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Friday, November 11, 2016
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Anarchy in the Streets
"About 4,000 protesters took to the streets in Portland, Oregon Thursday night; more than 20 were arrested as radicals turned the demonstration into a disgraceful spectacle. Portland is a beautiful place, but it is run by permissive, progressive people. They have allowed the downtown area to become a squatters' haven, full of drug addicts and alcoholics who lay about, sometimes menacing passers-by. It's a tough place to take kids. So it comes as no surprise that the City of Roses has become ground zero for anarchy. The solution to violent protest is to charge anyone who destroys property or hurts another person with rioting But I can tell you that will not happen in Portland. Most of these anarchists will receive no punishment whatsoever. And therein lies a very dangerous situation. The election of Donald Trump has shaken the progressive community. In the space of four days they have gone from having some power to nothing. President Trump is not going to pander to the far left and they know it. That's the way democracy goes - if the people believe political policies are not working, they change the structure. And then we have the race component. In Chicago, 49-year-old David Wilcox was beaten by two men while a crowd screamed, 'Don't vote Trump!' That is a definite hate crime, but Illinois does not categorize political violence in that way. And based on Chicago's record, those thugs will receive very little punishment. That's why the Windy City is the most violent place in the country; the progressive structure will not stop the madness. Summing up, a free election should be respected. Those who harm other people and destroy property in the name of protest are criminals, and society should punish them harshly."

The Factor invited reaction from Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera. "The book should be thrown at anyone who hurt people or destroy property," Rivera said. "People in New York and Portland are destroying the property of those with whom they have political affiliation, it is so stupid for them to vent in this way. This is a divided country and we have to bring people together." Bolling agreed that the violent protests in Portland and elsewhere are way out of line. "Burn the flag if you want, but when you hurt someone or shut down businesses you are hurting them. What are they trying to prove? The vast majority of counties in America voted for Donald Trump." The Factor theorized, "People who hate Trump are actually helping him because people will feel sorry for Trump and hate these people."
Popular Vote vs. Electoral Vote
After Hillary Clinton received more votes than Donald Trump but was trounced in electoral votes, some of her supporters began calling for the Electoral College to be abolished. The Factor examined that notion with constitutional professors Gary Gregg and and Akhil Amar. "I favor the Electoral College," Gregg declared, "because of just what we are seeing right now. We had a spirited election with lots of people involved, we have a duly elected president, and we are not re-counting across the country. If we just went with a straight popular vote, with more than 200,000 precincts in this country, we could be re-counting across the entire country." Amar put forth another analysis. "There are reasons to keep the Electoral College, but the recount nightmare is not the best reason. The argument for not having an Electoral College is that we have 50 states and they all elect governors without needing electoral votes. They just count the votes equally."
Media Bias to the Extreme
Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace has directly accused the media, particularly the New York Times, of blatant anti-Trump bias. "It wasn't just the New York Times," he said, "but a lot of the mainstream media decided that Donald Trump was beyond the pale and not acceptable as a president. So the rules of objectivity and fairness no longer applied. The Times used words like 'flailing' and 'desperate' that they would never say about Hillary Clinton, and it wasn't just on the opinion pages. Trump was brilliant in going after the media and lumping them in with all the other power elites." The Factor added, "There are certain people the media loathe and who offend them personally."
Another Colin Kaepernick Controversy
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who refuses to stand for the National Anthem, has revealed that he did not cast a vote Tuesday. That did not sit well with sports analyst Stephen A. Smith. "My primary beef," Smith said, "is that he made all of this noise about racial injustice, and you have to follow through! The one thing that empowers individuals in the United States is the power to vote, so how in God's name could you not exercise that right when people have fought and bled and died for you to have that right? A lot of us black folks feel the system could better serve us, but he came across as a hypocrite. He not only did not vote, but he made that public, which encourages young people to avoid voting!"
The Return of Dick Morris
Political analyst and pollster Dick Morris was embarrassed four years ago when he confidently and erroneously predicted a big victory for Mitt Romney. But this time around, Morris resurrected his reputation by predicting a Trump win. He entered the No Spin Zone and spoke about his prescience. "I came to understand," Morris said, "that the major new factor in our politics is 35-million white high school educated men and women. They feel forgotten and passed over, they feel the media has contempt for them, and Trump really understood their pent-up frustration. Their frustration is overwhelmingly economic, not social."
Duck Dynasty Meets the Factor
'Duck Dynasty's' Willie Robertson, jubilant and ebullient, joined The Factor with his take on this week's election. "I've been supporting Donald Trump for a long time," Robertson said, 'but I have to admit that on that last day I wasn't so sure he would win. I liked that he was a regular person - unlike a lot of politicians that I know, he just seemed like a regular guy. I was also interested in that big shakeup in Washington and the Supreme Court is very important to me. I'm glad he made it!"
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
R. Chong Tim, Lihue, HI: "Aloha, Bill, your Talking Points covering the anti-Trump protests were on the mark. One of the biggest dangers to our republic is subversion."

Patricia Rydberg, Greenacres, FL: "O'Reilly, thank you for expressing my thoughts even as I was thinking them. Treasonous actions are not covered by freedom of speech."

David Thompson, Newcastle, England: "Well done, Bill. You were the only non-partisan journalist to say that Trump had a chance."

DeeDee Conklin, New Albany, IN: "Bill, Bob Woodward should take your suggestion and further pursue the Clinton email story."
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