O'Reilly Addresses the Recent New York Times Hit Piece, the Trial for Kate Steinle's Murderer, & Bergdahl
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 23, 2017
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Hey BillOReilly.com Premium Members, welcome to the No Spin News, Monday, October 23rd, 2017. 

Well, I guess I'm the lead story. I don't want to be but I am. And it's a fascinating situation if you look at it... if you're not me...if you look at it from the outside. So, let's go through it. 

Alright, last April the New York Times attacked me in a very distorted way for these harassment deals and they won. They organized an article that was misleading, had false facts in it, and then Media Matters took it, threatened to boycott sponsors, and you know the story. 

Alright, so after that we formed BillOReilly.com, the No Spin News every night and it's been a fabulous success. In addition, my new book Killing England came out and it's number one for three weeks, astounding everybody, knocking out Hillary Clinton off the New York Times bestseller list. And then I went on Hannity, the Hannity television program. It was a big thing. And so the New York Times said, "you know, we didn't kill him, so we've got to kill him again." 

So they came back with another bunch of garbage. I talked to them this time just to see the devil that I was dealing with. And I truly believe that these people at the New York Times are out to hurt people with whom they disagree. They don't want me in the marketplace. That's what this is all about. 

Now, on the facts of the case, we have posted on our web site, here, our statement, an affidavitnotes written to me by Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson when I worked with them, and a fairly good explanation of what has taken place. All fact based. OK. Irrefutable facts.

An affidavit is an affidavit. It's sworn and you can use it in a court of law. So all of that's there. I'm not going to go over it again because that would be counterproductive in many, many ways. I want this story to go away but I'm not going to look like I'm hiding or running because I didn't do anything. 

Now, I got an interesting letter from a famous person, it's not really a letter, it's one of these e-mails on the machine. And it said, and I'm not going to tell you who it is, but here it is. Here's what the person writes to me: 

"They thought they drowned you the first time. They'll continue to try to keep you under. In a way, you're fighting for all of us who have been smeared, so please keep going." 

That's a nice sentiment. I do believe it's true. Smears in this country now... allegations are facts. No doubt about that. Papers don't check anything out, they just print whatever allegation they want to print. And it's devastating, and that brings me to the main point of this story. 

The New York Times knows that I cannot specifically refute anything. In 20 years, 6 months at the Fox News Channel, I resolved three situations. Three I resolved. And I did that to protect my children from harm. And I would do anything, anything to protect my children from harm. So it was three in 20 years and 6 months that I resolved. Part of the resolution is nobody talks about it. Now, obviously that's been broken on the other side. 

But I can't break it. Because if I do, that opens everything all up again and it's insane. So I'm not going to do it. I'll never do it. And the New York Times knows that. 

Interestingly enough, today on the front page of The Times they write a big article about how bad confidentiality is in any settlement. Very interesting. They neglect to mention The New York Times has a number of harassment suits against it and the ones that they've settled, plenty of them have all been confidential. Somehow The New York Times didn't print that. Hmm. 

So it's about two things. You, because you're my audience and you've stayed with me either believing me or believing the people who want to hurt me. It's up to you. I mean, we presented, as I said, pretty startling, vivid, whatever word you want to use, evidence that... hey, I've been in the business 43 years and I've never had a complaint filed against me anywhere by anyone, twelve different companies.

Now, today Megyn Kelly says that she complained to Fox after I went on the CBS Morning News and said I don't want to batter my own company. That was last winter. So apparently, she complained to someone, that's not a formal complaint, it wasn't lodged with anybody. I didn't even know about it. But she used her program on NBC to do that. So I put out two notes that Megyn Kelly graciously wrote to me while I was working with her. And you can read them. So I don't know why these things happen. I don't know why people do what they do. I just don't know why. 

I'm stunned and it's depressing to go through stuff like this, very painful. But the worst part about it is families get hurt. Families are devastated. And I told that to The New York Times, they don't care. Children, they don't care. Just don't care. And you go, OK. So you're going to print something, you don't know it's true. It's just an allegation. It's just an anonymous source. Their latest article on me is all anonymous sources. 

