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He's got to realize that he's in a position where they're trying to destroy him...

News Quiz

Which predominantly Muslim nation did not attend the Arab Islamic American Summit in Saudi Arabia?

No Spin News

There are very few human beings on this planet who are visionaries. Roger was one of them.

Roger Ailes

"To say that Roger Ailes led a full life is a massive understatement. A force of nature with an agenda, RA, as fellow executives called him, was a man on a mission."

Bill O'Reilly & Glenn Beck

Bill joins the Glenn Beck Radio program to discuss the Trump/Russia Controversy and President Trump. 

Top Story Quiz

Trump had reportedly asked Comey to drop the FBI investigation into which person?

O'Reilly's History Quiz

Lewis and Clark left on their expedition on May 14, 1804, a year after what purchase doubled the size of U.S. territory?

No Spin News

The American people need to see leadership here...

Bernie's Weekly Column

The media elite may despise him, but they’re the ones laughing all the way to the bank. Their numbers are up; his are down.

Stratfor's Intel Briefing

According to the details leaked to The Washington Post, Trump allegedly discussed elements of a terrorist plot related to a potential measure banning laptop computers from flights...

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Trump in the Cauldron of Chaos

If you saw at least part of President Trump's speech to Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia, feel free to opine.
He was too soft on terrorism
Too harsh when talking about Islam
As in the tale of Goldilocks, it was just right

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Westbury, NY

NYCB Theatre at Westbury
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