing to define a terrorist attack that killed four Americans. President Obama made a mistake by not giving us the facts weeks ago. The press let him get away with it, but now the heat's coming down, as it should."

The Factor welcomed Senator Saxby Chambliss, the Republican vice-chairman of the Intelligence Committee. "You don't have a spontaneous attack," he stated, "from folks carrying AK-47s and other automatic weapons. This was clearly a terrorist attack." The Factor interjected, "Everyone knows it was a terrorist attack, but General Petraeus, the head of the CIA, said something completely opposite. He misled us and he has to explain that." Chambliss pointed out that Petraeus will be testifying Friday. "We will ask General Petraeus the hard and tough questions, but I don't think he would do anything that would be misleading. The President should level with the American people, we are not seeing urgency in getting the answers out."
Mitt Romney explains his election loss
Guests: Chip Saltsman and Sabrina Schaeffer

Speaking to some of his donors on a conference call, Mitt Romney blamed his loss on President Obama's giving "extraordinary financial gifts" to some of his constituencies. Republicans Chip Saltsman and Sabrina Schaeffer reacted to that assertion. "Governor Romney lost this race for a lot of different reasons," Saltsman said, "and this puts him in a bad light, it sounds like sour grapes. We should be talking about what brings us together, not what divides us." But Schaeffer endorsed the idea that President Obama was a political version of Santa Claus. "The psychology of the Obama campaign was to see themselves as the provider to the people, whether we're talking about free birth control or college loans. There was definitely a message of providing." The Factor agreed that Mitt Romney was making a valid point. "When you get a tremendous amount of money flowing out of Washington into certain hands, the people who are getting that money don't want it to stop. So I don't think the Governor's analysis was wrong."
Were there voting shenanigans in Philly?
Guests: Megyn Kelly

Considering that some voting divisions in Philadelphia voted unanimously for President Obama, The Factor asked Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly whether there may have been fraud. "There were 59 voting districts in which Romney got no votes," Kelly reported, "but the same thing happened with John McCain. I haven't heard any reason to think there were any shenanigans. These were almost uniformly black districts, not particularly wealthy, and the Philadelphia Inquirer searched and could not find one Republican. It's not that surprising, although you'd think there would be at least one error."
Madonna stripping for Hurricane Sandy victims
Guests: Gretchen Carlson and Jeanine Pirro

Culture Warriors Jeanine Pirro and Gretchen Carlson gave their take on the "entitlement culture" and last week's vote. "Our society has changed," Pirro declared, "and we have more people who need the safety net. So when Mitt Romney talks about the '47%' who don't pay taxes, he alienated people who might have voted for him. Shame on him for alienating the country." Carlson, in contrast, lamented the decline of self-reliance. "When you put your kids to bed you say, 'I hope you achieve the American dream,' you don't say, 'I hope you grow up to be on government assistance.' But that's sort of the way we've moved." The Warriors turned to Madonna, who shed her clothes and displayed her 54-year-old body to help raise money for hurricane victims. "She should sing and keep her clothes on," Carlson advised. "She should go there and lift some sand bags and bring food to these people and do a benefit concert. That was a disgrace to young women and men." Pirro agreed that Madonna's performance was "degrading."
PETA targets Thanksgiving
Guests: Bernard McGuirk and Greg Gutfeld

PETA, urging people to eschew turkey on Thanksgiving, is putting up billboards asking kids this burning question: "If you wouldn't eat your dog, why eat a turkey?" The Factor asked Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk to digest the story. "Bill, you fought the good fight in the war on Christmas," McGuirk began, "now you have to fight these giblet-brained communists. They can't tell the difference between eating Lassie and eating some yummy turkey! Unless you're some sicko, you don't develop an emotional attachment to a turkey." Gutfeld added that Los Angeles is promoting the idea of "meatless Mondays." "What if you came up with the idea of 'sexless Saturdays?' The liberals would say, no, stay out of my bedroom. They can invade your plate but you can't invade their bed!" Gutfeld also ridiculed the President's impassioned defense of Ambassador Susan Rice. "He's never had that anger before when the actual act of terror took place, but now he rushes to her defense, which just seemed so smarmy."
What happened in President Obama's meeting with CEO's?
Guests: Lou Dobbs

The Factor asked Lou Dobbs to assess President Obama's powwow with some business leaders. "Twelve CEO's sat down with the President," Dobbs said, "but they're from big multi-national companies that don't even produce the majority of jobs. Why wasn't there someone from small business?" The Factor opined on the presence of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, whose company has avoided paying corporate income taxes. "Immelt used to run NBC, which took care of Barack Obama very well and hired assassins to besmirch people who opposed the President. He was the President's Praetorian Guard and he's being rewarded for it." Dobbs also observed that the stock market has taken a dive since the President's reelection. "We are really in trouble and the market is sending a very clear signal. Investors have no confidence in this President or this Congress and they have no confidence that the 'fiscal cliff' can be dealt with."
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Factor Words of the Day
Fons Hughes, Phoenix, AZ: "Bill, during the Cold War, Khrushchev said the USA would decay from within. Your Talking Points on Monday seemed to make a solid case for that."

Carol White, Gray, ME: "What about the pendulum? It always swings back when we have gone too far."

Glenda Emory, Wichita Falls, TX: "Dennis Miller is correct. The country will not recover in our lifetimes."

Burgess Curl, Ontario, Canada: "Mr. O, it's time to get vicious with the far left. Stay quiet and the loons win."
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The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage
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The Last Man
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