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Monday, November 10, 2014
The Factor Rundown
President Obama's Immigration Play
Guest:Karl Rove
"With his party on the ropes and his credibility badly damaged, President Obama needs an issue to regain momentum. And he believes that issue is illegal immigration. So the president has decided to take unilateral action, hoping to please Hispanic Americans and liberal thinkers. The president is obviously trying to put the Republican Party on the defensive, and things could get nasty. That's the last thing America needs right now. The best thing is to let the new Congress have a few weeks to design an immigration bill. Then, if the president doesn't like it, he can veto and do his executive action deal. Voters clearly stated that they want Congress to fix the economy - tax reform, regulation reform, that kind of thing. Immigration reform is far down the list of priorities for most of the folks. This is a pure political play on the part of Barack Obama, who is trying to deflect attention away from his economic record and into the conservative versus liberal battle. Talking Points believes this is wrong. However, I do believe some right-wing hard-liners are wrong in objecting to fair treatment for illegal aliens. There is no question the border has to be secured before any concessions are granted. But if the Republican Congress passes legislation that seals the border, then humane action should be taken. The U.S. government has been complicit in allowing people to cross the border illegally. From President Reagan on, Washington knew what was happening and did not stop it because business makes money from illegal immigration. So with the government at fault, it should now try to right some wrongs. Seal the border and get some fair policies about people living here illegally."

Fox News analyst Karl Rove scrutinized the impending immigration drama in Washington. "The president is saying that unless the House of Representatives acts in a matter of weeks," he said, "he's going to take executive action. He's asking them to pass the Senate version, but that's not how Congress works! The House passes a bill, the Senate passes a bill, it goes to conference, and it usually takes months. If the president is saying the House has to pass the Senate bill with no changes, he is totally ignorant of how Washington works. This is a big and complex issue, the Senate bill is 1,200 pages!" The Factor again urged everyone involved in the process to take a deep breath: "This doesn't have to be done now, but President Obama wants to create chaos, he wants to throw grenades into the Republican Party. He is demagogue the issue."
Immigration Battle
Guests:Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
The Factor turned to Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams for their views on the immigration situation. "The Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill in 2013," Williams pointed out, "and the president's been waiting. You say this is not urgent, but half of Hispanics say this is the number one issue. It's tearing families apart!" But Ham accused the president of fomenting chaos for partisan gain. "It's a political move because he's a political animal and I don't think he knows how to turn into anything else. That's why he's going forward with this. President Obama has presided over a precipitous drop in faith in the federal government to do things well, so he should start with smaller things that he can do competently."
President Obama in China
Guest:Brit Hume
After a tough week at home, President Obama is now being mocked by the state-run media in China. FNC's Brit Hume analyzed Beijing's harsh treatment of the president. "This fits in with China's expansionist ambitions," he said, "and this is the way dictatorships behave. They're paranoid, they're territorial, and they seek to expand their influence in the world. China is a great power and wants to become a greater power. It sees the United States as a rival and perhaps even as an enemy, and they see President Obama as weak right now. That's why you see this back-of-the-hand treatment." The Factor denounced the Chinese tyrants for their lack of respect and civility: "This is like fifth-grade stuff, what do they gain by doing this?"
John McCain Enters the No Spin Zone
Guest:Senator John McCain
Senator John McCain, who has championed comprehensive immigration reform in the past, entered the No Spin Zone with his take on the political showdown in Washington. "This is a cynical action," he declared, "and it means the president isn't really interested in comprehensive reform. He's only interested in placating his base and the Hispanic population. He knows this will cause a huge negative reaction among Republicans and most people in America. I'm very much afraid that he's going to take unilateral action so he can go back to his base and blame it all on the Republicans. This is an issue that we can sit down and resolve, but for him to unilaterally carpet-bomb us will cause a hugely negative reaction."
The Next Attorney General?
Guest:Megyn Kelly
President Obama has nominated United States Attorney Loretta Lynch to replace Attorney General Eric Holder. FNC anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly recalled one particular case in 2012, when Lynch ensured that monstrous child molester Andrew Goodman was charged with a federal crime. "She stepped in," Kelly reported, "and she was a heroine in this. She brought federal charges and this child molester, who was about to be freed, will almost certainly be convicted. He's rotting in federal prison right now and he'll remain there until he's found guilty. Lynch is a straight shooter and she should be the most acceptable to the right wing of anyone President Obama was considering." The Factor also lauded Lynch for protecting children in the Goodman case: "She should be respected by all Americans for standing up to a gross injustice. She did a very good thing, she did it because she didn't like the injustice."
Midterm Hangover?
Guest:Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters headed up to Hartford, Connecticut, home of his alma mater Trinity College, and asked some local citizens about last week's elections. Some of their responses: "I don't know what you're talking about" ... "I can't vote because I'm a felon" ... "The Republicans had money, that dirty cash" ... "I think there was a lot of personal animosity towards President Obama." Back home in the No Spin Zone, Watters lamented that he has not received the proper respect from his old school: "No one has invited me to speak at commencement, I'm waiting for the invitation. The most famous people who graduated from Trinity are Tucker Carlson, George Will, and myself." Trinity College administrators couldn't be reached for comment.
Killing Usama Bin Laden
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Factor Words of the Day
Yussuf Ahmed, Perth, Australia: "Mr. O'Reilly, you say you're a registered Independent voter, but I think you're a Republican. Don't deny it, mate, you gave the Republicans a manifesto in your Talking Points."

Tim Hainline, Anaheim, CA: "Mr. O, Laura Ingraham is right - there can be no compromise on illegal immigration."

Dustin Paraspoto, Covina, CA: "Laura is way off on immigration. I think your plan is realistic, Bill."