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Tonight on The Factor

  • Will Democrats Give Trump a Chance?
  • Liberal Outrage and Donald Trump
  • Hollywood and Donald Trump

    Bill will conduct an interview with soon-to-be President Donald J. Trump, which will air during the FOX Super Bowl pregame show on Sunday, February 5th. Take a look at the press release here.

    Impact Segment

    Reaction after a CNN contributor demeans people he calls 'mediocre Negroes' who have met with Donald Trump.

    Tuesday's Talking Points

    Fox News, Fox Sports and the Trump Transition Unit announced today that on Super Bowl Sunday, 4 pm Eastern Time, I, your humble correspondent, will interview the president.

    Monday's Talking Points

    As you may know, some vicious hateful people are trying to sabotage the presidential Inauguration set for this coming Friday. 

    No Spin News

    I used to interview Donald Trump the business guy, now I’m interviewing Donald Trump the president.

    The Contributing Factor

    In this episode, Live Action President Lila Rose joins the podcast to discuss the pro-life movement’s aims and goals during the Trump administration years.

    Unresolved Problems

    Dana Perino denounces those members of Congress who are boycotting Donald Trump's inauguration.

    The Contributing Factor

    Garry McCarthy, former superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, explains why he vehemently disagrees with a new report that is highly critical of Chicago’s policing practices. 

    O'Reilly's History Quiz

    What city used the first cable car?

    Latest Poll

    Chelsea Manning's Commutation

    President Obama has commuted the sentence of former intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who will now be released in May. Where do you stand?
    A good and merciful act
    Terrible, she should serve all 35 years
    Sure, shorten her sentence, but not this much

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