So and so said, so and so told me. That's what they do to Trump every day and that's why Trump is furious. That's why the President of the United States calls out The New York Times by name. But the culture war is that intense. 

Bottom line on this is that my enemies who want to silence me have made my life extremely difficult, hurt me in the marketplace, whether that will be forever, I don't know. But they've damaged... and it's me and my ace investigative team, really good. Good people, good investigators against this cabal. And that's the truth, you know it. You know it, I mean, CNN is salivating over this... can't get enough of this. You know, that's a failing network. They'll never be successful over there. They take me out. They humiliate the Fox News Channel. That's what they want to do and that's their reportage. 

Not fair. They don't care what's true. They don't care what's false. But we laid out a pretty persuasive case with no histrionics. 

Finally, I'm not going to do a lot of interviews on this. I'm going to talk to some of my friends. Glenn Beck. I'll talk to Laura Ingraham tomorrow morning. But I'm not on a campaign to persuade anybody because it's futile. Anybody who doesn't like me is not going to believe anything I say. All right. They're just not. Anybody who doesn't like me will believe all the stuff that the smear merchants put out because they want to believe it. All right. 

I'm interested in you. I'm interested in the people who are supportive of me and fair minded. I'm interested in those people and that's why we're doing what we do. But I'm not going to make this a three-week story. 

I was talking to my friend Sean Hannity today who really did it right. After they came after me last April they came after him, you may remember that. Same thing, boycotting the sponsors. And Hannity just hit them right between the eyes. And he defeated them. He basically had the people take action against Media Matters and the smear merchants that were threatening his sponsors. Hannity is a very gutsy guy, by the way. We're two Long Island guys, we've known each other for more than 20 years. So I was talking to him and you know, I said, "look I don't want to go on a tour or on the morning shows. I don't want to do any of this. All right. All I want to do is present what we have, get people to look at what we have, and make up your mind. Make up your own mind about it. That's what I'm trying to do here." 

So I've spent about nine minutes now on the No Spin News, but I did spend a half an hour with my friend Glenn Beck on the radio and that's posted on BillOReilly.com. I was...hmm, what's the word... I was happy that Beck took the tact that he took. And I think it's a very, very instructive half hour to listen to. So, we have that posted on BillOReilly.com and that will answer a lot of questions that I don't want to bore you with now.

So that's the deal. Incredibly painful for families, not just mine, to go through this. People who know me for a lot of years, they know I am. Like Hannity and Beck, they know who I am. You have to decide. And you're smart enough to decide what the real story is. 

I wish I could give you more but I cannot get specific about any cases because then it just goes right back in to the legal system and it never ever ends. And every day this goes on children get hurt. Every day. 

Alright, Kate Steinle, far more... and I'll have one more thing to say about this at the end of the No Spin News. 

Kate Steinle, you remember I got behind that on The Factor. A 32-year-old, beautiful girl, walking with her father in San Francisco, gets shot through the heart. Well, her trial is under way. The jury is six men, six women. Jose Zarate, 54-year-old Mexican national charged with second degree murder, could get 15 to life. He says it was an accident. He stole a gun. Great. And then he was just carrying around and it accidently went off and shot Kate Steinle. 

That's what his lawyers allege. We'll see. Court of law, jury of 12 Americans. OK. You remember that Mr. Zarate was deported five times, came back six. County of San Francisco was holding him. He's a low-level dope dealer apparently. Feds wanted to pick him up. County of San Francisco let him out knowing the feds wanted to pick him up. Kate Steinle is dead. 

Kate's Law, which would prevent all that, if you're deported... the proposed law they have is three times, I would have had once and you've got a felony on your sheet, you go to federal prison for 10 years. Doesn't seem to be a tough one for me but Congress because of political gamesmanship can't get it done.

