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It was kind of stunning to see Michael Bloomberg unable to defend himself against attacks he knew were coming at last night’s debate.  Surely he understood that Elizabeth Warren, who thinks due process is a joke and all “misbehavior” allegations must be taken as facts, would pound him on the woman issue.  It took Warren about ten seconds to do just that.
And Mayor Mike was foolish to think that apologizing for stop and frisk was going to fly.  Hey, Mike, your opponents don’t want to frisk you, they want to destroy you.
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VOD - MSNBC: Bernie Nomination 'Death Sentence' for Dems
On MSNBC it was predicted that pure doom and despair was ahead for Democrats if the party continues to pass on criticizing Bernie Sanders, not address his socialist proposals head on, and refuse to work to defeat him. Real Clear Politics editor A.B. Stoddard predicted that, at Wednesday's Democrat debate, the candidates are sure to focus their fire on Mike Bloomberg, letting Bernie Sanders off the hook even though the "avowed socialist" has failed in the two early contests to turn out a broad coalition. Next up was Steve Schmidt, who said that a Sanders candidacy, given his plan to take private health insurance policies away from 150 million Americans, would be a "death sentence" for the Democrats. Finally, John Heilemann painted a picture of Bernie and Bloomberg "slugging it out from now until June." Heilemann was skeptical that the Democrat party could be put back together in such circumstances.