Bill Gates and Elizabeth Warren
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 7, 2019
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It is amusing to see liberal Americans like Bill Gates reject the candidacy of Senator Elizabeth Warren.  The founder of Microsoft, and a man worth $110 billion dollars, does not like Warren’s proposed wealth tax which would diminish his own wealth substantially.
Mr. Gates is about as politically correct as they come despite owning a $125 million dollar estate.  The 64 year old travels via private jet and collects expensive automobiles, but he gives away millions to charity and usually tows the leftist line on things like climate change.
But with his repudiation of Ms. Warren, Seattle Bill may have left the far-left building.  Gates made his money by creating stuff.  Elizabeth Warren believes the federal government deserves a big piece of his self worth even after it’s already been taxed.
Apparently, Bill Gates doesn’t see it that way.
There is no way Gates could ever reasonably spend the money he has. But allowing a powerful enterprise to forcefully take his stash, by threat of imprisonment, does not seem to appeal to him.  It’s kind of like the American who owns firearms.  Government seizure is not appealing.
Americans who support Elizabeth Warren most likely would have cheered Fidel Castro back in 1959. The Cuban “revolutionary” told the world he would promote “democracy.”  But in reality old Fidel wanted to seize private property, take his cut, and then dole the rest out to his supporters, which he did.
And how, exactly, does that differ from Senator Warren?
Tonight on the No Spin News, a review of President Trump’s speech last night in Louisiana.  See you later.

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