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Tuesday, April 8, 2014
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More Destruction in America
Guests: Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
"Last night we chronicled how the grievance industry, being used by the Democratic Party as a political weapon, is causing trouble on a number of fronts. Right on cue, we have another disgraceful exhibition. After their basketball team won the national championship, some students at the University of Connecticut rampaged, causing destruction and putting other students and police at risk. At the University of Kentucky, which lost the game, there was a similar scene of mindless vandalism. There is no political component, the mayhem is happening because of the breakdown of respect for property and authority. The main drivers of the destructive mindset are grievance and entitlement. The USA is being portrayed by powerful people as an unfair country that oppresses minorities, women, the poor, and so on. The primary grievance right now is alleged 'inequality,' with progressives selling the myth that folks can not get a fair shake because the system is rigged. The left-wing media legitimizes that nonsense, and one of the biggest mouthpieces for the progressives is Stephen Colbert. Only about a million people watch his program, but he is the darling of the far-left Internet. Colbert recently mocked me on the subject of inequality, but I strongly believe in fighting for equality and that institutional bias should be against the law. What I oppose is government trying to impose equality, because every human being is different. Like many ideological fanatics, Colbert is misguided in the extreme. His analysis is delivered under the guise of comedy, but he's a true progressive. The guy does damage because he gives cover to powerful people who are selling Americans a big lie, saying this country intentionally oppresses many of its own citizens. That is a lie and shameful. America is not perfect, but we set the gold standard for opportunity."

Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley evaluated the Talking Points and the alleged grievance industry. "There is a grievance industry," Colmes scoffed, "and it's a grievance industry of people who are upset that their taxes are too high and that we're giving money to the poor. They don't like paying for food stamps and they're angry that we will be a non-white country by the year 2040. Fighting for gay rights and equality in marriage is not grievance!" But Crowley accused Democrats of fomenting resentment to win votes. "The left has been using the grievance industry and casting huge swaths of people as victims in order to do the 'hurt and rescue' mission. They cast you as victims, keep you in that victimhood, and then propose that only government can solve your problems. That justifies ever-growing government."
More trouble from Putin
Guest: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters
Some citizens in the eastern part of Ukraine are staging protests, eager to join Russia and Vladimir Putin. FNC strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters examined the upheaval. "Putin is such a sharp, cool customer," he said. "By agreeing to talks with John Kerry next week, he's basically giving us a lollipop to suck on while he robs the candy store. Putin realizes that Kerry has no authority and Obama has no courage, he has sized up the fact that Obama really doesn't care about Ukraine. Meanwhile, Putin feels he needs some deaths of ethnic Russians and then he will pull the trigger. That will be his excuse to go into eastern Ukraine. He is the most brilliant, ruthless, and powerful leader in the world today." The Factor expressed doubt about Peters' prediction: "Once Putin rolls into eastern Ukraine, the West will be forced to act and that will hurt Putin because the Russian economy is so shaky. So I'm not so sure he's going to go."
Problems with Legalization
Guests: John Stossel
Marijuana use in Colorado, where pot is legal, has led to scattered instances of illness and accidents. With that in mind, The Factor challenged Fox Business anchor John Stossel to defend his pro-legalization stance. "These are sad things when they happen," Stossel admitted, "but you are exaggerating these problems. You're an irresponsible scare-monger! The poison control center had an increase in calls about children eating marijuana-laced cookies, but they get thousands of calls about kids who swallowed toys or ate cosmetics. Statistics from Denver show that violence and crime are both down." The Factor suggested that Stossel is partially blinded by ideology: "No matter how bad the social problems get, you will never cede the issue. This is going to harm children and it will cause more accidents on the roads."
Boston Strong
Guest: Jeff Bauman
It's been nearly a year since the Tsarnaev brothers set off a deadly bomb at the Boston Marathon. The Factor welcomed Jeff Bauman, who lost both his legs in the explosion. "I went through a lot of pain," Bauman recalled. "My muscles hurt and I was pretty much sitting down for a month, I couldn't even sleep at nights. The rehabilitation is still going on, I'm still working with my therapist once or twice a week. There are times when I still don't fully accept it, I miss shooting hoops with my friends or being able to jump in my car and drive." The Factor lauded Bauman for his determination and grit: "You look good, you are articulate, and you have a new book called 'Strong' that people should check out."
Hot Legal Stories
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
Legal aces Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl evaluated Attorney General Eric Holder's contentious testimony before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday. "He was asked the most simple questions about the IRS scandal," Wiehl said, "but he deflected and stonewalled, he made no comment about anything." Guilfoyle characterized Holder as an incompetent bureaucrat. "He is not qualified to be in that position, he is a paid check-collector who is wasting the money of the American people." The duo turned to Houston, where a man shot and killed his daughter's boyfriend, who was in their house at 2 AM. "The father asked the daughter whether she knew the boy, she said no, so the father thought this was an intruder." Guilfoyle concluded that neither father nor daughter will be charged, saying, "There's insufficient evidence to proceed with a murder charge against the father, therefore any charge against the daughter will fail as well."
Public Schools and Religion
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
The Factor asked Charles Krauthammer whether Jesus, as a major historical figure, should be taught in public schools. "I'm all in favor of teaching where the founders derived the principles that went into the Declaration and the Constitution," Dr. K said. "You would start with the Greeks and Romans, Locke and Montesquieu, and the Old and New Testaments. But I would not want my child taught about the nature of God and divinity at my public school, and Jesus is considered divine by Christians." The Factor insisted, "You can't teach American history by avoiding Judeo-Christian tradition and the impact it had on the framers."
A Very Special Concert
If you're anywhere near Long Island, come on out to a special concert by the Nassau Pops Symphony Orchestra on Sunday. The event will benefit the Independence Fund, which provides high-tech track chairs to severely disabled veterans.
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Factor Words of the Day
Rick Schwartz, Rockford, IL: "Bill, your Talking Points on the grievance industry were right on the money. By setting Americans against each other, the progressives seek to obscure the real issues which we all face together as a nation."

Gerry Martin, Alta Loma, CA: "Bill, those Talking Points made you sound like a cranky, out of touch old man. College kids are going to try to change the world. It's the same for every generation."

Garrett Schaeffer, Newport Beach, CA: "I think I'll start a grievance against the grievance industry for its manipulation of the truth in this great country of opportunity."
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