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Which Republican came in second behind Donald Trump?

Bernie's Weekly Column
What is troubling is how many conservatives think Nugent is just wonderful. Column

Trump's insurgency is a grave threat to liberal America...

Judge Nap's Weekly Column
What if all the remaining presidential candidates really want the same things?
Stratfor's Intel Briefing
Constructing border walls and fences to provide national security...
American Patriot Quiz

Complete Edison's famous quote: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% ____"

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Thursday's Talking Points
Fairness and News Coverage of the Presidential Race
Almost every politician feels that one news operation or another does not give them a fair shake.

I myself have leveled charges of unfairness against some entities, so I can sympathize with the...Read The Memo
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Talking Points Memo
Impact Segment
Personal Story
Unresolved Problems
Factor Followup
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Where Do You Stand?
Among those Republicans who have exited the race, who would make a terrific vice presidential candidate?
Rand Paul Bobby Jindal
Carly Fiorina Mike Huckabee
Chris Christie Lindsey Graham

Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
Big Debate and South Carolina
"Some are eager to learn but most aren't and they just vote emotion and they vote on a fantasy. So I laid it out pretty vividly—what all of this is about, and it's all I can do. That's my job as a commentator."Sign Up to Read More
"Big debate on Saturday night—I think that'll mean something in South Carolina. I'm going to be off next week on Presidents' Day vacation, but I'll watch the debate and I'll figure it out. Then the vote on the twentieth, the twenty seventh for the Democrats—important. South Carolina gets its time in ..."Sign Up to Read More
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