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Wednesday, April 9, 2014
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More Controversy Over Illegal Aliens
Guest:Karl Rove
"Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is thinking of running for president. If he does, he says he will run as an all-inclusive guy on the Republican side. He recently made that clear when he said illegal immigrants are committing 'an act of love.' That has angered some hard-liners who believe foreign nationals breaking the law should be punished, not granted amnesty. What Jeb Bush says is true - many illegal aliens came here out of desperation to feed their families, so compassion must be in play. That being said, some illegal aliens are bad people who should be thrown out immediately. The Republican Party must compromise on the issue or it will lose the presidential election again in 2016. But it's not all political. The USA should be a nation that understands oppression and welcomes good people from other countries in a lawful way. Talking Points has put forth a sane immigration plan to deal with as many as 12-million human beings. All of them must register with the federal government; the borders must be upgraded so illegal entry becomes extremely difficult; undocumented aliens must pay a fine, apply for citizenship, learn English, and pay taxes. But once the reform is put into place, no other illegal alien would ever be put on a citizenship track. If you're caught, you're detained and deported! That is a fair plan and if the Republican Party gets behind it and comes up with a good economic message, it will be able to compete in 2016. If it does not, Mrs. Clinton will be very happy."

The Factor invited Karl Rove to evaluate the plan outlined in the Talking Points. "I would add a couple things," Rove said. "I would have the employer pay a fine as well as the individual, and we should make sure people pay a fee so we can monitor them while they're here. We have to make sure they're paying their taxes, don't run afoul of the law, and are working. If they can't get a job, it's time to leave." Rove also evaluated Jeb Bush's kind words about illegal immigrants. "He said things that are correct, that most people who come to the United States illegally do so to take care of their families. But he got himself into a little difficulty with his language." The Factor concluded, "Whether you agree or disagree with Jeb Bush, I like his straight talk, but there are people who will not vote for him because of what he said."
Sexist Comment?
Guests:Kirsten Powers & Kate Obenshain
Former CIA boss Michael Hayden implied that Senator Diane Feinstein was being "emotional" when she strongly condemned enhanced interrogation techniques. The Factor invited reaction from Republican Kate Obenshain and Democrat Kirsten Powers. "Where's the evidence that she's 'emotional,'" Powers asked. "She has an opinion, but that doesn't mean she's emotional. I would not see him saying that about a male in her position." But Obenshain portrayed the dustup as an example of political correctness run amok. "You're not allowed to call women 'emotional,' radical feminists are looking for any excuse to call Republicans a bunch of sexist pigs. But I think it's clear that Diane Feinstein has deep, strong emotions. When you call something 'brutal' and 'un-American,' as she did, you have strong emotions about it."
Under Fire
Guests:James Rosen & Carl Cameron
Senator John McCain has essentially accused Secretary of State John Kerry of bungling U.S. foreign policy. FNC correspondent James Rosen elaborated on the pounding Kerry has been taking. "He is under fire not only from Republicans," Rosen said, "but also from some of his Democratic allies. There's no doubt that some of his key initiatives are either dead or close to death. In Syria, U.S. policy is so nebulous as to be unrecognizable; in Ukraine, both the threat and the imposition of sanctions have proved inadequate deterrents to Putin; and his efforts to broker a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians have fallen into crisis." FNC's Carl Cameron reported the latest on former IRS official Lois Lerner. "The House Ways and Means Committee has sent a letter to Attorney General Holder, urging him to pursue three criminal charges against Lois Lerner. The letter says she targeted 'Crossroads GPS,' run by Karl Rove, in a way that no liberal group was ever scrutinized."
New Book
Guest:Rob Lowe
In his new book "Love Life," actor Rob Lowe complains that there is a not-so-subtle bias in Hollywood against extremely good-looking people. He entered the No Spin Zone to explain. "I am merely saying," he put forth, "that they tell you that you can't play the role of the PTA father because you 'don't look right.' But then they say you'd be great for playing the 'rich jerk.'" Turning to political philosophy, Lowe revealed his strong libertarian leanings. "I just think that individuals usually do a better job than collective big government. But we do need the government for a lot of big ticket items."
Is Kerry Cutting It?
Guest:Dennis Miller
The Factor asked Dennis Miller to assess John Kerry's performance on the world stage. "I don't know about the intricacies of the job," Miller admitted, "but we look weak in the world. He has twice married wealthy women, which makes him overcompensate as far as looking like a serious man, so he tends to mispronounce words to look smarter. Kerry looks like an Easter Island statue." Miller also opined on the LAPD officer who is suing the city, claiming he is being discriminated against because of his Wiccan religion. "I looked up the religion on Wiccan-pedia," Miller quipped, "and no one knows what it is about. But the grievance industry is robust, so I'm glad I can say any American industry is robust now. Eventually the Chinese will take over the grievance industry and we'll be in second place, but at this point I would say the most fertile place for kids to study is how to be a whiner. Not a sommelier, but a whiner."
Wild Video!
Guest:Martha MacCallum
A 16-year-old boy went on a rampage in Pennsylvania Wednesday, stabbing 19 of his classmates. FNC anchor Martha MacCallum reported the latest on the story. "Here we go again," she lamented, "with parents running to a school and children running out of a school. He was wielding two knives as he went through the hallways and he might be tried as an adult. As always, there are heroes and in this case the assistant principal took the boy down and a girl stanched the bleeding on one of her classmates." MacCallum also watched footage of a California teacher wrestling a student to the ground after allegedly witnessing a drug deal. "The teacher was initially put on leave, but the superintendent now says she jumped the gun by putting all the blame on him. And the boy has denied all the charges." The Factor concluded, "Most people are good, but the minority who are bad are causing more and more damage."
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Love Life
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Jason Schneller, Porter Ranch, CA: "Some people work hard and hustle to gain equality. The Factor people. Others want it handed to them through entitlements. The Colbert people."

Joseph Reynolds, Pittsburgh, PA: "Mr. O'Reilly, what's worse: The grievance industry or your Republican propaganda that tries to sell that market capitalism works and perpetual war is necessary to achieve strength in the world?"

John O'Connor, Elmira, NY: "I am a high school dropout who learned a trade and now owns a company. This is a GREAT country."

Jeff Bender, Lancaster, OH: "Stossel needs to be sentenced to a year in municipal court to see the scourge of intoxicants in this country."
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