So, I feel so sorry for the Kate Steinle family. I've interviewed the father and the brother and the mother. It's horrible. This was a woman with unlimited potential taken away. And you know, when I see my troubles compared to that, you know, it's not even in the same stratosphere. So, we hope Zarate is convicted and sent away for a long period of time because he's not a good guy. Shouldn't be on the streets of America. Deported five times. I mean, enough's enough. I don't think we should ever see him again. 

Bergdahl, that trial, Bowe Bergdahl has been postponed for two days because the Bergdahl lawyers are telling a judge that Donald Trump, the president because of his comments, you know, they can't get a fair hearing. Well, the Obama administration, I think it was Susan Rice, called Bergdahl a hero. Doesn't that offset? You know, President Obama traded five Taliban for Bergdahl, doesn't that offset? So, that's bull. 

The interesting part of the sentencing on Wednesday will be that there's going to be three military people. They're going to come on... I want to get this right. A judge will hear from one soldier who searched for Bowe Bergdahl after he deserted in Afghanistan, who now must use a wheelchair, he's unable to speak because of a head wound. Another soldier is unable to use his right hand. And a third searcher, a Navy SEAL, sustained a leg wound and can no longer be in the military.

So those three individuals are going to go up and tell the judge, look, this is the damage that Bowe Bergdahl's desertion caused me. So, it's not a theoretical thing. So, Bergdahl deserted his unit, they sent people out to look for him because they didn't really know what happened, ok, three of them got severely wounded, and they want to tell the judge what happened to them. Bergdahl was in Taliban custody five years and then President Obama got him out by the trade. 

So, I said I thought Bergdahl was going to get 10/15 years. Others think much, much more. I don't know. I don't know. It's a frustrating situation I think for all Americans that this could happen. I don't think Bergdahl, who is on limited duty, he's still an Army sergeant, I don't think he's right in the head. I really don't. You don't leave your unit, you don't do that. That's just crazy.

OK, Jimmy Carter. New York Times interviewed him, columnist Maureen Dowd. They have him on tape. They will not release the tape. 

Why? Because Carter says this quote: 

"I think," this is President Carter, "I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president, certainly that I've known about. I think they feel free to claim Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation." 

That's a quote from Jimmy Carter about the media and Donald Trump. New York Times doesn't want that out. So you put out the tape, it gets used... I don't even know if the hate Trump press would use it, certainly Fox News would use it and a few others might. But that's pretty startling. 

You know, I've always respected Jimmy Carter for being an honest man. I thought he was a bad president. I thought he lost control of the economy and foreign affairs. Those were the days of the gas lines and you know, huge, huge economic problems. But he was always honest. 

You know, we write a lot about Carter in Killing Reagan, how he conducted himself and how Reagan despised him. Reagan couldn't stand him and vice versa. He had no use for Ronald Reagan. But over the years, as a former president, elder statesman, Jimmy Carter tells the truth as he sees it. But I think you have to respect and admire that. 

Alright, NFL anthem, that's de-intensifying. The reason is that they're not showing it. Networks aren't showing it. So the two teams that have the most protesters are the San Francisco 49ers, no Wins, 7 losses, and the Seattle Seahawks, who beat the Giants yesterday but did not look good doing it. Doesn't look like a good team to me. 

Anyway, in Miami, and they've had a couple of, a few Miami Dolphins kneel during the anthem. They usually have 400 police officers in South Florida at the Dolphin games for security. Only 270 showed up. They said, look, we're not going to do it.

So it's interesting that the police unions and police officers, and I'm sure the military feels the same way, are taking all this stuff personally. Taking it personally. 

I think it's going to go away. I think without the camera on them they'll still kneel or sit or do the black power salute, whatever. But the fans, damage has been done. Fans know what it is, they know the NFL didn't really take concrete action. Trump won it politically, that just galls the far left. But the cops, you know, look, I'd probably do the same thing if I was a police officer, I've got to say. 

