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Congress, here are three demands worth thinking about this August...

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Which axed MSNBC host didn't bother showing up for his or her finale?

The Judge's Weekly Column

Let's be realistic and blunt.
Bernie's Weekly Column
What is Trump's appeal with Republicans?
Stossel's Weekly Column
Propaganda shouldn't be the basis for EPA policy. These days, too often, it is...
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Brando refused his Academy Award for which film?

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Thursday's Talking Points
What Happened to ... And Justice for All?
Recently two Americans wound up dead after traffic stops.

In Texas, 28-year-old Sandra Bland was stopped when she failed to signal while changing lanes.  She was...Read The Memo
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Where Do You Stand?
Hillary Clinton is defending Planned Parenthood, despite the recent damning videos that came to light. How will that affect her presidential chances?
It helps, especially with women voters
This is a net negative for Clinton
It won't have much of an impact

Legends & Lies
The oldest child in a large Mormon family, teenage Robert Leroy Parker develops a problem with authority early...
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Two Sides to the Story? Not Always
"We are going to break a fairly big story on Monday that I want to give you a heads up on.

Some Christian refugees from the Middle East - as you know, ISIS is murdering Christians, some of them have found their way here to the United States..."
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"There is no rational explanation for not enforcing the law, I pointed that out fairly vividly. And also, for upholding an organization that is now trafficking, as we know, in baby body parts.

You just can't have the government subsidizing that. You just can't."
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