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Tuesday, April 29, 2014
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Clippers Owner Racist Rant
Guests:Cuttino Mobley & Jim Gray
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has announced that L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is banned for life from any association with the Clippers organization or the NBA for making racist comments. He was also hit with a $2.5 million fine.

Gray, a FNC sports analyst, explained that a ¾ vote by the Board of Governors can force Sterling to sell the team. They could make it so miserable for him that it would be impossible for him to operate the team. The Factor noted, however, that Sterling is the type of guy who might dig in and hire a battery of lawyers and draw this out for a few years.

Mobley, a former Clipper, revealed that during his time with the team, Sterling never did anything wrong to him, but admitted he didn't affiliate with him on a regular basis. He said players were aware of the controversy surrounding Sterling but because it didn't affect them personally and directly, they didn't care.

The Factor reported on a statement by Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban that what Sterling said was appalling, but taking his team away may be violating his Constitutional rights. But Gray got a text from Cuban right before air, changing his tune a bit: now Cuban 100% agrees with the punishment doled out by Adam Silver.

Asked whether there will be continued fallout from this scandal, Mobley expressed his love for the game of basketball and said one man's opinion of race won't dictate how players run their lives. He concluded that ultimately the game won't suffer.

Before wrapping up, the Factor opined that as a fan, he has always thought race relations within the league were very good.
Trouble Ahead?
Guests:Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
"A new ABC News survey out today, taken among 1,000 American adults, says 41% approve of Mr. Obama's job performance, 52% disapprove...Not good news for the President...
"In addition, Judicial Watch got a White House memo through the Freedom of Information Act that confirms the worst about Benghazi. The memo, written by the communications guy Ben Rhodes, was sent three days after the attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. The memo was written to prep Ambassador Susan Rice on what to say to the media. The instructions are these: '[The goal is] to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy'...

"President Obama should have told the nation the truth, but he did not. And that's one of the reasons his poll numbers are slipping. Some Americans no longer trust him...

"With all the chaos going on, the Republican Party has a real opportunity next November to control both houses of Congress."

Colmes pointed out that the President used the term "act of terror" the day after Benghazi. Holding steady against the administration, Monica claimed this memo confirms the White House deliberately chose to perpetuate a lie. The Factor urged her to use the word "myth" instead of "lie."

Ever the liberal, Colmes maintained the demonstrations over the Internet video were at least a part of the reason for the attack on our embassy. The Factor admonished him, reminding viewers that there's a difference between the truth and propaganda.

Switching to the President's dismal polling, the Factor asked Colmes to admit that Obama is losing credibility. Colmes declared people are tired of both parties and politics in general. In Monica's opinion, the reason Obama is suffering from such poor job approval ratings is because Americans want jobs, a healthy economy, and a strong foreign policy, none of which she believes we have right now.

The Factor concurred, but went further: he thinks the polls can be explained by the overriding perception that Obama can't be trusted.
War on Women
Guest:Katty Kay
Women make up 53% of registered voters and the Democratic Party has been very successful in wooing them.

Kay is the co-author of the new book, "The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance - What Women Should Know." She said any political party that ignores women voters does so at their peril. She asserted women are too smart to be used as political slogans and instead want results.

The Factor contended the Democratic Party is telling women that Republicans and white guys want to keep them down. He asked Ms. Kay if American women being treated fairly in this country.

Kay professed there are institutional barriers to women getting ahead, but she believes the confidence gap between the genders can be immediately addressed by women.

The Factor was confused by why women, who he clearly sees as the superior gender, would they lack confidence.

Kay replied that women will only apply for a promotion if they have 100% of the skills necessary. In addition, they take criticism very personally - if they make one tiny mistake, they ruminate on it for days.
Outrage in Arizona
Guest:Benjamin Taylor
An Arizona mom, Shanesha Taylor, left her two young kids in a hot car while she went on a job interview. Ms. Taylor was arrested and charged with child abuse. However, many people around the country are coming to her defense, even raising money for her.

The mom's attorney, Benjamin Taylor, stressed that it was a mistake made by a mother who was focused on getting a better job for the benefit of her family. He pointed out his client is a veteran of U.S. Air Force and a loving mother.

While urging compassion for the woman, the Factor questioned her judgment leaving a 6-month-old in a 100 degree car and wondered if she is capable of supervising two babies.

Attorney Taylor assured the Factor that doctors said the kids were fine, and repeated that this was merely a mistake that doesn't rise to the level of a felony.
Hot Legal Stories
Guests:Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
Two fourth graders in Greeley, Colorado have been busted for selling pot to their classmates. In the Factor's opinion, if you legalize marijuana, you can't be surprised when it turns up at an elementary school!

Wiehl described the criminal investigation against the grandparents of the kids, who were the source of the drugs. Guilfoyle explained that all the students involved, both the sellers and the buyers, will be suspended. The Factor is most disturbed by the fact that the Denver Post didn't even send a reporter to cover this story (they used an AP story) and insisted it's because the newspaper has been pushing legalization. He then threatened to move back to Colorado and run for governor to get the state under control - uh oh!

On the disgraced L.A. Clippers owner, the Factor said if it were him, he'd move out of the country, but he also suspected the girlfriend who taped Donald Sterling broke the law.
Guilfoyle emphasized that California is a two-party consent state, but disclosed that these cases are never prosecuted. She did mention that if Silver loses his NBA team, he can sue the girlfriend civilly. Wiehl argued the girlfriend will say she had Silver's consent, but she's still got to prove it.

On Republican Congressman Michael Grimm from Staten Island, Wiehl laid out the tax evasion and wire fraud charges against him. He owns a restaurant in Manhattan and allegedly paid illegals in cash and didn't report income coming in. The Factor stated that the prosecutor, who is a Democrat, didn't bring charges until Grimm was put on the ballot for November. Guilfoyle admitted the timing is very fishy because now no other Republican candidate can be put forth.
The American Dream
Guest:John Stossel
Is the American dream dead? According to Stossel, the left wants you to believe that it is. But he wondered if the myriad rules and regulations in place today make it impossible for entrepreneurs in this country. But he maintained that if you're creative and daring, you can still find success, especially in the Internet sector where there are no barriers to entry.

In the Factor's mind, the left wants us to believe the American dream is dead so we'll all think the government has to take care of us.
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Factor Words of the Day
Judy Parrino, Carmel, New York ... "You often say that people have a Constitutional right to be morons. Doesn't freedom of speech protect the ignorant, including Donald Sterling?"

Kate Martin, St. Louis, Missouri ... "It is insulting that Charles Krauthammer says Sterling's age is a cause for his horrible behavior."
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The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance - What Women Should Know
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