Recap of a Major News Week
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 9, 2018
Major news week so let’s recap the highlights.
President Trump maintains control but loses some power as Democrats will control the House beginning in January.
Behind the scenes, the brakes are being applied to radical left advances as Mr. Trump is appointing scores of non-liberal federal judges.  That will continue for at least two more years as Republicans control the Senate which confirms federal judges.
The gross disrespect and blatant scorn the national press has for President Trump was on vivid display when the CNN White House reporter tried to embarrass Mr. Trump at a press briefing.
That media bias might actually help the President going forward but he must temper his temper a bit if he wants more votes in 2020.
We have plenty of great analysis posted for you this post-election weekend including conversations with Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck,  the Newsmax crew and others.
Also, Killing the SS maintains it’s number one status on The Times Bestseller list this Sunday.  The book makes a great Christmas gift and I will be happy to sign copies for you.  Please check that out in our store!
Talk to you soon.

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