Still in South Florida, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who wears the cowboy hat and ambushed President Trump over the call to the grieving family of a soldier who was killed in Niger. She is now calling for White House chief of staff John Kelly to apologize to her, Frederica Wilson, for quote unquote "character assassination." 

This is the same Frederica Wilson that called General Kelly a racist, that he used a racist term. I think this is over for Ms. Wilson. I think she'll go back into obscurity. It's vicious, is it not? It's vicious. I hope she goes back to obscurity. 

Finally, Donald Trump says he's going to release the classified JFK files. 25 years ago, Congress said let's wait, we don't want to put them out now, in twenty-five years we'll release them. And Trump says OK, I'm going to release them. And it looks like they're going to come out Thursday, October 26th. 

Now, as you may know, I wrote Killing Kennedy, Martin Dugard and I researched this thing as far as we can possibly take it. We don't expect any major revelations in the JFK files. There may be some interesting stuff. 

We believe that Oswald did act alone in the actual killing, but he had help before in various ways. I hope we learn about that more specifically. He went down to Mexico. What was he doing there? He was in New Orleans. What was he doing there? Who was around him? But actual assassination, we couldn't find anything. There was no grassy knoll intrusion or anything like that. All right. We just think Oswald did it. He's a good shot, he got his Carcano. He had the position behind the president's motorcade, it was going very slowly. And so he did it. But anyway, I'm interested in that story on Thursday, so we'll bring it to you. 

Now, two other points I want to make on the attack on me. I have a friend who helped me start BillOReilly.com who I've known since I'm five years old. So I've known this guy more than 60 years. He was just over at my house last week. And he got throat cancer a few years ago. He had to retire from BillOReilly.com. And what he went through, fighting the throat cancer, I mean, it was, you know, it was a maybe death sentence. And he had to go through chemo, he had to go... you name it. And he just fought and fought and fought, never complained. Never complained. And his wife was devastated and he didn't know from one week to the next whether he's going to survive. Painful off the chart. Even now he has trouble swallowing and you know, it's really, really... and a lot of you have either gone through it yourself or you have family members. Something you can't describe. 

So again, what I'm seeing about my situation, I think about Kate Steinle and I think about my pal for more than 60 years with throat cancer. And then I think about Charles Krauthammer. Brilliant, right? Brilliant. So he gets paralyzed in an auto accident, but does it stop him from becoming one of the country's most eloquent spokespeople and a syndicated columnist? No. He doesn't whine about it. He's paralyzed and now he's, you haven't seen him in a while because he's ill, and our prayers are with Charles' family. 

But again, when I'm lying in bed and I'm going woe is me, these people are taking me apart, they want to kill me. And they do. You know they, if they could literally kill me, they would. Maybe not them, but believe me, there's off the chart hatred, get him out of the marketplace, don't want his voice, he's too dangerous, we've got to get him. And this is perfect opportunity to get him, so we'll do it. 

But then I think about Krauthammer and I think about my friend from St. Brigid school and I think about Kate Steinle and her family. And that's the only way we can get through tough times. You know, am I mad at God? Yeah, I'm mad at him. I wish I had more protection. I wish this stuff didn't happen. I can't explain it to you. Yeah, I'm mad at him. 

If I die tomorrow and I get an opportunity, I'll say "why'd you guys work me over like that? Didn't know my children were going to be punished? And they're innocent." But then I think about people who have it much, much rougher than me. And you know, I'm a big mouth. I'm a target. They're not targets. My friend from St. Brigid school is not a target. Kate Steinle is not a target. 

It's just, bad things happen in life. So, when they happen to you, and they will or they have, perspective is everything. Never give up fighting. Never give up telling the truth. Never give up protecting your family. I won't and I hope you don't either. No matter how bad it gets, if they win, if they do destroy me, OK. But I'm going to go down fighting and I'm going to go down telling the truth. 

Word of the Day...no no no, let's get to the mail first and then we'll do the Word of the Day. And I hope I don't ever have to do this stuff again. 

