O'Reilly on Hannity: Bernie Sanders' Tax Returns; The Biggest Abuse of Power in History
By: BOR.com StaffApril 10, 2019
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O'Reilly on Hannity: Bernie Sanders' Tax Returns; The Biggest Abuse of Power in History

Each Wednesday Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity discuss and debate the biggest stories in the news cycle. On this week's interview O'Reilly and Hannity break down Bernie Sanders’ taxes and the indictments that are coming. 


Bernie Sanders announced that he will be releasing his tax returns for the public to see within the next week. Bill O’Reilly discusses his a newly released column titled, “Bernie’s Taxing Behavior” with Hannity and describes the most alarming part about Bernie Sanders, “here is the crusher on the column, in the last two years Bernie Sanders has spent, ready? $340,000 on private jets. Where’s the Green New Deal? You know where Bernie’s Green New Deal is? In his wallet.”


Sean Hannity goes down the list of what many 2020 Democrats want for this country, including but not limited to, abolishing the ICE agency, open borders and Medicare for all. Hannity’s question is, “can they pull that off?”


Most common sense people know that this is simply hysteria because the Democratic Party lacks any problem solving ability at this point.


Bill predicts that there is going to be a huge uprising, one of that he has titled, “May Madness” that will include, who’s going to be indicted. O’Reilly’s top picks are, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok, Cater Page and James Comey. Stayed tuned for Hannity to reveal his own ‘May Madness’ bracket.


The two continue on the topic of the FBI investigation’s into Russian collusion and the Hillary Clinton emails and Bill predicts a dramatic shift, specifically in the tv networks if these indictments are made. 


Sean Hannity concludes the segment by labeling the entire Russian collusion investigation as the “biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in history.”



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