My Phone Call with President Trump
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 19, 2019
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Yesterday, I spoke with President Trump about his agenda as it stands today, March 19, 2019.  He believes he is close to a new trade deal with China which, of course, would stimulate the US economy because we would ship more products over there.  Cutting the multi-billion dollar trade deficit with the Chinese would be a remarkable achievement for Mr. Trump and would put him in a position to do the same with Europe.
It is all about the economy in the upcoming presidential election.  Americans could well overlook the never ending turbulence in Washington, much of it generated by a dishonest media, if jobs and wages are robust in the fall of 2020.
President Trump also believes sanctions are severely hurting Iran and are limiting that country’s ability to create mayhem in the Middle East.  
Finally, he expects some derision from Robert Mueller but doesn’t seem too worried about it.
Glad I got that info for you.  We have a unique news agency at  Hope to see you for the No Spin News tonight.
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