Evaluating President-elect Trump So Far
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 12, 2016
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A few months ago we suggested that President Obama might want to take action against Russia for waging cyberwarfare against the USA.

Russia has been hacking into the American system for years, and Mr. Obama has done nothing about it.

Now the situation has reached critical mass because Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.

And as we all know, WikiLeaks embarrassed the Clinton campaign by making public hacked emails that showed some members of the press secretly helping Mrs. Clinton and other embarrassing facts.

Before that Democrats really didn't care much about Russian hacking.  Now they do.

The CIA and the FBI both agree that Russia is involved with breaching U.S. cyber security.

The CIA says it's because they wanted to influence the U.S. election.  The FBI says it does not know the motive.

But it really doesn't matter, does it?

If Russian officials are hacking into American systems, that is cyberwarfare.

Enter Donald Trump, who says he does not believe the Russians did anything to influence the presidential vote.

He says the Democrats are just trying to trot out another excuse for losing.

Okay, his opinion; he's entitled to it.

But it might be better if the president-elect avoids the issue all together.

Mr. Trump has nothing to gain here.

Again, this happened on President Obama's watch and he is responsible for holding the Russians responsible.

Going forward, President Trump will have to deal with cyberwarfare, but right now he should sit this thing out.

On another serious note, President-elect Trump is now engaged in a war of words with China.

Mr. Trump telling Chris Wallace the "one China" policy, whereby the USA recognizes the Beijing government as the sole authority where Taiwan is involved, might not be a good thing.

China doesn't like that.

Again, it might be better if Mr. Trump postpones this confrontation until he is in office and fully briefed on the consequences of a war of words with the Chinese.

Plenty of time to make deals with China, why tee them off now?

Finally, Donald Trump's appointments.

To me they look fine.

It's not like any of the cabinet members have tremendous power; they don't.

They do what they are told to do, and all the people appointed so far have skill and experience.

Fox News is now reporting that the CEO of Exxon, Rex Tillerson, is Trump's pick for secretary of state.

I have never met Mr. Tillerson, know little about him, although reports are he has a good relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Maybe Tillerson can neutralize Putin's bad behavior.

That would be a great thing.

I expect Mr. Tillerson to be confirmed in the Senate.

Summing up, Russian hacking happened, President Obama should have dealt with it.  He did not.

If it continues, President Trump will have to.

On China, let's all take it easy.

On Trump's appointments, they look good to Americans with no ideological axe.

And that's the memo.