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Tonight on The Factor

  • Chris Wallace on the Third Debate
  • Surprising New Polling
  • Shocking Report on Millennials
  • Thursday's Talking Points

    The headline is both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exposed themselves politically last night.

    Weekdays with Bernie

    Esteemed 'professor' Bernie Goldberg evaluated debate moderator Chris Wallace.

    No Spin News

    I guess I give them a pass because they were exhausted and everything, but it was not a good night. 

    Killing Reagan

    Take a look at the website for Macmillan Publishers for more info and reviews on Killing Reagan. 

    BOR Staff Column

    Any doubts that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton absolutely, positively loathe one another? You might watch a few clips from Thursday night's Al Smith Dinner at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. 

    Video of the Day

    Andrea Mitchell falsely asserts that Hillary Clinton received a debate question in advance has been 'completely knocked down'.

    Top Story Quiz

    Which historical document was written on the wall behind the nominees during the debate?

    Back of the Book

    Journalist Bob Woodward reacts to undercover video showing Clinton operatives promoting violence at Trump rallies

    Tuesday's Talking Points

    Mr. Trump should absolutely capitalize on what is wrong in America because there's no doubt we are in trouble here.


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    More Debates?

    Would you like to see more debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?
    Heck no, three is enough
    Yes, the more the better

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