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Tuesday, November 26, 2013
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The Real Cost of Obamacare
Guests: Mary Anne Marsh & Leslie Marshall
"President Obama said the Affordable Health Care Act will eventually make health care less expensive in America. But according to an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, spending on health care will reach almost $3 trillion this year, more than 25% above what was spent in 2007. And it is estimated that health care spending will rise to $5 trillion a year in 2022. So the law makes health care 'affordable' for whom? There are new taxes on medical equipment, medical insurance companies, charitable hospitals, and drug companies, all of which will be passed on to we the people. The truth is that no one, except those receiving free or subsidized health care from the government, will pay less for health insurance. 28% of all businesses in America say they will drop health care coverage for employees by 2015. In addition, about 60% of business people believe Obamacare will hurt their bottom line, and a conservative think tank estimates that 80 million Americans who currently have employer health plans could find their coverage canceled. Sorry about all the stats, but you have to know this stuff. The Affordable Care Act will change your life and my life, and for most Americans Obamacare will make life far more complicated and drive up premiums. More money out of your pocket, fewer doctors available, and businesses cutting back on benefits and hiring. Those are the consequences of Obamacare."

Democrats Mary Anne Marsh and Leslie Marshall entered the No Spin Zone with their perspectives on the health care chaos. "I don't refute everything you said," Marshall began, "but we have to look at the whole picture. There will be higher taxes for some, but the middle class will not have the burden and lower income people will have access to health care." Marsh also lauded the Affordable Care Act for providing more security. "People who haven't been able to have health care because they have pre-existing conditions or because they can't afford it are going to have it now. So everybody is going to share the risk, everybody is going to share the cost." The Factor advised the administration to be more transparent about the law's goals: "This is redistribution and President Obama should be upfront about that. He's basically telling Americans that he's going to take from them in the form of higher taxes and premiums."
Dramatic Turnaround for the GOP
Guest: Karl Rove
The health care fiasco has given Republicans momentum, which of course is music to the ears of Karl Rove. "The decline in Democratic support and the growth in Republican support is seen in all the polls," Rove exclaimed. "We don't know what will happen a year from now, but Obamacare is going to continue to be bad news for the Democrats, we've just seen the tip of the iceberg on cancellations. Also, the economy is not particularly good the President's ratings are low, and all these things point toward a lower number in Congress for the Democrats next year. The Democrats are defending seven seats in the Senate in states won by Mitt Romney."
Stossel's Thanksgiving
Guest: John Stossel
The Factor welcomed Fox Business host John Stossel, who described Plymouth Colony as an early example of socialism's failure. "Let's be thankful for private property," Stossel declared, "because the Pilgrims almost starved. The idea was that the colony would be a commune and everybody would work together, each according to his ability. They didn't grow enough food and they nearly starved, so Governor William Bradford assigned every family a parcel of land and once they owned their own land they worked harder." Stossel also touted his upcoming Thursday night special called "The Tragedy of the Commons." "If you have a 'common' land, all the sheep herders bring their sheep in until there is no grass left. Same thing with overfishing the ocean - 'the common' sounds nice, but it doesn't work."
Becoming more liberal
Guests: Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
A viral video shows students at the University of Colorado consuming vast quantities of alcohol and acting like, well, drunken college students. The Factor asked Monica Crowley and Alan Colmes whether the display is related to Colorado's swing to the left. "A lot of colleges could produce the same video," Colmes said, "and this is one of the leading party schools. Another is West Virginia, not exactly a liberal stronghold. So are you going to blame liberals for this?" Crowley agreed that the public drunkenness is not unusual. "This goes on in pretty much every university, college kids drink and do drugs and hook up. This is probably a big advertisement for the university because kids say, look at how much fun they're having. I'm not endorsing the bad behavior, I'm just saying no one should be shocked." Nevertheless, The Factor said, "If my daughter was in this I would not be happy, and if I were the school's chancellor I would send a message that this is not what we want to define our campus."
Hot Legal Topics
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle & Stacy Schneider
Legal analysts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Stacy Schneider scrutinized a high-profile case which pits a private company against Obamacare. "Hobby Lobby is an arts and crafts store," Guilfoyle explained, "and they have always defined themselves as a Christian company. They object to the Obamacare coverage of 'emergency contraceptives,' a pill that terminates pregnancy. That's not unreasonable and I believe the Supreme Court will rule that the company can exercise its religious freedom." Schneider looked at another lawsuit involving conservative groups who say they were harassed by the Internal Revenue Service. "41 conservative tax-exempt groups are suing the IRS because of this scrutiny they were put under. They're claiming that the federal government promised investigations, but no one has even come to interview them."
Decisions, Decisions
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
President Obama is pushing for a large-scale immigration bill, but Charles Krauthammer advised the President not to get his hopes up. "There is no way they're going to pass it," Dr. K declared. "The only way to pass it would be through very heavy presidential pressure, but he's lost his influence. When a second-term president has low ratings, he's not able to do something of this importance." Krauthammer also condemned the deal intended to curb Iran's nuclear capabilities. "This will give us a nuclear Iran," he warned, "that is sworn to destroy Israel. And it isn't only Israel - the Saudis are apoplectic, they know they've been abandoned by the United States. This guarantees, with Western blessing, that Iran will be a threshold nuclear state." The Factor reminded Krauthammer, "The President says that in six months this will be a better deal and that Iran will have to give up its enriched uranium."
Three Novel Ideas
When you're finished with "Killing Kennedy" and "Killing Jesus," consider these books for a good holiday read: "The Double" by George Pelecanos, "Silent Night" by Robert B. Parker, and "Solo" the new James Bond novel by William Boyd.
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Factor Words of the Day
David Sullivan, Ozark, AL: "We do not have a problem with immigration law, we have a problem with immigration law enforcement."

Carl Hafner, Copaigue, NY: "O'Reilly, why is it your opinion that the president always has an ulterior motive? We elected him to make the country better. Give him a chance."

Neverta Rainey, Waterloo, IA: "I am black and have no problem with Governor Palin's statement comparing the national debt to slavery. Proverbs says: 'The borrower is the slave of the lender.'"
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