Bill & Beck on the Week's Headlines
By: StaffAugust 11, 2017

Bill spent part of his Friday morning hashing things out with Glenn Beck on The Blaze Radio. 

Beck began with the news that CNN has fired analyst Jeffrey Lord, one of the only Trump supporters on that virulently anti-Trump network.  "I think he is horrible and a total sellout," Beck said of Lord, "but they fired him because he got into a Twitter spat with Media Matters, which is campaigning to get people fired.  Jeffrey Lord called them fascistic and he wrote, 'Sieg Heil.'  CNN fired him almost immediately because they said Nazi salutes are indefensible.  Are you kidding me?" 

Bill stepped up to the plate with his view of the situation:  "Anyone knows that this firing was political, it wasn't for cause or because he did anything outrageous.  He was making a contextual point, which is accurate, that Media Matters is a fascistic organization.  Who did he offend?  They were looking to dump him and this gave them the opportunity to do that." 

Bill continued with a rant against Media Matters:  "They are the people who orchestrated the sponsor attacks against me and you and who organized the demonstrations in front of Fox.  They're awful and they are anti-Democracy.  They were also so closely aligned with Hillary Clinton that they would be in the White House if she had been elected.  They try to hurt people, this is the most vicious and vile political organization in existence." 

Beck then asked for an update on and the No Spin News, which Bill gladly provided:  "Our blueprint is that we want to deliver 30 to 40 minutes of honest news analysis every day.  We did a prototype this week where I was in a studio in a spiffy jacket and tie and we had guests via Skype.  It went very well and everyone can see it now on  We haven't decided when we will launch this on a daily basis, but it's going to happen.  Even if I decide to return to cable TV, we'll still do this 30 or 40 minutes a day.  We want to control the product without intrusion from Media Matters or anyone else." 

Bill elaborated on why the time is right for outlets like the No Spin News:  "This is necessary because there has been a profound change in cable news and network news is largely irrelevant.  MSNBC and CNN are basically Democratic Party apparatuses, while Fox News to a lesser extent reflects the Republican point of view.  So where do Americans go to seek the truth?  The Beck Blaze and present a great alternative to millions of Americans."

Shifting to North Korea, Bill gave this unsolicited advice to President Trump:  "First of all, you can't do a preemptive strike with nukes, that is unacceptable in the world we live in.  But you could do some bombing and take out a strategic military target.  I think Trump is basically telling the world that he is capable of this, which he is, but he won't do anything unless North Korea attacks us or one of our allies.  I don't see any nuke component in that because that is Armageddon."  Bill concluded, "I have confidence in the American system that we are not going to do anything that is irresponsible." 

Beck took a moment to mock Vogue magazine, which has a glowing article on the convicted spy Chelsea Manning.  "She's an American traitor," Beck declared, "and now we are being spoon-fed the notion that she is just a beautiful woman." 

Bill, in turn, opined on the news that the FBI raided the home of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.  "Not since Eliot Ness and the Untouchables has there been a crime drama at this level.  I have always said that if there is one Trump person who is vulnerable, it's Paul Manafort, who made some big money in Russia.  I'm glad I'm not Paul Manafort."  Bill also pithily described Senate Majority Leader as a "dweeb." 

The only technical glitch in the Beck-Bill interview came when a certain Corgi named Holly decided to interrupt with smidgen of barking.  Perhaps it was the word "Armageddon" that set her off.

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