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In the first three debates, there was not one question from the moderators about the virus - and not one comment from any of the candidates raising the virus as a threat.

It was only in that last debate – at the end of February – that Bernie Sanders finally said something about the Coronavirus. He took the opportunity to bash Trump.

So we have the top Democrats vying for the highest office in the nation, debating on a national stage in front of the American people over and over again, while the threat of the virus grows. And nobody says a word.

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VOD - MSNBC Makes Case for Obama Aide's Demand That Trump Should Resign Over the Virus
On Thursday's Morning Joe, former Obama aide Seth Harris said that if he were advising President Trump, "I'd ask him to resign." Harris condemned Trump as "the worst failed leader our country has ever seen," who has put us in a "catastrophic" situation. On Friday's show, Mika Brzezinski challenged The Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg to debunk Harris's suggestion that Trump resign. But before letting him speak, Mika unleashed a laundry list of items that she saw as supporting Harris's suggestion. Mika offered nothing that might contradict Harris's advice. She asked Goldberg: "how is that comment not true?"