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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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How Some Americans Are Giving President Obama Cover
Guests: Monica Crowley & Kirsten Powers
"Most Americans believe the USA is in trouble on many fronts and they are holding President Obama accountable for some of the distress, but not all. The president understands that many Americans are not paying attention to what is happening overseas; a majority don't even want to fight terrorists who are surging in Iraq. Apparently many of us do not see the danger of the ISIS army establishing a base inside Iraq, a base that could threaten the USA. Most Americans do not know what the ISIS army is, they don't know that Iran is close to having a nuclear weapon, and they don't know that Israel is pretty much saying it won't tolerate a nuclear Iran, so war may be looming. In this age of social media, Americans are becoming more apathetic, more concerned with their wallets and personal lives. Talking Points believes many Americans simply don't understand how weakness is putting us in danger. President Kennedy knew that peace through strength is the only way security happens. I wish President Obama knew that."

For another perspective, The Factor turned to Kirsten Powers and Monica Crowley. "I don't think you're wrong if you're saying Obama is not as engaged as he should be," Powers said. "Before the election he actually had high ratings on foreign policy and they've come down a lot because Americans feel there is a lot of chaos in the world. I would defend him in some areas, such as leaving Iraq, but in other areas I would say he has not been engaged." Crowley advised President Obama to ignore Americans' general apathy about foreign affairs. "Sometimes you have to do what is unpopular with your own people in order to advance your nation's interest and we don't see that happening. The public is world-weary and the economy has been so bad for so long that they're worried about their own jobs, but there are also a lot of low-information voters out there who either don't know or don't care to know about what's going on in the world."
Border Chaos
Guest: Jorge Ramos
Univision anchor Jorge Ramos recently swam across the Rio Grande to demonstrate the method used by some illegals to enter the USA. Ramos entered the No Spin Zone with more on his adventure. "I learned that it is really dangerous," he said. "There are strong undercurrents, it is full of debris and contaminated, and in the last 9 months 33 people have drowned in the Laredo area. But in spite of the danger, Central American children prefer to cross the river than stay home. I don't think any government should be in the business of deporting endangered children - that's not the Christian way, it's not the American way. These are refugees." The Factor reminded Ramos that children are in danger all over the world and America can not welcome them all: "We have to stop them for coming, and we should have quick hearings for the ones who are already here. If their lives are in danger back home, certainly that should be taken into consideration.
Race in America
Guests: Jason Riley
The Factor welcomed columnist and author Jason Riley, whose new book "Please Stop Helping Us" argues that liberalism and big government actually harm black Americans. "The media continues to run to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to talk on behalf of black people," Riley complained, "but all they want to talk about is what whites should be doing, not what blacks should be doing on behalf of themselves. They want a narrative out there that all the problems in the black community are a result of white racism, not a result of black behavior." Riley tried to explain why black men in particular have struggled over the past decades. "It's because of the approach taken by the Great Society programs. Blacks ultimately must help themselves, they have to develop the same habits and attitudes that other groups had. Open-ended welfare policies don't help a group develop a work ethic, they don't help encourage responsible parenting or child-bearing. The government needs to stop helping!" The Factor lauded Riley, but also questioned what to do to help children in truly chaotic situations: "If you're a born into a poor home and your father is gone, the message of self-reliance never even gets to the kid."
Frivolous Lawsuits
Guest: John Stossel
Fox Business host John Stossel took aim at the frivolous lawsuits that enrich lawyers and clog the legal system. "Every other country in the world has 'loser pays,'" he affirmed. "This is the only country in the world where I can sue you, wreck your life, and not even have to say I'm sorry. The judges are indulgent, too." As one example, Stossel cited the case of five Idaho inmates who sued wine and liquor companies. "They said alcohol made them rob the store, it wasn't their fault, so they sued all the big alcohol companies. It was eventually thrown out but it cost everybody money." The Factor jokingly offered a solution, saying, "I'm proposing that if you file a frivolous lawsuit, not only do you have to pay, but you also get water boarded!"
Bad Day for ObamaCare
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
A federal court ruled Tuesday that the federal government can not give Americans subsidies to buy health insurance, which is a foundation of ObamaCare. But another court simultaneously came to the exact opposite conclusion. Legal analyst Lis Wiehl tried to sort out the confusion. "Both courts are looking at the same statute," Wiehl reported, "which says that only the states can pay subsidies. One court said that is open to interpretation, but they are not reading the plain meaning of the law." Kimberly Guilfoyle turned to the 36-year-old Texas woman who tried to mail ricin-laced letters to President Obama. "She was having problems with her husband and she tried to frame him by mailing these letters. She pleaded guilty, the judge sentenced her to 18 years and a fine of $367,000. She's a mother of six who gave birth in custody."
Crazy Conspiracies
Guest: Tom Shillue
According to a new poll, tens of millions of Americans believe in various conspiracy theories. Comedian Tom Shillue reacted to the fact that 23% of Americans don't believe President Obama is an American citizen. "This doesn't surprise me," he said. "I think we all know he was born in Hawaii, but a lot of Americans don't know Hawaii is in the United States. And I'm inclined to believe them - what is Hawaii other than a volcano in the ocean floor. So the president was born on a big lump of magma, he may not be a citizen and I think he should be impeached!" Shillue was more serious about the 24% of Americans who believe the government knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance. "This gets me angry," he declared. "If you think that we knew about 9/11 before it happened, why would you stay here? I would go to the Galapagos Islands."
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Factor Words of the Day
Janet Harlan, Edmond, OK: "Bill, your Talking Points about presidential power was spot on. Mr. Obama is abusing his power by omission rather than commission. But one is as egregious as the other."

George Sampson, Walla Walla, WA: "Saw Brit Hume nimbly evade your question on who he'd pick for Secretary of State: Hillary or Kerry. His answer should have been: What difference does it make?"

Bud Rosenthal, New York, NY: "O'Reilly, on the same program you criticize President Obama for playing golf, you subject us to the frivolity of Jesse Watters."

Michelle Solomons, Cape Town, South Africa: "O'Reilly, if you really think the people Watters talked with around Harvard were putting him on, then you grossly underestimate the pinheadedness of the general public."
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Act of War
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Wayfaring Stranger
by James Lee Burke

Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed
by Jason L. Riley

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