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Tuesday's Factor

  • What Should Trump's Tone Be?
  • In Trouble for Upholding Immigration Law?
  • Grading the State of the Nation
  • Tuesday's Talking Points

    If President Trump's vision brings increased prosperity and security, he will trounce his enemies.

    Factor Followup

    Incredibly, a Washington State trooper is in trouble for informing the feds about an illegal immigrant felon.

    No Spin News

    If you’re rooting for Trump to be a successful president, you’ve got to accept some compromises on very difficult issues.

    American Patriot Quiz

    Reed was the guitarist, vocalist, and main songwriter for which classic rock band? 

    Impact Segment

    Charles Krauthammer hits the media for their attempt to link anti-Semitic incidents to President Trump.

    Monday's Talking Points

    Critical mass has now been reached, as the Trump administration is denying access to certain news organizations it believes are out to get the president.


    The Contributing Factor

    Retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink joins the podcast to discuss President Trump’s recent appointment of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor.  

    O'Reilly's History Quiz

    What novel galvanized many Americans to join the abolition movement?

    Stratfor's Intel Briefing

    The country with perhaps the most to be concerned about is Ukraine, which abuts the Russian heartland and is arguably the most strategic country for both Moscow and the West...

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