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Bill's Message of the Day   |   Sunday, March 24
For denying due process to the President, members of his family and administration, and for unfair speculation that harmed the nation, the following should be put on a long leave of absence: Lawrence O’Donnell, Nicole Wallace, Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow, CNN people Tapper, Lemon, Bernstein, Tobin, and Camerota. In addition, Shepherd Smith and Juan Williams.
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The Escalating Culture War

In your opinion, what is the most outrageous idea currently being mulled by Democrats?
Unfettered abortion
Paying reparations for slavery
Lowering the voting age
Abolishing the electoral college
Adding Supreme Court Justices
Legalizing marijuana
Something else completely!
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Video of the Day

VOD - Networks Ignore Trump's Executive Order Protecting Free Speech on Campuses
On Thursday President Trump signed an executive order directing the government to take action in protecting free speech on college campuses. The liberal broadcast networks- ABC, CBS, and, NBC- omitted it from their evening broadcasts. The nets instead chose to focus their attention on New Zealand for their movement in banning assault weapons. President Trump's executive order was welcomed by many, including the non-partisan Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), who said in a press release: "To the extent that today's executive order asks colleges and universities to meet their existing legal obligations, it should be uncontroversial."