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Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Keeping lunacy in check
Guests: Bob Beckel

"In a strange twist of history, it seems like this program is now in charge of stopping the madness. You'll remember that in December we had to threaten the Mexican government in order to get Marine Corporal Jon Hammar out of prison down there, and there have been dozens of other things. For example, a professor at Florida Atlantic University recently punished a student for not stomping on the word 'Jesus.' After we reported the story, the professor was suspended and the student was reinstated. We also reported on the Alabama elementary school principal who banned the Easter Bunny; two days later the bunny was magically back. So you get the picture - when strange occurrences break out, no longer do you call the Ghostbusters, you call The Factor. We can't right every wrong and we have to be very careful about the causes we take up. But it is true that The Factor is now mandated to keep American lunacy in check. And, believe me, there is plenty of it."

Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry had a contentious back and forth with Obama spokesman Jay Carney this week over the effects of sequestration on border security. The Factor asked loyal Democrat Bob Beckel to react. "I have to defend Obama pretty much every day," Beckel said, "but in this case I will not because this was an attack on my network. Carney wouldn't tell anyone else that they're 'politicizing' or 'editorializing,' and Ed Henry asked a legitimate question." Beckel also opined on Columbia University's decision to hire former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin, who served two decades in prison for murder. "Good for her," Beckel declared. "She was convicted, she served her time and in this country you can do whatever you want after that. If she was a good candidate I'm glad she got the job." The Factor denounced Columbia for hiring a killer, saying, "You have to assume there were other very well-qualified non-murderers who applied for the job."
Does Planned Parenthood support post-birth abortion?
Guests: Kirsten Powers and Kate Obenshain

During a hearing on abortion, a Planned Parenthood lobbyist refused to condemn the killing of a baby born alive after a botched abortion. The Factor explored that extreme position with Democrat Kirsten Powers and Republican Kate Obenshain. "People find this an uncomfortable thing to hear," Powers stated, "but aborting a baby that late in the term is infanticide. And if the baby survives, it's outrageous to let it die on the table. Planned Parenthood is extreme when it comes to late term abortion." Obenshain was even more brutal in her assessment. "I have no use for my tax dollars going to something as abhorrent as this. Babies are being born alive after abortions and they are actually being killed." The Factor decried the government's funding of abortion providers. "If Planned Parenthood wants to operate abortion mills, it should do that on its own ticket and get off the taxpayer dime."
BET founder weighs in on high unemployment among African Americans
Guests: Robert Johnson

The unemployment rate for black Americans is about 14%, double the rate for whites. Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson entered the No Spin Zone with his analysis. "African Americans have been living with this unemployment gap for fifty years," he lamented. "To me the principal drivers are the failure of corporate America to hire qualified African Americans and the failure of African Americans to get access to capital to start small businesses. There is also a legacy of long-term institutionalized racism. There are millions of African Americans with the talent, the work ethic, the integrity, and the ingenuity to be successful in jobs or in business." The Factor reminded Johnson that the crumbling black family structure also plays a major role: "I believe the primary problem in the African American community is out-of-wedlock birth, which drives unemployment. And every corporation that I've worked for has actively recruited African Americans, they're looking for them."
How seriously should we take threats from North Korea?
Guests: James Rosen and Carl Cameron

The Factor asked FNC correspondent James Rosen about the Obama administration's response to North Korea's nuclear threats. "North Korea could inflict a lot of damage," Rosen reported, "and U.S. officials are taking it seriously because North Korea has nuclear weapons and an army of over a million men. It is a cash-starved regime that has never met a nuclear technology it didn't want to sell, so proliferation is a big concern." Carl Cameron turned to President Obama's Easter Sunday visit to a church where the pastor railed against the "religious right." "Jay Carney knew that questions about this were going to come," Cameron said, "but he hid behind the argument that he didn't talk about it with the President. It's risky business for the White House spokesman to clam up and say he didn't talk with the President. Press secretaries sometimes banish themselves from meetings so they have plausible deniability."
President Obama goes 2 for 22 on the basketball court
Guests: Dennis Miller

The Factor turned Dennis Miller loose on a new poll indicating that a majority of Americans still believe Lee Harvey Oswald was part of a larger conspiracy. "Not only do I think Oswald shot Kennedy," Miller said, "but I think he shot Lincoln, I think he shot Garfield, I think he shot McKinley, he gave Zachary Taylor gastroenteritis, and he caused Warren Harding's heart attack. I think he shot J.R. Ewing and I think he might have knocked up January Jones!" Miller also targeted President Obama, who missed shot after shot on the White House basketball court. "He's better at shooting," Miller quipped, "than he is at picking winners in the 'green job' category. Let's start taxing missed shots and we'll all be flush. That was at the Easter Egg hunt, and what you didn't see was Biden off camera playing pin the tail on himself."
A White House concert and your tax dollars
Guests: Juliet Huddy

The White House is hosting a concert next week featuring Justin Timberlake, Al Green, and other eminent entertainers. "It's a big concert," Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy reported, "and taxpayers are essentially paying for it because most of it is being funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. There are also corporate sponsors but no one will tell us how much this is costing. It's a celebration of music and there will be people watching this on PBS who can't afford to go to a concert." The Factor questioned the wisdom of paying for an entertainment gala when the country is so deeply in debt: "I don't want my money going to this concert unless I know exactly what good it is doing for the country."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Bill Russell, Brighton,MI: "As Laura tried to explain, our belief is our policy. We believe there are only two sexes and that marriage is between a male and a female. We see other lifestyles as sin."

Anne Stickney, Tuscaloosa, AL: "Bill, you were rude and way out of line with Laura. A conversation requires both sides to speak. You shouted her down."

Joe Kudla, Lake George, MI: "Laura really needs to get over the Bible thumping expression. No matter what happens in the gay marriage debate, she can live her life her way. God bless American freedom."
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