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Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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President Obama's Job Performance
"After eight years in office, President Obama believes he has been successful, but others dissent. Talking Points will present the facts about President Obama on the job. I have not bashed the President, have not attacked him personally, have not bought into the opinion that he wants to undermine the United States. What I have done is analyze what he's done in a fact-based way. So, let's take a hard look. President Obama is a historic figure who has given hope to many minorities and others. He is a role model for success. On the negative side, the president has not improved the economic or social situation of most poor, minority Americans. There is more poverty than when he took office. Black homeownership is down under his administration and racial division is way up. Groups like Black Lives Matter have polarized blacks and whites, and Mr. Obama welcomed that radical group to the White House. It's a mystery to me why Barack Obama did not concentrate more on solving the poverty problem. Poor education in the inner cities, a lax view on narcotics and the president's muted support of the police have all contributed to chaos in poor neighborhoods. Now let's take a look at health care. Mr. Obama's vision is good, that all Americans should have access to quality care. But the execution of ObamaCare put a steep burden on working-class families. Insurance premiums are up, deductibles are up, and doctors accepting the health mandate are becoming fewer and fewer. On the economic front, Mr. Obama did a good job in his first year stabilizing the economy. But then he shifted into massive income redistribution mode. Taxes went up, regulations went up, welfare payments went up and the economy stagnated. For eight years, the wages and the economy stagnated. Now let's go overseas, where the president made five major mistakes. The worst was withdrawing all U.S. troops from Iraq. That led to the rise of ISIS, which Mr. Obama ignored and now we have a disaster. Second was Syria. After the tyrant Assad used poison gas on innocent people, Mr. Obama threatened Assad but did nothing. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed, brutalized or have fled. That has destabilized Europe and led to even more terrorism. On the Russia front, Mr. Obama was totally impotent in the face of the tyrant Putin, who did exactly what he wanted to do, including invading countries and hacking into the American political system. Also, the Chinese do not fear Barack Obama and have now made the South China Sea their own. Finally, the nuke treaty with Iran is still debatable. What is not debatable is that Iran is the primary sponsor of terrorism in the world, including the direct destabilization of countries in the Mideast and Afghanistan. The Iranians do not fear Barack Obama. President Obama believes that global warming is more important than stabilizing and protecting the world in the face of a global jihad. Two-thirds of the American people think America is on the wrong track, but they still like Barack Obama, which is to the president's credit. He has put forth an image of responsibility. But Mr. Obama has not improved the economy to any significant extent, has not diminished poverty and poor education, has not brought Americans together, and has used the power of this great nation in a way that created mayhem abroad. That is the record. It has nothing to do with ideology or wishful thinking. It has to do with performance."
President Obama's Legacy
The Factor asked presidential historians David Azerrad and Jon Meacham to evaluate President Obama's tenure. "On the economic front," Meacham said, "give him credit for the rise in the Dow. On the other hand, the economy grew twice as fast under George H.W. Bush, who got thrown out of office after four years. President Obama has also given off the sense that if only the American people were commensurate with his brilliance, things would be better. That has been a problem with his leadership." Azerrad contended that President Obama pushed policies that were far too liberal. "The things he pursued aggressively - ObamaCare and the Iran deal and Common Core and climate change - are unpopular. When Obama is on the ballot, he wins. But when it's his policies and his legacy, the Democratic Party gets shellacked. He promised 'hope and change,' but he gave us angst and insecurity." In the end, Meacham gave the president a 'B' as his final grade, while Azerrad begrudgingly handed out a 'D.'
Protesters Disrupt Sessions' Hearing
Protesters from Code Pink and other far-left groups disrupted the confirmation hearing of prospective Attorney General Jeff Sessions Tuesday. Mary Anne Marsh and Melissa Francis opined on the spectacle. "The people who protested Jeff Sessions," Marsh pointed out, "are the same people who protested Hillary Clinton throughout the whole campaign. People who condemned their behavior today applauded it during the campaign, which speaks to the divisions within our country." Francis denounced the protesters and their tactics. "I don't think they're really persuading anyone. They yell 'racist' at anyone who is right of center, but that's their only argument." The Factor contended, "These crazy far-left people help Sessions and Trump, this works against what they really want."
Capitol Painting Controversy
Democratic Congressman Lacy Clay is displaying a painting in the Capitol that depicts a police officer as a pig. Some Republicans have taken the painting down numerous times, but Clay has put it back just as often. The Factor asked Juan Williams and Lisa Boothe to weigh in. "I don't think this is inappropriate," Williams said. "If you say it's too inflammatory, would you say the same thing about statues of Confederates. You want art that reflects passion and feelings." But Boothe aimed a verbal volley at Congressman Clay. "This is reprehensible and irresponsible. The congressman is choosing to be represented by a picture that represents a false narrative from Ferguson. The painting is disgusting!"
California vs. Trump
Legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle scrutinized the brewing war between the Trump administration and California, which has hired former Attorney General Eric Holder as its counsel. "California feels like they have a mandate," she began, "and that they will be the head of the anti-Trump movement. They really believe in these liberal ideologies and sanctuary cities, and they refuse to equip themselves with the facts or the statistics. They are ill-equipped for the fight with Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions." Guilfoyle predicted that her former husband Gavin Newsom, who once the far-left mayor of San Francisco, will definitely be the next governor of California."
Government Waste
Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk entered the No Spin Zone to mock some outrageous examples of government excess. "They spent $300,000," Gutfeld scoffed, "to answer the question of whether boys play more often with Transformers or Barbies. I'm going to blow your mind and tell you that they play with Transformers! This is all part of the social science thing that tries to say boys and girls aren't different from one another. And they spent $80,000 and discovered that a slight temperature rise increases the quality of red wine." McGuirk ridiculed the National Science Foundation and one particular study. "They spent $3-million to discover that ominous music makes people afraid of sharks. The goal was to positively promote sharks and they found that the ominous music demonizes sharks. Also, the National Institutes of Health spent $3.4 million to study aggression and anxiety in rodents."
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