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Bill's Message of the Day   |   Wednesday, January 23
It used to be that American politics was intense but somewhat civil. The relationship between President Reagan and Speaker Tip O’Neil was a vivid example of that.

Over my long career, I’ve had fairly good rapports with politicians of all persuasions. I recently had an extended conversation with both Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger at Yankee Stadium, polar opposites.
No Spin News   |   Tuesday, January 22
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VOD - The View Blames Covington Catholic Students Without Facts to Back up Claims
On Tuesday, The View addressed the incident in D.C. involving students from Covington Catholic High School. In the group's commentary they quickly placed blame on the students and called the Native American a Good Samaritan and scolding the young boys to take responsibility. These comments from The View came days after longer videos of the incident revealed that the students were not at fault. The View's Sunny Hostin still put the blame on the Covington kids and their parent chaperones, instead of the media for lying about them.