All right, Andrea Rose in Los Angeles. 

"Bill, I'm totally sickened by what the media is trying to do to you. Never seen anything like it. I'm disgusted and angry with what's happening in our country due to the obvious orchestrated hatred on the left." 

Thank you, Andrea. 

John. Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

"I no longer believe anything reported by the mainstream media. Too much so-called news is fabricated to fit the narrative of their ceaseless criticism of President Trump. Now President George W. Bush has joined the throng of critics. President Bush sat silent for eight years while President Obama and Hillary Clinton approved the Iranian one deal, followed by the Iran nuclear arrangement." 

I see W's criticisms as more of a civility thing than a policy thing. I don't think he likes Donald Trump's style because it's so opposite his and because Donald Trump's style destroyed Jeb Bush. And Jeb Bush and George W. Bush are very close. That's what that's all about.

Lisa. Brooklyn, New York. 

"Bill, your assessment of texting is right on. I live and work in New York City. Every day I look around and see many of the folks, especially millennials with headphones plugged in their ears staring down at the ground strolling along crowded streets and subway platforms oblivious to anyone they're inconveniencing." 

Oblivious is the right word, Lisa. The machines will make you oblivious to human feelings. 

DesertLake Murrieta, California. I usually don't use aliases like DesertLake but this is a good letter. 

"OMG. I just found you on TV via Amazon firestick. You always tell the truth, you said you would come back and by God here you are. I followed you on the internet but now you are in my living room nightly." 

Amazon firestick, the wave of the future. 

Gene Rusco. Buckeye, Arizona. 

"Late to the party, watched The Factor for years, then it disappeared. Been missing the reportage for months, finally found BillOReilly.com. Joined as a Premium Member, best $50 I ever spent." 

All right, Gene, I'm glad to hear that. 

Maddie Nopwaskey. Corona, California. 

"Thank you, Bill, for your response to the New York Times. I knew they were lying and once again the facts made them look ridiculous. See you in Anaheim in December." 

Miller and I will be at the Honda Center in Anaheim and that's on Saturday, I think it's December 14th or 15th, something like that. And then Vegas on the Friday night before that. BillOReilly.com will link you right over there. But we're going to have a blast, Maddie. You're gonna have a blast and I really appreciate your nice letter. 

Steven Greaves. Arcadia, California. 

"Bill, thank you for putting out the media player apps and channels. I use Roku box. I can now easily sit in front of my TV each evening and watch the No Spin News." 

I'm thrilled that you guys can see me on a big screen. 

Mike Bonja. Newbury Park, California. 

"My wife and I look forward to listening to you every morning, Bill. Great way to start the day. One of our dreams is to travel to Ireland, can you suggest the best places to visit." 

Not a bad road in Ireland. All right. It's really a three-section deal. So you've got Dublin and the Dublin area with Wicklow just south. Nice trip. Then you go down to Cork in the south and along the Ring of Kerry. Beautiful. And then the West, Cliffs of Moher and up, Galway, all of that, the River Shannon, Trump owns a place called Doonbeg, a golf club over there. And then if you want to really be adventurous, go way up the west coast, which is beautiful. But there isn't a bad road in the country. You'll have a blast. You really will. It's a great trip. 

Larry Rutschman in Wichita, Kansas. 

"My wife Barbara and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last June. We had a gathering of our children and grandchildren. We decided to go up to the Black Hills of South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore one more time. A truly beautiful place."

I concur. Word of the Day, concur. I love Mt. Rushmore, just the spirit of the place. But the far-left loons, they want to tear that down. They don't want Mt. Rushmore up there, not with Washington, Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt. Lincoln, they might get away with, but not the others. 

All right, here is the Word of the Day, the official Word of the Day for October 23rd. Do not be verecund when writing to BillOReilly.com Verecund with a "V" as in Victor. Verecund. 

I really appreciate you guys. Thank you for coming in to BillOReilly.com. Talk to you again tomorrow.

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