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   |   Tuesday, July 14

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   |   Tuesday, July 14
The primary reason that I win the vast majority of debates on television is that I take the time to understand my opponent’s point-of-view. Then I dissect it looking for a logical weakness. This works 90 percent of the time but not if my debate opponent lies, as Barney Frank did when discussing the federal government’s role in risky mortgages that led to a brutal recession.

These days, many folks cannot understand why leftists want to cripple police agencies when that will lead to more dead poor people. But ardent liberals will not admit that even though it is provable truth. So, in effect, they are lying to themselves and everyone else.

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   |   Monday, July 13

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VOD - Jimmy Fallon Slobbers Over Andrew Cuomo
More than 32,000 people have died from COVID-19 in New York State - that's more than double the deaths in any other state. But Governor Andrew Cuomo, always a media darling, was treated like a conquering hero by Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.